99 more days…

Happy Easter, friends!!
I know I have been so terrible about blogging, but I don’t like to blog when I don’t feel like I have something to say. Which, is probably why I am not somebody who could make money doing a blog. HA HA.

Things have been moving along well with my pregnancy. Tomorrow I will be 26 weeks. I can hardly believe it. Time is absolutely flying by, especially as the school year is coming to a close. I can hardly believe it – but there are only 28 days left of school!

Then, 6 weeks after that, baby time!! My doctor’s appointments have been going well. The baby has a strong heartbeat, and measures perfectly. My blood pressure has been good, and I have been feeling good, except I get tired so easily. I take a nap every day around 4 and I am still able to sleep at night.

Here are my updated bump pictures…

week 22

week 24

week 25

week 26

I accidentally forgot to take a week 23 shot. It is driving me crazy. My dad told me to suck in my belly and take a fake one. HA HA! I just might do that…..

Well, I hope everybody had a lovely weekend.

Beth WA

Moving right along…

The time is really starting to fly by in this pregnancy. School has been busy as well as life in general, so that keeps time moving right along. Part of me wants the time to fly, but part of me is making a conscious effort to enjoy the freedoms of life before a baby. Every single nap, sleep in, or spontaneous plan is definitely being appreciated by me in a new way. I know that is not going to be possible after the bambino arrives. People really like to remind you of that, too.
I prefer when people tell me how great motherhood is, but I know people are just trying to be real.

Anyway, on Wednesday, I picked my dad up from the airport because he went on his annual trip to watch the Cleveland Indians Spring Training. He brought back the cutest souvenir. Seriously. Check them out.

Indians Onesies

I don’t know what is cuter – the onesies themselves, or the fact that my dad picked them out by himself.

Today is the first day of my Spring Break, and I have been working so much, I am super happy about the break. I am also happy that I graded all but about 30 minutes worth of stuff before I left so for the first break in years, I don’t have hours and hours of grading to complete. This is good because my mom and I are going to do some nesting, and Craig and I also have a trip to Chicago planned next week.

Here is my week 21 picture:
21 weeks

I have been feeling good. My back is problematic, nausea is sometimes around, I had heartburn this week, and I can’t sleep well – BUT – that is just part of the process, and I really can’t complain, because I’ve wanted this for so long!!!!

In other news I am missing my niece Ava like crazy. I can feel us growing apart. She doesn’t like to talk to me on face time any more and I don’t get to see her in person until June. This is the sucky part about living far apart from family, the inevitable growing apart because of geography. I am hoping we can reconnect when she is here in June, because it really makes me sad. I sent her a card in the mail. Hopefully she gets that soon.

I am pretty excited about my leisurely coffee this morning while watching my favorite channel – ID Discovery, and reading blogs, and facebook.

Have a good Friday!!!
Beth WA

Time flies when you are taking naps all of the time…

Daylight savings time started last weekend and it has been kicking my arse every since. On top of that, I had a meeting every day after school. So, I took a nap every.single.day. this week. And it was yet again another week where I didn’t start my exercising. I am so disappointed in myself. Hopefully, I start today.
Also, we have testing at school this week, so hopefully I can get less buried.

My parents went to Disney with my brother, sister in law, and my niece, Ava this past week for Ava’s spring break. They brought me back the cutest souvenir for the bambino. I have to say, it was the first moment of this pregnancy that it actually felt real, and I had this feeling come over me that this a baby inside of me that is going to be born and wear that souvenir.
Without further ado, here is that souvenir. Get ready – it is the most adorable thing ever!

Tigger Onesie Front

Now….wait for it….

check out the back….

Tigger Onesie Back

I know! Right??? So adorable.

Besides being spent due to Daylight Savings time, I have been feeling good, and pregnant. My belly is starting to really stick out, and my regular shirts are mostly all too short to wear.

Here are my week 19 and 20 pictures…

week 19

week 20

As of tomorrow I will be 21 weeks, and I can’t believe we are more than half way there!

My spring break is in a few weeks…my husband’s 40th birthday is in May, but we are going to go on a 40th birthday trip for a few days that week to celebrate. We are going to go on a Chicago brewery “tour” that he designed. He is super excited and I am glad that we get to go do this before the baby is born. He has been wanting to do this for a while.
This is a picture of my husband and my dog planning the trip.

