Pumpkin Patch

One of my best friends from college came to visit from Toledo on Saturday. She had never met Henry and wanted to spend some time with him. He started off being super shy but by the end, they were best buds. It warmed my heart to see how quickly he loves her, falling into her arms and running over to play with her. She is just that kind of person. She is easy to be around and has a giant, sweet heart.  


We spent the day at a local dairy that has an ice cream shop, two restaurants, goats and cows to see and feed and pet. It also has batting cages, tractors to climb on, driving range, a big slide, pumpkin patch, and a few other things for kids. Henry had a riot and thought he was big stuff running around with all of the kids. We had a blast.  


Lately it seems all of my pictures of Henry are from the back because he is always running around! 
Have a great week! 


Beth WA

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Mowing the grass 

The newest thing I like to do with Henry is take him in our backyard and let him play.  He loves it and it really tires him out. 


I love keeping busy with my bug. And the weather has been incredible. 73-80, low humidity and sunny. You’d think we were in SoCal! 

Beth WA

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Hello strangers!

Just popping in to say how much I miss this space! My baby boy is 14 months old now and walking like a champ. His new favorite thing to do is explore the back yard.

Here are some recent pictures of my big boy!  


Have a great week!


Beth WA

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Henry is one.  One full year old. 

I told him he’s been outside of my belly for all of the days. 

I can’t believe it. I can’t believe how much joy he brings us each day.  His actual birthday was low key as we were getting a new couch that day and it was super hot and humid. But, we did sing to him and let him try a cup cake. He was hilarious as he picked at it with his finger tip.  

 My mom brought it over and it had blue icing. So he was very blue. 

The pictures where he is looking confused is when we were singing to him. His face was hilarious. 
We are having a party for him on Sunday. It should be a fun time. I always stress about having enough food so we will probably have way too much because my parents are the same way. Lol! 
A few more pictures of my big boy! 



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Heart Bursting 

I find that my heart nearly bursts at the seams so often with Henry. 

Like, this morning when my husband got up with Henry and I walked by the bedroom and he was giving Henry a bottle and they were just sitting there in the dark looking at each other. 

Or the rare moments when Henry just wants to sit on my lap and chill. 


Or, any time my baby girl Ava interacts with Henry and or Craig. 





Or when I see Henry’s face when he sees his grandparents. 

Or when Henry takes a time out in the middle of playing for a smooch. 
Parenthood sure is tiring and a humongous life change. But, I am adjusting and loving every minute. 

Well, almost every minute…all but the whining. 😉

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11 months old 

Man, Henry is 11 months old. I told him that soon he will have been around for “all of the days.”  

Life with Henry is just as it is described by moms everywhere- exhausting and rewarding. He is most definitely the best thing I’ve ever created. 

He loves to make people laugh like his mom. And he likes to take in new situations slowly, like his dad. He loves to make “mmmmm” sounds when he eats like his gramma. And everything weird he does, I say is inherited from my brother. 😆
I am absolutely crazy for my boy, and I could stare at him endlessly. 


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Summer Vacation 

Summer vacation has finally arrived. Hooray. 

I am loving spending the days with my baby boy.  He is so hilarious and more fun with each passing day. Also, I did sleep training, so he is finally sleeping through the night! That is huge. 

Nap time is still sketchy. But, I am going to work on that next. 

Which leads me to the nap time conundrum. When H goes down for a nap it could be 30 minutes or it could be an hour and a half. You just never know. And as soon as he goes down I am faced with the decision. Do I run around like crazy eating, cleaning, working out, and doing laundry or do I sit here and drink my coffee and watch the Today show? 
I suppose that I should do the first thing, but I am going to ease into summer. 

So, for today, coffee wins. 😊
Here are a few pics of my bug…

Hope to blog more regularly this summer! I miss it. 

Beth WA

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