Body Pump at Home

Today was a busy but good day. The sun was shining and I was busy the whole time. I got up super early. My husband and I are on a two night rotation with Henry and I got bad luck this weekend. I am recovering from a sickness and I got both Friday and Saturday. Boo to getting up early both days but it’s fun to hang with Henry in the morning.  He is always in a super good mood.  Anyway, I had coffee and cleaned the kitchen. Then sat around for a few while I drank my coffee. 

I did Body Pump at home at 9:30 and I loved it. I had all the room I needed and nobody was beating me to the equipment. Plus it’s a bunch of hot Aussies that lead the class. 

I got my hair done at 11, stopped and got a Jimmy John’s sandwich and then drive to Kettering to go to Trader Joe’s. That’s about a 40 minute drive from my house. I got a bunch of yummy food, spent way too much money and came home super tired. Craig went to run errands and I cleaned up the back porch and many of the rooms of my house. I love my husband and son but they are messy messy messy. Now I am waiting for Henry to fall asleep and he is taking a long time. I am super tired and ready for bed but I like to have a few minutes of down time between his bedtime and mine. 

My mom came over for dinner and despite having loads of food to cook, we had very little motivation so we ordered burgers from the place across the street. We also realized mid evening that Henry had a 101.7 fever. Oops! I gave him some Tylenol so we shall see. He was in good spirits, he just looked tired. 

So, we took off his shirt and he hung out on the chair eating yogurt. 

I just got him to start saying, “cheese!” when he gets his picture taken so you can see him saying it in the third pic down. 


Beth WA

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Feeling about 52%

If I were to measure how I was feeling, yesterday morning would’ve been a 2.5% and today I started out at about 65% and slowly deteriorated to about 40%. But, after going to exercise I can say I am back at about a 52%. Ha ha! My BFF, Tracy and me use this percentage model to describe our hangover recover back in the day…

Yes, you heard me.  I went to exercise. Woo hoo. It was a short one, 25 minutes, but just what I needed as I am still feeling under the weather. I am looking forward to going to bed tonight! Zzz.  

I am really proud of myself for staying on plan, especially yesterday when I was home all day by myself.  That would’ve been a prime example of when I would’ve binged. But, I don’t have that food in the house AND I slept all damn day! Lol. 

I am about to plan my meals for the week because I am going to Trader Joe’s tomorrow to get our weekly groceries. I thought it might be a nice change up. Plus! I need my dark chocolate and sea salt covered almonds with turbinado sugar. They are a perfect sweet for me as I am able to resist over eating them for some reason. I am using the Trader Joe’s website for recipes, too! 

Before I go I will leave you with an adorable pic of my Henry with his Dylan McKay scratch on his eye brow.  


Beth WA

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Sick day. 


At 4:35 am I finally decided I was calling in sick. I felt like crap. At 5:40 Henry and Craig woke up. Craig had to be at work early so he left at 6:20. My dad picked Henry up at 7:40 and I fell back asleep so quickly they probably hadn’t even left the driveway. I slept for two glorious hours. Then, I was up for 3.5 hours.  I, then, took two consecutive two hour naps with only 45 minutes awake between them. I wouldn’t say I feel like I am better, but definitely better than this morning and a lot less like death. I was so hungry all day but didn’t let myself get off track and am finishing the day with a few hundred extra calories because I barely moved all day! 

I am really hoping I feel good enough to work out tomorrow night! 

Here are two pictures of my bug eating breakfast this morning. 


I missed him today but there was no way I could’ve taken care of him. Thank goodness for my parents. ❤️

Here’s hoping I get a good night’s sleep tonight! 


Beth WA

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Cough due to cold. 

Every time I have a cold I think of that line in Forest Gump. I am feeling crappy. I didn’t go to exercise, mostly because I am sick, but also because of scheduling conflicts and my parents electricity going out. I haven’t worked out in 4 days and it’s freaking me out.  I have to do something tomorrow or I am afraid I will go on a downward spiral. I have been staying in my calories, though, and hitting my protein like a boss! 

Good night, friends! 


