Friday Fotos

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Henry Francis

Henry is 7 months old now. 

I am a mom of a 7 month old. 

He has two bottom teeth. 

He is trying to crawl. 

He has been pretty chill lately, coinciding with a few nights of sleeping 9-10 hours straight.  The problem is he goes to bed super early so we are working on pushing that back the next few weeks and that combined with the end of Daylight Savings Time should put his bed time around 7 or 730 which is what I have been wanting. 

He loves to laugh- for real and pretend. 

He loves to make us all laugh. 

He loves to make us proud. 

He loves kisses- giving them and getting them. 

Bath time is still the highlight of his day (as well as arriving at Grammie’s).

He still only naps in our arms- we are hoping to end that over Spring Break. 

I just love him so much. 

He has been such a blessing in our lives. 

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Sunday: Meal Planning for the week

Well, I am ending another less than stellar week which I am sure is going to show on the scale tomorrow. But, I tracked it all. If it crossed my lips, I wrote it down.
But, I am ready to get back to it tomorrow. I would like to lose 4 pounds this week. I know that’s steep, but I think I can do it.
Ways I plan to reach this goal:
* Move around at school more, less sitting.
* Exercising at least 30 minutes Monday-Friday.
* Not eating more than 100 of my exercise calories.
* Dessert only at dinner, and less than 150 calories.
* Meal planning and preparation.

That leads me to my meal prep for this week…. I actually did it!!





I made taco soup for my lunch all week, and black bean chili for our dinners for 2-3 nights. We will eat it plain with corn bread, on nachos, and with salad one night.

I am having Chex Gluten Free Oatmeal with banana and toast for breakfast. I bought cashew milk for it and it is delicious.

And my snacks each day will be yogurt for one and a bell pepper for the other.

I also made banana bread. Yum. It will probably be my dessert all week.

Here’s to a good week! Next week at this time my mom and I will be at a Barry Manilow concert followed by a night at a hotel!!! I will probably sleep for 12 hours. Lol!

Beth WA

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Saturday’s are going to be borrowed from my friend Elastamom. She calls it “Happy this Week,” and lists all the things that made her happy that week. I am not sure what I am going to call mine yet- but here is my list.

Seeing my niece Brooke and her baby Myla

Snow days and delays

Henry’s sleep showing signs of improvement

Pizza with pineapple, roasted red pepper and banana peppers from one of my fav local places

Staying on our budget another month

Hanging out with my mom and henry

My mom did Henry’s bedtime Friday night, and it was a nice break

Getting back to blogging

Refocusing on weight loss after a two week hiatus

Lent began with a whole school mass, which I love

Beth WA

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TimeHop App

I am a very nostalgic person. I save everything. (I am the opposite of Liz. She is good at purging!). Anyway- it’s hereditary. My gramma was like that and so is my dad. I still remember my gramma’s mirror on her dresser was full of funeral cards, event tickets stubs, pictures, and a little round patch that said “I love Beth” that I had given to her. Recently this was given to me by my aunt whom my gramma lived with. It is one of my most treasured possessions.
Well, if you looked at my mirror, it looks the same.
I have an entire closet full of memorabilia including, but not limited to, letters, bridesmaid dresses, pictures, cards, and so much more.
Anyway, I have been using the TimeHop App which I love because it is virtual nostalgia. It hooks up with your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and ICloud pics to tell you what you were doing on that day for the last 5+ years.
And usually they make me smile, and I end up sharing them with somebody via text or social network.
Today I was reminded of where I was two years ago.


I was profoundly sad. I found this quote about infertility on Pinterest and it had summed up how I was feeling. The joy had been sucked out of every thing in my life.

And here I sit two years later.
And this is my view.


My prayers were answered.
We were abundantly blessed.
And I am so grateful.
And I know of so many still out there waiting for their blessing.
And I pray for them every day. Because I will never forget that feeling. That heaviness.
That yearning.
The disappointment.

So, today, TimeHop didn’t make me laugh. But, it reminded me to be grateful.
Actively grateful.

Beth WA

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Friday Fotos

On Friday, I am going to post pictures from my phone from the week and no words.
Sorry if some are repeats. I will work on that as I get the schedule down pat.










I love the last one because it looks like somebody or something is chasing him.

Have a great weekend! I am going to enjoy another day off with my Bug!

Beth WA

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Thursday blog on Friday 😏

I don’t remember at which point yesterday I forgot to blog. It wasn’t even that busy of a day. I mean, I was off work, and my mom was over helping with Henry.
Anyway- Thursday’s will be reserved for a new recipe, a new meal combo, a delicious restaurant experience or something food related.
This week I was going to write about my quiche- which I already did. But, I realized I forgot to insert the picture.


It was delicious.

Beth WA

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