Craig and Sam laptop

And lastly, you know what picture never gets old for me to look at???

3rd test digital

I can’t tell you the hundreds of tests I have taken over the years waiting for this one. All of you out there going through that same thing, stay hopeful. I am praying for you. Always.

Peace out, homies!
Beth WA

Time flies in the 2nd trimester…

So, every single minute of my first trimester was filled with anxiety, and nervousness and exhaustion.  So, each minute felt like so much longer.  The weeks dragged on until I reached that glorious second trimester.  That is when the chance of miscarriage is very, very small.  So, I was extremely elated to reach that milestone and to be able to share the news with everybody.  I don’t think I have ever gotten that many “likes” or comments on a post on Facebook in my life.  This baby is fulfilling so many prayers and hopes, and I feel so blessed and lucky.  And I am rooting and praying every single day, for the women that are dear to me, and women I don’t know that are still on the journey to become pregnant.  It is not an easy road.  In fact, it is the hardest road I have ever traveled.  I pray for those people every day.  

Multiple times a day.


So, I have been taking weekly pictures, and here are weeks 13-18.  It is something I knew I wanted to do when I got pregnant.  I just started to pop out, so the first couple pictures are just my regular belly, but near the end you can see it is getting bigger.




And here is the bambino at the ultrasound I had this week, week 19.  We could have found out the gender, but we are waiting.  




We cracked up because the baby kept raising its fist in the air like that – as if it were pissed at us for bothering him/her.


Also, I ordered canvases from Etsy for the nursery.  Our theme is Very Hungry Caterpillar, and I loved these canvases online.  But, I was nervous to get them and when I received them, they were even more beautiful than I imagined.  They were hand painted. 



And here are the first pieces of clothing I bought for the baby.  I am telling you this – not finding out the gender is a real money saver for me.  I know I would be buying clothes left and right if I knew what I was having.  So, here are the cutest gender neutral clothes…from J. Crew.  They were a splurge, but I couldn’t resist.  I love both of these books so much.


And lastly, here is a picture of my sweet baby girl – my niece Ava- who lives in Texas, at her second annual school hoe-down.



Things have been good here, except that my mother’s mother passed away last week.  It has been a tough week for my mom, and also a lovely week as family and friends gathered to support our family.  It always makes me tear up the people who show up at wakes and burials.  It is such a thoughtful gesture, especially when it is in the middle of the work week.. . People from my work, friends from near and far, and our Springfield family and friends.  I appreciate so much the support and love I feel on a daily basis.


Well, nesting has begun, and today my husband and I are going through all of our clothes to donate, toss, and organize.  



Beth WA

Survivor’s Guilt

I have this weird feeling, now that I am pregnant.  I had it when I got married, too.  

I didn’t meet my husband until I was almost 30, and most of my friends had been married for years by then (I live in Ohio!).  Or, if they weren’t married, they were in a long term relationship.  I was the “single friend.”  And, I guess over the years, being single was a huge part of my identity.  It was who I was.  And when I finally met my husband, and married him, it took a long time to let go of that part of my identity.  There were parts of that identity that I really loved.  But, I think I even started to love the part that I got to feel sorry for myself.  

And when I wasn’t single any more, I felt like I had betrayed all the single people who were looking for a mate like I had been.  I knew I had no more “credibility” with them, because I had gone to the other side.

And now, after three and a half years of infertility, I am 14 weeks pregnant.  And I am feeling that guilt.  There are people I know who are still struggling with this issue, and I want them to know that I still ache for them, like I ached for so long.  And even 14 weeks in, having known I am pregnant for 10 weeks now, it still does not seem real, and I am still letting go of the identity I assumed as a woman suffering with infertility.  I was so sad for so long, and it is weird – even though I am pregnant – that sadness didn’t go away immediately.  Little by little I can feel it being lifted.  But, it wasn’t a sudden cure all for that “suitcase of sad” that I carried around for so long.

But, like letting go of my single self, I know I will soon be able to let go of that sadness.  It won’t happen all at once, it will happen little by little.


In other, much lighter news, THE WEATHER! Ugh.  More snow last night.  But, it is 25 degrees outside, so when I went out to take these pictures it actually felt warm, if that gives you any indication as to how cold it has been lately.



The first one is my front yard, and the second one is my back yard.


