Random things I’m loving right now

No posts for over a week, then two posts in one day, what?  I’m random like that. And so is this list of things that I am loving at this moment:

1. New Girl – This show is hilarious.  Zooey Deschanel is hilarious.  I’ll be honest, before this show, I knew her only as a singing elf and wife to Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie.  I thought, “Really, Ben went all Hollywood?” I was so wrong.  She is quick, and quirky, and delightful, and darling, and has super fabulous style, and a fantastic voice to boot (her songs only add to the hilarity of the show).  My sincere and deepest apologies to both Ben and Zooey for my pre-judgment.

2. Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palette – I have been eying this for some time.  No pun intended.  My fantastic mom bought it for me on a recent Sephora trip.  The texture of these shadows is divine.  Like butter.  Not greasy butter that will melt off of your eyelids after an hour of wear, but smooth shadow that applies perfectly and lasts all day when Urban Decay or other eye shadow primer is used.  There are seriously four million different looks you can create with just this one palette.  I think the hype is true, you could probably get rid of all of your other eye shadows and just use this one for the rest of your life.  Or until it runs out.

3. Pinterest – This one comes with a warning.  If you think Facebook is addicting, approach Pinterest with extreme caution.  It’s an amazing way to record and organize pictures of all of your favorite things, all in one place.  It’s a way to get new ideas for everything, from a fall look to what to make for dinner.  It’s a way to discover things about yourself, from what you really think makes a home beautiful, to the fact most of your Hollywood crushes sort of resemble each other.
So really, it’s healthier than Facebook.  It’s not stalking, it’s self-discovery!

4. Blink-182 Neighborhoods – Mark, Tom, and Travis did not disappoint with this new album.  It is pop-punk perfection.  It’s a perfect mixture of old Blink and new Blink, with a definite Cure influence.  It is great musical accompaniment on the treadmill, in the car, or rocking out in the kitchen while making pumpkin oatmeal.

5. Friday Night Lights – So, I’m totally late to the party on this one.  I heard all the
hype but never watched when it was actually on real TV.  I actually just started watching it on Netflix streaming a few months ago, and I now spend just about every evening in Dillon, Texas.  I’m not a big football person, but this show is about so much more than football.  It is brilliantly written, the actors are amazing,  and the characters are so real. I don’t even know the words to explain it.  It is so relatable, and funny, and heart-wrenching.   I know that everyone who knows me is probably sick of hearing me talk about it.  But at least twice during each episode, I turn to my husband and say, “I can’t believe how good this show is,” or “This is seriously the best show ever on television,” or some other similar exclamation about its awesomeness. I am not exaggerating when I say that it is probably the best show I have ever watched.  No, I am not forgetting about Alias.

What random things are you loving right now?

- Beth FS

Oatmeal is Delicious

I love oatmeal. Especially on cold fall mornings. I give complete credit to Beth WA for making me realize its deliciousness, and for introducing me to the blog Kath Eats so that I could learn how to make it.  Before I watched Kath’s how to video, the only oatmeal I knew how to make was the kind that came in a little envelope, to which I just added water.  Real stovetop oatmeal is SO much better, and really does not take much more time than the instant stuff. You also get a lot of bang for your buck (which according to me means: not a ton of Weight Watcher points, and it keeps me full for hours).  I use different mix-ins and toppings, depending on what I’m craving.   Sticking with my love of pumpkin, this is my oatmeal of the moment:

Pumpkin Oatmeal with Sweet and Salty Toppings

1/3 cup oats

1/3 cup water

1/3 cup skim milk

Cook according to Kath. (I use banana in every oatmeal except this one)

At the end, stir in:

1/3 to 1/2 cup of canned pumpkin

1 heaping tsp brown sugar

Dash of salt

A few dashes of cinnamon

Top with:

1 TBS Sunbutter

1 tsp white chocolate chips

1 tsp butterscotch chips


According to my calculations, this is about 8 Weight Watchers Points Plus.

