Southern BBQ Sloppy Joes Deliciousness.

Tonight I had my family over for dinner.  I had lots of random stuff that needed to be cooked or thrown away.  So, I had a major smorgasboard of non-complementary foods.  It all started with some ground beef I had to use, then there was this acorn squash, some caesar salad, some broccoli, chicken wings, and a few other assorted things.

I knew I wanted to make this old recipe I had for Sloppy Joe’s.  I just had a taste for them.  First, I had to locate the recipe, which was much easier than expected.  Then, I had to make sure I had the ingredients.  That was one of the great things about this recipe, it is made with all common household items.

So, basically, I just wanted to share the recipe because it was a hit with everybody, and I like to pass on good, easy dinners.  My husband and I want to try a vegetarian version of these with the Morningstar Meal Starter Crumbles.  We have started really liking those in recipes like spaghetti.  Maybe next time.

Anyway, here is the recipe. (Not sure where I got it as it was years ago, but if I knew, I would totally give credit.)


Southern BBQ Sloppy Joes

1 tbsp canola oil (I just sprayed the pan)

2 onions, chopped

1 green bell pepper, seeded and chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced

1/2 tbsp ground cumin

1 tsp chili powder

1 lb ground meat (the recipe actually calls for turkey, but I used beef)

1 c. ketchup

2 tbsp packed dark brown sugar

2 tbsp worcestshire sauce

1/2 tsp salt

6 hamburger rolls

In a large nonstick skillet, heat the oil. Saute the onions, pepper, and garlic until softened (about 5 minutes).  Stir in the cumin and chili powder; when the vegetables are coated with the spices, stir iin the meat; cook; breaking apart the meat with a wooden spoon until browned.  Add the ketchup, brown sugar, worcestshire sauce and salt.  Cook until the sauce is slightly thickened and the meat is cooked through. (4-5 minutes)


It is SO sweet and good.  I love sloppy joes made from scratch.


Have a good Wednesday night!


-Beth WA

Anybody have a twist on a sloppy joe recipe?

A Year of Slow Cooking: Original Taco Soup CrockPot Recipe

A Year of Slow Cooking: Original Taco Soup CrockPot Recipe.

If you have not read this blog, it is full of really great recipes.  But, the one I make over and over is this one.  The Taco Soup Recipe.  It is inexpensive, and full of things that are good for you and filling.  Plus, I love anything you can serve with Tortilla chips, sour cream, and cheese.

Here is a picture of mine in the slow cooker…

This is taken right after ingredients were put in the crock pot.

We had some tonight, but it will be oh so much better tomorrow.  That’s why I made it, as I invited my bro-ham over for his birthday.

Today was such a stereotypical Monday.  Rain and all.  I am glad it’s nearly over, and I am soon going to get a really good night’s sleep.  I slept terribly last night due to sleeping in so late on Sunday, and the sinus headache/stuffiness I am experiencing right now.  So, I was somewhat emotional all day, which would explain the tears of joy and pride I had today at the end of Zumba.

You see, I am a binge eater, and a compulsive eater.  And I’ve been pretty good as of late, until this past Friday-Sunday.  It was a free for all, eat every thing in sight kind of weekend.  It’s a little weird because I did pretty well on Thanksgiving Day.  Anyway, all day today I had a food hangover, and I was suffering from lack of sleep.  It was the perfect scenario for the old me to say, “Fugedda ’bout it.   Eat all you want.  In fact, have a free for all until Christmas, it’s only 3 weeks away.”

But instead, I tracked all of my food today, I stayed in my daily allowance of Weight Watchers points, and I went to Zumba EVEN though my plans after school did not go as I had wanted them to (read: I left my purse at school and had to go back to school after being at the store to get it to buy the ingredients for the taco soup).  This is a HUGE step for me, people! Ha ha. Normally, when one little thing goes wrong, it’s my sign to fall off the wagon, and take the one way train to hot mess-dom.

Now, I have a mound of 6th grade math tests to grade, and a very messy kitchen.  But, I don’t even care that much, because I feel good about me.

xoxo, Beth WA

Talk me off the ledge. AKA I am having a party.

So, I am having a party in less than an hour. It is actually a cocktail hour (or three) to precede a fundraiser that my friends are attending.
I love entertaining. I love my friends. I love having parties.
Except, in the hours leading up to the party my mind is a mess.
Suddenly, the house that I love to come home to every single day, is not good enough, and definitely not clean enough.
Suddenly, the wine that is good enough for me to drink, and is affordable enough for me to drink, isn’t good enough.
Suddenly, the food I am going to serve isn’t good enough.

Why do I do this to myself?

But then, I know…the guests start coming, the laughter starts, the drinks are a flowing, and I forget all of these things.
But for right now…I am freaking out.

Gotta go vacuum….

Who’s it going to be?

Tomorrow, People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2011 will be revealed.  I can’t wait!  I’ve long maintained that they chose the wrong Ryan last year.  But 2011 has been an even bigger year for The Gos. It is his time.  He’s talented, beautiful, and breaks up street fights.

Two Ryans are better than one. (This picture is from

What do you think? If not Ryan Gosling, who’s it going to be?