Beth WA

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Under the weather 

I am feeling a little under the weather today. I haven’t exercised for 3 straight days- that’s the longest since I started my group at the gym. I just have a really congested chest so, I am hoping I sleep good tonight and feel a bit better tomorrow. I plan on going to my group tomorrow. 

I ordered some body pump weights from Amazon and I subscribed to Les Mills on demand. I plan on doing body pump at home on Tuesday and Thursday for 30 minutes, and Saturdays I plan on doing the 55 minute class. I plan on going to my gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday for my group, and on Sunday’s at 1:00 there is a hip hop cardio class I am going to take with my friend, the other Beth! I am really looking forward to doing body pump at home. It was a hassle to make it to the Saturday class, and it was over crowded, people were selfish with equipment, and it always starts late and ends late. I would end up being gone 2 hours and I didn’t like that. I like my mornings with my bug. Now I can do it while Henry naps on Saturdays, and still get to hang with him all day. 

I am going to read a few magazines tonight. I used to be so into magazines but not so much any more since I read so many blogs. It is really hard to cancel a magazine subscription as they keep sending bills and annoying notices. 

Anyway. Current view:

 My boyfriend, Lieutenant Kenda (young and old) and 

Homemade coconut oil chocolate (Healthy Tipping Point recipe), magazines, monitor, remote and tea spoon and Splenda. I usually use Stevia but I found a box of Splenda in the cabinet and I don’t want to waste it! 

Hope everybody has a good evening!


Beth WA

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-3.2 lbs this week! Total: -13.2 lbs

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got on the scale. I was expecting a 1-2 lbs loss because I lost 6 lbs last week. But Lo and behold being hungry all of the time and working out pays off! Lol! 

Actually, I have to say the hungry all of the time is getting better as I am learning what best satiates me. Weirdly, my breakfast of bullet proof coffee keeps me going the longest. 

Right now this is what I put in the blender for my coffee. I know I need to cut down on the heavy whipping cream but for now I have the calories and fat available. 

1 tbsp Kerrygold

1 tbsp coconut oil

3 tbsp heavy whipping cream

1/2 scoop cookies and cream protein powder

A little bit of sugar free vanilla syrup

1 packet of stevia

16-20 oz of coffee 

It comes out to 435 calories and it is so delicious. It fills me up, keeps me energized and I get to drink my beloved coffee.  

The only other nutrition thing I focus on is getting at least 100 – 120 grams of protein. I don’t have any restrictions on myself but I mostly eat real food- meat, veggies, fruit and I still eat dairy. I am a person who can’t eliminate foods for their diet, I am just trying to be smarter about it and doing a lot of planning. 

I also don’t use my exercise/fit bit points that myfitnesspal adds in except on Saturday. 

I have a cabinet that I used to keep my binge treats in and now it is filled with protein- protein powder, quest bars, oh, and all of my teas!!! I still drink tea in the morning when I get ready and take my coffee in the car. I drink decaf tea every evening. It’s my favorite wind down and relax ritual. 
Well, I’ve gone two days with no workout so I’ve gotta figure out what I am going to do tomorrow. 


Beth WA

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Sunday, already???

When Craig works both days on the weekend they seem to be a bit more exhausting for me.  Thank goodness for my awesome parents. Because of them we were able to go out Saturday night to a party I really wanted to go to. And on Sunday I knew I needed to meal plan, grocery shop, and make my lunches for the week. I hesitated to ask my parents for help since they kept Henry all night the night before but then I knew I needed to do it in order to have a good week. Of course my parents were happy to help and my dad took Henry to the park. My mom made us dinner! I really could not be successful in this journey without them. 

I feel like I didn’t see Henry very much this weekend.  I felt so stressed to get stuff done. And then I found out somebody used my credit card to refill their Starbucks card to the tune of $350 in December and January. What is wrong with people!?!?!

Anyway, I did get a few cute pictures of Henry…


Here’s to a good week. I am nervous for weigh in tomorrow and not because I cheated- because I didn’t- but because it’s hard to lose a little bit after such a killer week! So hopefully I lose at least 1-2 lbs. 

How was your weekend?


Beth WA 

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