How do you take your oatmeal?

- Beth FS

I have a problem.

Well, I have many problems, but one of them is that I am an impulsive and compulsive person, especially with purchasing things, or eating things.  (God help me when I am hungry at the grocery store, after reading a bunch of food blogs.)  I see things I want, and I buy them.  This would be fine and all, if I had money to spend on these things.  But, I don’t.

The things I purchase are usually clothes, food, or my single biggest compulsion…exercise videos and equipment.  This started in the 90’s when Tae Bo first came out, and I bought the videos and got in excellent shape.  Ever since then, I continue to buy videos, and am not in excellent shape.  You name it, I have it; Tae Bo, Gilad, Step Aerobics, Zumba, The Firm, Slim in 6, Jillian Michaels, Biggest Loser, Pilates, Yoga, and Melt it Off.

See for yourself:

Here are a few closeups…

Those are a lot of calories to burn.  I was thinking about trying each of these and doing a short blog about entry about it.  I’ve got to find a way to incorporate them into my days.

Because, you see, one of my other problems is that I am not great at getting rid of stuff.  I am not a hoarder or anything. I don’t think so, at least.  Ha ha.

But seriously, who could get rid of these games?

You never know when your friends might want to get together to play a trivia game about a show that’s been off the air for almost 10 years.  I mean, it hasn’t happened yet, but you never know, right?

What are some things you are impulsive about buying?

Do you have things that you know you should get rid of, but you just can’t?

Healthy Tipping Point

Healthy Tipping Point.

So, I had to write a quick blog entry about Healthy Tipping Point, one of my favorite blogs.  If you read my blog entry the other day, you are probably thinking to yourself, “Beth WA, you are lying.  You listed your top three favs, and HTP wasn’t listed.”  Well, it was a mistake.  I accidentally put on one there, when I meant to put this one.   Shoot.  So, let’s call this one of my top four favorite blogs to read.  Caitlin, the author, is one of “my friends,” in my google reader.  She is hilarious, and makes yummy food.  She is part of this http://operationbeautiful.com/, and I think it’s wonderful.

You know I am truly Catholic (and a little insane) because I have been feeling guilty about this mix up, and wrote a note on my hand to remind myself to clarify.

What blogs do you like to read?  Why do you choose those blogs?  I read so many, for so many different reasons.  I have to figure out how to do a “blogroll.”

But, until then, here are some of my favorites:







And of course, the ones I references in this blog entry:  http://the2beths.wordpress.com/2011/09/24/kath-oprah-pumpkin-now-thats-what-i-am-talking-about/

Time to do some grading.

-Beth WA




Tattoo Rue: Jesse James and Kat Von D Are Kaput Yet Again | Gallery | Wonderwall

Tattoo Rue: Jesse James and Kat Von D Are Kaput Yet Again | Gallery | Wonderwall.

Beth WA, I know this really shocked you the first time it happened. (That, my friends, was sarcasm.) Do you think she has wised up for good?

-Beth FS

Oh em gee. I am shocked. I can’t believe it didn’t last. They seemed to hav the recipe for longevity.

-Beth WA

Kath + Oprah + Pumpkin, now that’s what I am talking about!

My Oprah Face — Kath Eats Real Food.

Beth WA here on this foggy Saturday morning in Ohio!! I was so happy to sleep in until 8:30. This week was a rough one, and I needed it.  As I was laying in bed reading blogs with my google reader on my ipad trying to unwind from a particularly tense meeting I had on Friday, I said out loud when I got to this one, “No way!! Two of my favorites!!”

Let me backpedal a bit.  You should all know that Beth FS and I love Oprah.  Like love, love, love Oprah.  Our husbands like to make fun of us for it, but she is often quoted in conversations, was DVR’d daily, and most episodes resulted in many texts back and forth between us about the content.  That’s the first bit of background information you need to know to understand my excitement level at the blog entry I’ve linked.

