Monday, Meal Plan

On Mondays, I am going to try to make a loose plan for my dinners. I welcome suggestions. I am always trying to incorporate new recipes. However, I get caught up in routine.

Monday: pasta dish made with random ingredients we had in the house
Tuesday: I will be in Indiana visiting a dear friend.
Wednesday: pizza with frozen pizza crust I am trying for the first time
Thursday: hopefully something on the grill, like pork tenderloin
Friday: order in! Or go out!

The thing i made for dinner tonight was delicious. In a pan with olive oil, a bit of butter, onions and garlic, I cut up a sweet Italian chicken sausage. Then, I added spinach. I mixed in whole wheat rotini, a handful of mozzarella cheese, and some spices. I topped mine with a bit of goat cheese and a dash of spicy marinara. My husband’s was sans goat cheese. He’s not a fan.
I will add pictures as soon as I can get on my computer instead of my iPad. That’s where the pictures are, but my husband is working in there right now.

I am a huge fan of chicken sausage. Especially the Hillshire Farms brand. They have the least WW points and the most flavor.

Here’s hoping your Monday is going well!

Beth WA

First Week of Summer Break

So, on Sundays, I am going to summarize the week with pictures…

Here was my week:

Monday, I had a party for the faculty and staff at my school.  It was a going away party for two of my favorite staff members.  So, it was bittersweet.

Teachers that are leaving me. ; (


Tuesday, I drove up to Cleveland to hang out with my amazing Gramma Kerrigan, along with one of my favorite cousins and her son, Jimmy.

Here is Grams:

Gramma Kerrigan : )


Here is baby Jimmy.  Isn’t he so handsome??

handsome boy!


On Wednesday, I rested.

On Thursday, I took my mom to see Wicked.  It was a Mother’s Day gift.  Before the show, we had delicious food at a restaurant called Thai 9.


On Friday, I took a bike ride on the bike path in our town.  The bike path is part of a bike path that goes from Cincinnati almost to the top of Ohio.

My new bike


And on Saturday, Mr. WA and myself went with Beth FS and Mr. FS to try the first brewery in Dayton in over 50 years.  It’s called the Dayton Beer Company.  It was a quaint little place, that seemed to be finidng it’s way.  The beer was pretty good, but the company was the best.


I hope everybody had a great weekend.

Here’s to a great week.





Best Breakfast Sandwich Ever

This morning I tried something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time.  An egg sandwich that uses waffles instead of toast.  I recently discovered these Van’s Waffles:

The most delicious waffles ever. (Besides Belgian made in a waffle maker)

I have no problem with wheat or gluten, I just wanted to try these.  And my-oh-my, they are so fluffy and flavorful.

So, this morning I made an egg sandwich with these waffles, a thin slice of cheddar, and a bit of jelly (strawberry spreadable fruit).  It was so good, I can’t wait to go to bed tonight so I can wake up and eat it again.

In other news, last night my mom and I went to see Wicked.  We had 3rd row seats, and the show took my breath away. There were funny parts, and there were parts that made me cry.  The time went so quickly, I didn’t want the show to end.

And, while I was there I remembered that there is another thing that makes me cry that I can add to this list

Curtain Calls.  Woo-whee. As soon as the curtain call started, I had tears and a lump in my throat.  I just love that part.  I think theatre is so amazing – the stage design, costumes, songs, and dancing.  Ahh….I just love it.

Well, this weekend I am starting my blog topic schedule.  I hope it works out well.

I hope you are all having weather as beautiful as we are in Ohio right now.


Beth WA

Cherries Jubilee

I had my last meeting for school this morning.  And then I had to write a welcome letter for the kids for next year, and now I am officially on summer break.  Yay.

Tonight I am going to see Wicked with my mom.  It was a gift I got for her for Mother’s Day.  I am so excited.  I haven’t seen a musical in a really long time, and I love to go to them.

I also am trying a restaurant out that I’ve been wanting to try for a LONG time.  It’s called Thai 9, and I know a lot of people who have eaten there and raved about it.  Check out the menu.

For breakfast every day, I make a smoothie with milk (cow, almond, coconut, or soy), a flavored protein powder, fruit, spinach and sometimes a bit of greek yogurt, cottage cheese or maybe pumpkin instead of fruit.  Also, sometimes I add some sort of nut butter, especially when it is chocolate protein powder I am using.

Anyway.  I normally buy only chocolate and vanilla protein powder, until I was reading a blog, not sure which one, but they had all sorts of flavors of protein powder.  I found a coconut one on Weight Watchers. Com and it was DELICIOUS.  (Especially with frozen pineapple)

Today I tried a new one that I ordered online, and the flavor was Cherries Jubilee.  I had it with 2% milk and a frozen banana in the blender with a few cubes of ice.  It was the best cherry flavor.  I loved it so much.  I put it in a bowl with some Quaker Squares and I practically licked the bowl.

I should’ve known it would be good, as “love” was one of the ingredients.  Here’s a picture of the can.

Cherries Jubilee Protein – YUMMMM!


<3 LOVE <3


Nutrition Information


Well, have a great day.  It is so sunny and beautiful here today.

Anybody else try different protein flavors?

Beth WA

P.J., this one is for you.

PJ, Today was the day!! In truth, it was the day I decided to start blogging again.  It’s my first true day of summer vacation.  Woo hoo!!

I have a schedule I am going to try to stick to with each day having a different topic that I am going to try to adhere to, so we will see if that helps me blog more frequently.  I miss it so much.

But for today, I just want to tell you about roasting fruit.  I have been reading about it everywhere.  Roasted grapes and strawberries being the ones I see the most frequently.  So, today, I decided to try it.    I mean, every thing is better roasted, how could they not be delicious.

It was a semi-success.

I cooked them five minutes less than the Ina Garten recipe called for, but it was still a few minutes too long.  They were really good, but I think I could do better.  I put them in the oven at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.  I only added a few teaspoons of sugar to the strawberries and grapes beforehand, then put them in the oven.  Next time I might add balsamic.  Or honey.

Here is the before:

Before Roasting



After Roasting

I added them to some Fage 0% Greek Yogurt with cinnamon and a dash of vanilla.  The mix was delicious, but like I said, I think I could do better with the fruit.


Well, I am off to start laundry.

Anybody ever try roasting fruit?

Have a great Wednesday.


-Beth WA