I am actually getting cabin fever.  I hardly ever get that, because I love being at home. 

Well, have a good Sunday.  


Beth WA


I know that you have heard how cold it is – with this Polar Vortex – but, seriously.  It is so cold. 




I think I am finally out of the first trimester exhaustion.  I actually cooked a meal one day this week.  I looked up an enchilada recipe online, I went to the grocery store, and I cooked! And, it was delicious.  They were sweet potato/black bean/chicken enchiladas.  

Here is the recipe: http://newestobsession.com/2011/10/23/chicken-black-bean-and-sweet-potato-enchiladas/

Here is the picture of my enchiladas.  I ate them for dinner Thursday, Lunch on Friday and I can’t wait to have them for lunch again today!



So, I don’t know I have mentioned, but my nursery theme is “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” based on the book by Eric Carle.  I got the sheets and quilt from Pottery Barn, and I have been ordering accessories from Etsy.  Just yesterday I got two of the cutest things.  I got a trash can and outlet covers.  Look how cute!



I am getting so excited!!! 


It is snowing like crazy today so I am looking forward to getting some stuff done around the house.  I hope you are all staying warm.



Beth WA

Snow Day #6

So, we are in our 6th snow day of the year, otherwise known as the first day we will have to make up at the end of the year. Some teachers are freaking out about this, but not me! I love snow days. And besides, we get out May 29th this year. That is SO early. So even if we go the whole next week, it is still early June.
But, that is my perspective. I know some people don’t look at it that way.

Yesterday was the beginning of week 13, and my first day in the second trimester. I also got results back from the first trimester Down Syndrome/Trisonomy testing, and everything came back fine. Hooray.

I had a really good face time conversation with Ava, my niece, on Sunday. She cracks me up. Check out her facial expressions. She was acting out the book she was reading to me.
Ava surprised part two

Ava surprised

Well, I better go do some laundry since I put it of the entire three day weekend. I am pretty sure our sheets could walk themselves down to the laundry room. I hate dirty sheets, but apparently I hate stripping the bed and washing them and putting them back on more! ha ha!

Beth WA

The Big News

Well, I have hardly blogged because there has been only one thing on my mind, and it was too soon to share the news.  But, now is the time!!!



Yessir, that’s my baby!!!

I am currently 12 weeks and 6 days pregnant! And on Friday we graduated from our specialist to my normal OB/GYN. 

I took the test on November 17th, and after so many negative pregnancy tests over the years, I can NOT even begin to describe the joy I felt when I saw that second line.  Of course, I had to take several other tests, all different brands, to see all of the second lines, and the digital test, so I could see the words I have been waiting for – PREGNANT!



I can’t lie – I have taken tests randomly throughout this pregnancy so I can have as many positive tests as negative tests I took throughout the years!


We have been excited and mostly nervous until our recent appointment graduating from the first trimester and the specialist.  We are now more excited than nervous/anxious.

This has been a long, arduous journey, filled with despair and sadness, as well as hope and faith.  We feel profoundly blessed to have this outcome.


Here is my 12 week picture…..Image


Being pregnant is such a weird experience.  I will expound on that later, but I have to tell you one of the best parts is that my husband has been taking such good care of me.  In fact, this morning he made me this delicious breakfast….




Well, that’s all I have for today.  I hope you all had a great weekend!


Beth WA




Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, friends and family! I can NOT believe it is the year 2014.

I also can not believe that the wind chill today is -30 and I am off school for the first day after Christmas break with a good chance of being off tomorrow, too.

That is good for a procrastinator like me, who is finishing up school work today, and laundry and perhaps taking down Christmas decorations.  I have had such a LAZY break.  Like, SUPER DUPER lazy.

My Christmas break consisted of many carbs, lots of naps, binge watching Homeland and Army Wives, and lots of time with my husband, friends, and parents.  One major thing was missing this year, and that was my girl – my Ava!!  I didn’t get to see her this Christmas and it made me feel blue.


I got a new laptop that I am writing on right now, so one of my new years’ goals is to blog at least two-three times per week.  I just need to figure out where my cord for my camera is so I can have pictures in my blog.  Because, who likes a blog with no pictures?? Not me.


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and I look forward to 2014.  I have a feeling it is going to be the best year, yet.


Love you all,



Beth WA