Second, when I read blogs on my google reader, I save my favorites for last.  I have them in a category called “My Friends,” when I truly only know three of them (out of 15).  So, I was reading my “friends'” blogs, and I always save three for very last, http://carrotsncake.com/, http://www.hangrypants.com/, and lastly, http://www.katheats.com/.  I got to Kath Eats and there was a post called “My Oprah Face,” and thought, “She likes Oprah, too??”  (Insert my thinking: Kath likes oatmeal.  I like oatmeal.  Kath likes pumpkin.  I like pumpkin.  Kath likes Oprah, too???  We are definitely friends, and she doesn’t even know it.)  But I was WAY more excited when I realized she wrote recipes in O magazine that have to do with none other than, pumpkin.  I can’t wait to read my issue and try some of those recipes.

Well, hopefully I try them.  Another thing about me is that I cut out, book mark, and print out recipes kind of incessantly, but hardly ever actually try them.  Seriously, I have binders of them. (And a whole folder in google reader.)

Any suggestions on how to start trying recipes that I haven’t tried before?  Maybe I can do one a week and blog about it?  Hmmm.

How do you insert new recipes into your repertoire?

Pumpkin Lover

Today I had a really fun girls’ day with my mom and sister.  We visited a little nearby town, Yellow Springs.  No attempt to explain Yellow Springs would do it justice, but I love it there.  It is home to The Sunrise Café – a great locally owned restaurant that serves meals made with locally grown and organic ingredients.  Such a restaurant is not easy to find in these parts.

Sidenote, Yellow Springs is also home to a very funny comedian, whose privacy I will protect by calling him Mave Snappelle.  We saw him there today (on the street, not in the restaurant).  We’ve seen him there before.  But I never get over seeing a famous person walking down the street in a town near where I live, just like a regular person.

Mave Snappelle (I don't know how to do photo credit either. This is from a website called lucywho.com.)

But back to the meal. Have you ever had a meal at a restaurant that is so delicious, you think about it for days? I know, I said I just had this meal today.  But I know I am going to be obsessing about it for a good long time.  Probably dreaming about it too.  I might attempt to recreate it at home, but nothing will compare.  I knew the moment I entered the restaurant what I would order.  It wasn’t soup.

Each bite was like a little slice of sweet pumpkin heaven. They were fluffy, and creamy, and a little bit pumpkin spicy, and just downright delicious.  And they were perfectly balanced with the saltiness of a side of bacon.  Uncured, nitrate-free bacon.  That makes it really healthy bacon, right?

I think I could have cried when I cleaned my plate.

Meals made with pumpkin are another of my favorite fall things.  A few other pumpkin recipes I plan to try this fall are:

Rachael Ray’s Pumpkin Cheddar Mac and Cheese – pumpkin, pasta, cheese, and beer all in one dish!

Pumpkin Crunch Cake – I found this on Pinterest. I love Pinterest.  I think I’m going to love this cake too.

I’m hoping these will hold me over until my next fix at The Sunrise Café.

- Beth FS


Beth WA here! I just did a post and then I read this post again, and was laughing about our mutual love of pumpkin.  Just another thing we have in common to talk about.  Maybe we should start a blog? 

A few of my favorite things…

In the spirit of Oprah (boo hoo, I miss her so much this fall!!), I wanted to do a post of some of my favorite things.  These favorite things are a few foods that I like to eat often.  They are staples in my kitchen.  Now, there are many staples in my kitchen, so today I am just going to over four of them.

It is appropriate that my favorite things this time are food because I am insatiable this week as far as hunger goes! In fact, I am seriously contemplating going to bed right now so that I don’t eat any more today!  Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.

The first thing is these Sweet Potato Chips.  They are extremely low in sodium, and taste delicious.  Their Weight Watchers points plus value isn’t great, but it is enough to satisfy the want to crunch something that tastes salty.

