Well, just a few more days and I will be on summer break! I can’t even believe it. I want to have a really fun summer with my bug! I can’t wait to take him to the zoo, and the pool! 

I can’t believe he is 10 months old. He is pulling himself up every where. It’s so fun to watch. At first it was so hard for him and now he does it every where and any where with such ease. I love watching him trying to figure out how to get down or where he is going to go up next. 

To be honest, I spend a lot of time just staring at him. 

In awe. 

And gratitude. 

I know I say it a lot. But, it’s so true. 

He is the best thing ever.



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Messy messy house 

ugh. I don’t know how people do it. 

My house is a freakin’ mess. Like really bad. 

Garbage cans are overflowing. 

Tables are stacked with mail. 

Foyer is overflowing with mail and newspapers and magazines. 

Beds are unmade. 

Laundry is every where. Clean and dirty. 

My room looks like a bomb went off. 
Hope to get some cleaning done this weekend. 

Henry and I love selfies.   

Have a good weekend everybody. 


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Sleep Training

I know that I will have to sleep train my bug this summer. I’ve put it off until I was ready. And I am exhausted. And ready. 

But some nights after he falls asleep on me, I pull him up close so he is breathing on my neck and I hold him close and tears of gratitude just stream down my face. 
Tonight is one of those nights. 


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Will we ever sleep again?

I asked my husband this question yesterday. I am so tired.  All of the time. I know some of it has to do with my weight and fitness level but the other part is the spotty sleeping. My baby boy is very inconsistent with his sleep. Luckily, my husband and I switch nights for baby patrol, but it leaves us just surviving rather than rested. 

But, I am doing well on Weight Watchers, and I love my bug so much! He is so fun and his personality is developing and I just adore it. He is funny and serious, he loves to make us laugh, and he is very risky with standing and trying to climb up on things. He forgets he can’t walk on his own.

Hope everybody is well. Xoxoxo



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Hi everybody. 

Hello everybody. 

It’s been a few weeks since I posted that I was defeated and feeling low.  And in the last few weeks I found a podcast that has really been helpful to me in my journey. I also joined weight watchers online. The first week I lost 6 lbs and this past week I lost 0.8 lbs. I am taking it one day at a time and listening to the podcast like crazy. It’s called Half Size Me. It’s hosted by a woman who has lost 170 pounds and kept it off for 3 years. She is a mother of 3 small children. She interviews people who have lost significant amounts of weight and kept it off. I imagine the feeling I get when I listen to her podcast is the feeling and comfort alcoholics get when they go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. It’s nice to hear somebody like me who struggles with weight in the way that I do. I will expound later, but for now I listen to it every spare minute I have. It keeps me going through the day and is helping me be more forgiving of myself in some ways and more structured in others. 

In other news, Henry is 8 months old!!!!



He is the light of our lives and worth every minute of the wait. My husband is such a wonderful father and Henry adores him. 

We are both exhausted all of the time, but we help each other by switching Henry nights every other night. Henry sleeps through the night on some nights, but not all. And, he gets up very early. ☺️

Well, I just wanted to say hey! 


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Feeling defeated. 

Ugh. I am failing at weight loss again and it’s really got me bummed. 

I really thought I had it this time after a stellar January. Then I had a crappy February and now I am half way through March. 

I struggle so much staying on track with a change in my schedule, life or day – and now with a kid I have to relinquish all control of what my day looks like and still learn how to manage to lose weight. I need to lose weight and be in better shape. This is not a vanity thing. This is a health and quality of life thing.

But, I am not giving up on me. 

I am going to do better tomorrow. 

And take it one day at a time. 


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Friday Fotos

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