Perfectionism is a Problem

I’m sort of an anxious perfectionistic sort of person.  Okay, “sort of” is an understatement. But one of the worst consequences of my ailment is that I put off organization and other home projects, because the idea that I may not do it perfectly or exactly right overwhelms me.  So instead of just doing a “good enough” job, I put it off.
But then can never really relax, because while I’m “relaxing” I’m thinking about that home project I should be working on.  So my down time isn’t enjoyable or relaxing,
because I spend it feeling guilty about what I’m not doing.

So why am I sharing this?  I’m not really. I’m writing this entry as more of a note to my future self to remind myself that the projects are never as bad as they seem once I
just start them.  And the feeling of satisfaction for getting a “checkmark” for doing the project is so worth getting off my rear and starting.

I have two daughters, ages 3 and 7. The are super.  They have a lot of stuff.  We have a wonderfully supportive and giving family, which means they have probably have even slightly more stuff than the average 3 or 7 year old.  That includes lots of big toys, and lots of toys with a million tiny little component parts.  We have a small house.  The stuff overwhelms me.  So, I tend to just put it in our upstairs dormer, aka the playroom/spare bedroom connected to the office-athroom (that’s a desk and a filing cabinet where a tub would otherwise be in a half bathroom – I told you it’s a small house).     When the stuff out of sight, I don’t have to think about the disorganization, feel the guilt about the excess, the shame about the mess.  That is, until the rare occasion when I have
to go up there for something, which I did several weeks ago.  You might have heard me screaming.  The chaos and mess that I found sent me into a total avoidance induced funk, not wanting to see it, deal with it, or clean it.

For at least three weeks, every time I sat down, got on Facebook, watched Oprah’s Lifeclass, or read a book, I was tormented.

“I HAVE to clean that upstairs,” I told myself.

“But I don’t want to.  It’s such a mess, I just can’t deal with it.” I replied.

“Christmas is coming. There is no room up there for any of the inundation of  more stuff they are sure to get, then it will be worse,” I said sternly, feeling guilty about even
the thought of complaining about gifts.

“But if I start that, then I’ll also have to clean out the office-athroom, which is even worse, then the kids bedroom closet, then my kitchen cabinets, and dear God the basement is a disaster zone, it’s just too much,” I whined, in a really annoying whiny inner voice.

But today, I just did it.  I involved both of the kids.  My seven year old was a champ.  She was hesitant at first, but by the end she was enthusiastically taking things to the
trash, goodwill, and resell piles. My three year old basically just ran around and compounded the mess.  But she’s cute.  It took a long time. It wasn’t really that fun.  But it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had been anticipating, and it feels SO GOOD to have it organized and to have cleared so much clutter out of the house.  And I felt it was accomplishment enough that I was able to restrain myself from moving on to one of the many other projects I listed during my conversation with myself.  That was sarcasm. I’m already starting to sort of dread those projects.  But I think the momentum I gained today from cleaning the upstairs will motivate me not to worry about and put off the next
project for very long.  The upstairs is so peaceful and organized now, I might just head up there the next time I want to check Facebook or read!

Any good tips for handling overwhelming home projects, controlling clutter, or just getting off the couch to get something done?

-Beth FS


I know this isn’t an original idea by any means, but I was thinking this week about the relationship between bloggers and their readers.  As a reader, I feel like I am a friend of the blogger, even though they don’t know who I am.  And I find myself wanting to talk about them with other people.
I was especially thinking about it this week when I read that Caitlin, from Healthy Tipping Point  , announced her pregnancy.  I felt like my friend just found out she was pregnant, and I found myself wanting to tell a bunch of people I know.  But, instead, I just decided to write a congratulatory comment.  : )

Luckily, Beth FS reads many of the same blogs that I do, so we can ‘dish’ about the news on them.

I’ve also found that it takes real talent and dedication to keep up a blog.  Some bloggers make it look so easy, which I now realize it is far from easy!

Well, my cousins are coming in this weekend!! We are so excited to have out of town guests in our current house, because we actually have room for people to sleep!!

Have a great weekend, everybody!!


-Beth WA


I love when people have style. And of all the people I know, Beth FS and her mom and sister are the most stylish. They know how to put a look together, and always top it off with beautifully polished nails, perfect makeup, and good hair. They are genetically blessed, and aesthetically talented. So, it shouldn’t have been a big surprise when Beth FS’s little sister’s wedding was the most stylish wedding I have ever been to. Her sister had a look she wanted to achieve, and she exceeded all of my expectations. When the doors to the back of the church opened, and everyone caught their first glimpse of the bride, there was an audible gasp.

It was that dramatic.

It was that beautiful.

You see, she is even MORE beautiful on the inside. It will be hard for you to believe that when you see this picture, and see how beautiful she is on the outside. But, trust me, it’s true.

Check her out…

Her photographer is an immensely talented girl named Jessica Valle. It’s weird, I had started reading blogs several years ago, and I came across Jessica’s. I have watched her grow over the years as she became a photographer, and then as a complete coincidence, Beth FS’s little sister met her, and she became her friend and her photographer. Small world.

I hope you all had a good week. My week has been SOO busy. I worked Monday, had a meeting after school, started working on report cards, drove to Indianapolis for a conference…and that was only Monday! Today I had school all day, then parent teacher conferences until 7:30. I am glad that it’s all over, and tomorrow is just an inservice day, so I get to sleep in a bit.

Peace out, homies.