My next favorite thing is Thomas’ Everything Bagel Thins.  I love everything bagels, and these are delicious.   They are 3 Points Plus on Weight Watchers, and I use them with sandwiches, or sometimes I just spread a Laughing Cow cheese wedge on them.  They are also good toasted to make an egg sandwich.

Next, something I discovered only in the last year from reading Kath Youngers blog, http://www.katheats.com/, and that is Sunbutter.  It is peanut butter made from sunflower seeds.  I love it on EVERYTHING.  It’s good in oatmeal, on bread, on bagel thins, on pancakes, with a few chocolate chips, and with apples.  If you like sunflower seeds, TRY IT!

I love graham crackers, and these graham sticks are DELICIOUS.  I like to eat them plain, or crumble a few of them in yogurt or on ice cream.

And lastly, my latest obsession that I am having a hard time resisting at any time of day… Bob Harper has been trying to get us all to eat these for months, now.  Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal.  YUM.  They have a lot of fiber, and not a lot of fat, and a LOT of flavor.  Sometimes I eat my smoothie in a bowl, and then I put something crunchy in it, and yesterday, it was this cereal.  Now, that is all I can think about at night…my breakfast the next morning with these Quaker Oatmeal Squares!  I go through phases with food, a LOT, and so my favorites are always changing.  It’s not like I stop liking them, they just find their way out of my daily diet.  Well, as of right now, I am so glad these little pieces of deliciousness found their way into my kitchen!!

Well, that is all for now!

What are some of your favorite foods right now?

-Beth WA

127 Hours

Last weekend, I watched the movie 127 Hours.  (If you haven’t seen it, and are not familiar with Aron Ralston’s true story, on which the movie is based, you may not want
to keep reading as this post contains spoilers.) I knew the general story – outdoorsy
type man gets his arm lodged under a boulder while hiking by himself and subsequently cuts off said arm in order to survive.  About ten minutes into the movie, when James Franco’s arm met the boulder, knowing what was coming, I turned to my husband and said “If you’re not interested in this, go ahead and turn it off, because I am NOT going to like it.”  A friend had seen the movie while back and had mentioned in passing that she and her husband really liked it, which is why I added it to my Netflix queue in the first place.  It occurred to me in those first ten minutes that she is a nurse, and her husband a surgeon, so of course they would not have quite the same squeamishness (read: complete horror) as me, when push came to shove and that little pocket knife started looking like his only saving grace. But, for some reason, I kept watching. I’m so glad I did.

I don’t usually, or ever, take away deep meaning from movies.  I love to watch and be  entertained for a couple of hours. End of story.  But this movie, excluding the few really gruesome parts that I simply did not watch, really resonated with me.  I am not adventurous.  Actually, I’m kind of a big chicken.  I never would have set off alone
to hike Blue John Canyon.  I don’t even  like to ride my bike alone on the local bike path.  But I like to do things on my own. I don’t like to ask for help.  Maybe it’s the shame that might come with admitting I couldn’t do something on my own.  Maybe it’s that I feel bad “inconveniencing” the other person.  I don’t know. It would probably take quite a few therapy sessions to get to the bottom of that one.  Fortunately, I learned a good life lesson just watching 127 Hours.

The “aha moment” (thanks Oprah) in the movie that brought me to tears was when Aron finally made it out of his five-plus days of hell, saw some hikers up ahead, and with what little strength he had left yelled “Help me. I need help.”

This is a man who went out on an adventure alone, and didn’t tell anyone where he was going. He survived for 127 hours in physical, mental, and emotional pain. Alone. He kept himself alive drinking what little water he had and then resorted to his own pee.  He cut off his arm to escape.  All by himself.  Even when he finally encountered other people, he asked for help, but he didn’t completely surrender.  Encouraged to sit down by one of the hikers, he said he had to keep going. But without asking for and receiving the help of others, his story probably would have had a much more tragic ending.

