Friday Phone Photos

Sorry if some of these are repeats from earlier posts this week!






That’s all I’ve got for today. I am in bed already. Friday night burn out. Henry was in bed by 6:35. He had Friday night burn out, too. Looking forward to morning snuggles with him tomorrow.
I think we will stay in our pajamas until noon. ☺️

Beth WA

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Update Thursday!

So, I’ve been trying to be healthier for one week now and it has paid off. I lost 5.3 lbs!!
I am pretty happy about it.

And my psoriasis has gotten way better- but that is due to the million ointments I put on every night. But they are paying off. Here are some pictures.



Today was my second day back to work and it went fine. I had a meeting after school so I couldn’t get him until 4:45 which stinks because I only have him until 7 when he goes to bed. But… Tomorrow is Friday and I am outta there at 3:30 at the latest! And I can have morning snuggles on Saturday with my baby boy.

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle with this cutie?



I hope everybody is having a good week! Tomorrow is jeans day! Yay.

Beth WA

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What I ate Wednesday

Well – it was my first day back to work and I am exhausted. I normally will take pics and post my meals on this day but I am too darn tired!

I hope everybody is having a great week. ❤️❤️

Beth WA

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Tuesday-Henry update

On Tuesdays I am going to post a Henry update. And, today is Tuesday. Currently he is napping in my arms and I am blogging on my phone. 😏
Henry turned three months old yesterday. Here are some pictures of that.





At this age Henry is smiling back at us all the time, leaning all sorts of new cries. Some of them are just yelling at us and it cracks me up.
He still doesn’t love the car seat but he is coming along.
He laughs out loud, but only a handful of times. He is still learning that skill.
He is a good eater- usually eating 4 oz, sometime 5 oz.
At night he sleeps in his Rock N Play- he goes to bed at 6:30-7:00. He sleeps for about 6 hours then gets up and typically eats 5 oz and goes right back to sleep. Then he starts stirring around 5 am, and will eat a few oz at this point and is harder to put back down. However he will sleep in until 8 or 9 but usually needs to be held during this time.
We have had the same bedtime routine for weeks now. He takes a bath then I take him upstairs put his pajamas on, turn on the white noise, close the curtain, feed him, rock him and then put him down.
He also will not stay asleep if you lay him down during the day for a nap.
I tried cry it out but it gave him and me a nervous breakdown. I just read the no cry method and I think we will try that. I am in no rush to get him in the crib. He is doing fine in the rock n play and I don’t want to do any more big changes in the next few weeks as I start back to work tomorrow. 😫😣

Craig and I just love Henry to pieces and can’t get over how cute he is. His personality already cracks us up. And because we have 5th grade maturity level, his body functions always make us lol, especially his big toots!

I love to dress him in sweatpants every day. He just looks so cuddly and comfortable in them.

Well, Sir Henry is awake and it’s my last day at home with him so I am going to go love on him! ❤️❤️❤️

Beth WA

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On Mondays I am going to write my fitness goals for the week. And also write what I did the week before. For the first week I am going to have very small fitness goals since I go back to work on Wednesday and because it is my first week.

This week I want to do:
3 walks that are each 15-30 minutes
1-2 kettlebell sessions that are 5-6 minutes long
I know that 5-6 minutes isn’t that much, but with a kettlebell, it sure is! Lol.

I am so tired tonight. Henry goes to bed early – between 6:30 and 7:30 – and sleeps any where from 5-7 hours in that first leg. However I don’t fall asleep that early so I don’t get that much sleep in a row. After he wakes up he goes back to sleep for anywhere from 2-4 hours. Usually closer to 2-3. Then if I hold him he will go back for even longer. But then I am not sleeping. I am not complaining. Just explaining why I am tired.
I can’t believe I go back to work on Wednesday. I kind of just want to get it over with. The book I am reading – the No Cry Method- says that mom going back to work affects sleep negatively sometimes. Boo! Please pray for me this week. I need the strength.

Diet has been going well, and Henry and I took a walk today. He is so damn cute!





Any moms who went back to work have happy stories about it? : )

Beth WA

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Sunday Meal Plan

So, on Sunday’s I plan to blog my meal plan. Remember, I am gradually going gluten free because I still have gluten filled food that we have to eat at home. And truthfully, I really don’t know all of the food that gluten is in.

I made a bfast, lunch, and dinner plan but am only going to post my dinner plans. I have them assigned to a day but sometimes I might switch the days around.

Monday: Kielbasa recipe from my friend Beth with roasted sweet potatoes, apples, and dried cranberries

Tuesday: Stuffed Zucchini boats (I am winging this recipe)

Wednesday: Premade stuffed chicken breasts, rice, and frozen broccoli/cauliflower mix

Thursday: chicken sausage, roasted butternut squash, and frozen veggies

Friday: order in or go out!

Wednesday is my first day back to work after maternity leave and I am sad about it, but thankful that I like my job. I am also thankful that I decided to start on a Wednesday to ease myself into it. I know it is going to be crazy soon enough.
My mom and I have a deal that I will not bring any work home and stay at school until I finish all my shit. I am sometimes good at this and sometimes not. I have already been thinking of ways to make myself more efficient at school. I know I will want to get out of there and see my baby boy!

I feel like time is going to start flying even faster and Henry is going to be moving around before I know it!

Anybody have any great recipes that they’ve tried lately or go-to simple recipes?

Beth WA

PS. Here is my boy when he is sound asleep in his bed. (AKA Rock n Play)


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Saturday – high points

On Saturdays I am going to borrow an idea from friend, Tiffany. Every week she makes a list of things that made her happy that week. I am going to do the same but call it High Points of the week.

*having my husband help with Henry’s bed times
*going to Trader Joe’s with my mom (even though H had a meltdown)
*getting encouragement and support from my mom, husband, Aunt Angie, and my friends Asha and Beth as I start this journey to get healthier
*my cousin Bridget coming over for dinner
*going to a pumpkin patch with Henry and Craig and my mom
*spending my last full week at home with my baby boy
*trying successful new recipes this week!

That’s all I got for now!
Beth WA

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