Easter goodness.

Spring break has been great so far.  Saturday night I had my parents and my cousin over for a good old fashioned Easter bbq.  OK, not so old fashioned, but definitely called for as I hadn’t had meat in nearly 40 days.  We had burgers and beer brats.  They were delicious.

I also made macaroon type nests with mini cadbury eggs in them.  They were delicious.  I actually got them from a blog and I can’t remember which one now.  But they were adorable and delicious.  Here’s a picture.

They just consisted of toasted coconut and egg whites.  Then, you put the best Easter Candy of all time on the top.  I love the Cadbury mini eggs.

Then, Saturday morning I tried Kodiak pancakes for the first time.  They are delicious.  I added pumpkin to them, and topped them with Biscoff spread and coconut. (I love coconut.)

I hope everybody had a great Easter!!

Beth WA

Lent is almost over…

Well, I started Lent hoping that giving up meat and chocolate would make me want it less.  I’d hoped that by living without the two things I’d realize that I can live without them in my life, and I’d make all of these healthy choices in place of meat and chocolate.

But instead of meat, I ate grilled cheese and pierogies and pizzas.

And instead of chocolate I made cinnamon streusel muffins, ate laffy taffy, and butterscotch chips.

And I also realized, that I really like meat.  I don’t need it every day, but I do like it occasionally.

But, chocolate…that’s another story.


-Beth WA