So, the moral of the story?  It’s a really good thing I’m not adventurous.  Just kidding.  Being able to do things on your own is a good thing.  Asking for help doesn’t mean you’ve completely giving up on helping yourself.  We all just need a little bit of help sometimes.

Thanks to my good friends Beth WA and Amy for helping me by picking up my 10K race packet when I just couldn’t manage to get it done myself this week. I’m glad no limbs were lost in the process.

- Beth FS

Fall Schedule: New TV Shows

Fall Schedule: New TV Shows – Previews and Schedules for Fall 2011 TV Shows.

I love fall, right along with Beth FS.  I love the weather, the colors, the foods, football, Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), and the fall television line up.  Even though I don’t watch television like I used to, I still enjoy it more than the average person.  But rather than watch shows when they are on, I usually just DVR all of the shows I want to watch and watch them when I have time.  This has it’s pros and cons.  It’s pro is that television has less of a control over me and my schedule.  (Side story: I distinctly remember in junior high that my friends were NOT allowed to call me between 9:00 and 9:30 on Tuesday nights as I would be watching Roseanne.)  It’s con is that television is a bit less exciting to me.  I kind of miss the suspense, waiting between commericals, and for the show to be on the next week.  And now, a lot of times, I just wait until a show is on Netflix and just watch the series consecutively.

One of the last series I remember watching before DVR, and also my favorite show of all time was “Alias” with Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber, and Michael Vartan.  Beth FS & Mr. FS and I were loyal followers of the show(this was before Mr. WA was in the picture), and often spent the moments following the end of the show on the phone with one another saying, “Holy CRAP! WHAT JUST HAPPENED?”  We even dressed up as the characters for the last episode of the series.  Yes.  We are dorks, but it was so fun.  Here we are.  We look so different.  Except, Mr. FS.  He just got glasses, so this is exactly what he looks like.

JUST KIDDING! His glasses don’t look like that.

Anyway, I was looking at this website to see some of the new shows that are going to start this fall, and I found out the ones that I am most excited about are because of who is in it, not because of the plot.

Here are some of the shows I plan on DVRing the pilot, and then making the decision from there.

2 Broke Girlstv guide photo

This is my only exception.  I just wanted to watch this because the title reminded me of when my best friend and I moved to California after college, and never had any money, but always had the time of our life!

Hart of Dixie – I don’t even know what this is about, except that I read that the creator of the O.C. made it, and Rachel Bilson is in it.  I was a huge fan of the O.C., so I am going to give it a chance.

tv guide photo

Speaking of Alias, the creator of Alias has a show called “Person of Interest” coming out this fall, which is my next pick to watch the pilot this fall.  It is about some sort of technology or surveillance thingie that is created to identify people who will commit a future crime.

tv guide photo of hot man in person of interest

Other shows that I am interested in checking out are “Prime Suspect,” with Maria Bello.  I have been a fan of hers since Coyote Ugly.  I don’t know what it is about her, but I always feel like I know her in real life.

I also love Emily Van Camp, originally from the show Everwood with Treat Williams.  She was also on Brothers and Sisters.  But, now she has a new show called “Revenge,” that I am going to watch.

Lastly, Unforgettable, with Poppy Montgomery.  I don’t know what it is about Poppy, but I just love her.  Without a Trace was one of my favorite shows.  And don’t tell anybody, but I loved her in the Lifetime Movie, “Murder in the Hamptons.” It was like a combination of two of my favorite things, Lifetime Movie + Snapped.

Well, I still have to go make up 2 math quizzes, and go to bed, and get up at 5:20.  And I am exhausted!  I can’t wait until the weekend.  Although, I have to get up SUPER early for a 10K on Saturday morning.  We have to be there at 6:00 AM!  I already have a nap scheduled on Saturday.

I hope everybody is having a great week!

What shows are you looking forward to? New or Old?