Weeks 35 and 36

Well, as of Monday I start week 37 and I will be considered full term. WOO HOO. That milestone is really big to me, and I am so happy my body has cooperated in this pregnancy.
And also, I have decided I am a major wuss. I am so glad I am not working full time, or chasing around other kids. I am so tired and I get uncomfortable easily, and I can’t sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. But, the closer I get to the due date, and the more baby stuff we put together, the more real this whole thing is becoming. I am going to have a baby. Crazy. Really crazy.
I feel like my belly is getting bigger every day.

35 weeks36 weeks

I am starting to get nervous about the labor and delivery, but I am also ready to meet this bambino!!!

Beth WA

My heart is full…

Well, I have spent the week recovering from my weekend. My weekend was amazing. So amazing that no amount of words is going to do it justice. It was my family baby shower. I was surrounded by so many amazing women. Let me preface this by saying this family is amazing because of this matriarch….

Gramma Kerrigan

Gramma Kerrigan

This is my dad’s mother. We called her Gramma Kerrigan. She passed away last May, and her presence is missed every single day. My gramma married my dad’s dad, Bob, and they had five children, (including my dad), and then at the age of 36, my dad’s dad passed away from a heart attack. A bit later, my gramma remarried a man, named Jim Kerrigan, who was a widow with TEN children. They were now the parents of 15 children, and then together they had THREE more! They are affectionately called “the little girls.” So, as you can see, I have a BIG family. And the best part, is we are a close knit family, that likes to celebrate together. Our weddings are epic, and our showers are gigantic.

With all of these aunts and uncles, you can imagine, I have so many cousins. As we’ve gotten older, our age differences have seemed smaller, and we all hang out together at events. When we were younger, and age differences were a bit more obvious, I was in a middle age group. There was a group of cousins 4-5 years older than me, and a group of cousins 3-5 years younger than me. So, my choice was always to hang out with my aunts. I LOVED hanging out with my aunts. They are all so funny, and beautiful, and fun to be around. They never made me feel like I Was annoying them, they just let me hang out with them. From each of them, I have learned to appreciate different things, and I truly believe my personality and who I am today is a melding of all of them. There is something I love and admire in each and every one of them.

Well, this past weekend, my dad’s sister’s Carol and “Aunt B” (as I nicknamed her when I was little), threw this most amazing shower for me. They did so with the help of so many of my cousins, aunts, and second cousins. I know because I witnessed this amazing feat being put together. My Aunt Carol lives in the most beautiful house in Bath, Ohio and hosted the shower at her home. My mom, myself, and Ava went up Saturday night for the “pre=party” or food preparation part of the shower. Many of my aunts, cousins, and second cousins came for the party and helped until late in the evening.

The next morning, I was to stay upstairs in my room until the downstairs was ready, so that I could walk down and be surprised. And, surprised I was. Overwhelmed. I thought my heart was going to burst…
My aunts and cousins had put so much LOVE, THOUGHT, EFFORT, and HEART into the shower.

My nursery is a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme, and they took this theme and did amazing things with it. It started with me coming down the steps, and seeing my aunts with butterfly wings on….


You can see I am holding a picture made my cousin’s daughter, Maya. She is 4, and made it for the nursery. I just LOVE it.


They set up the food so that it was what the caterpillar ate each day in the book by Eric Carle!! And I will let th pictures speak for themselves!



















And then these amazing homemade gifts….





And also, this adorable handmade caterpillar outfit. I have looked at these on Etsy a million times, and have wanted to buy one so badly, but they are so expensive. WELP, my COUSIN, Amy, made it for me. I just LOVE it. I cant wait to get the newborn pictures in it!!!


The last gift I opened was extra special. It was from my Aunt Angie, who is one of the “little girls,” and actually the youngest of the 18 siblings. She gave me one of those recordable books from Hallmark where you record your voice, but instead of her voice it was my Gramma Kerrigan’s voice. It is amazing, and I love listening to it. It will be a very special gift for Baby Allman.


I am so grateful for this weekend, and I can not thank my aunts enough for their generosity and love and thoughtfulness. I loved every single minute of this weekend!!!

Beth WA

34 weeks

I simply cannot believe that I am 34 weeks pregnant, except when I am getting up every 1-2 hours to go the restroom in the middle of the night, or when I am bending down to get something. Or, as I get extremely exhausted as the day progresses. MY friend, Liz is a super pregnant woman! She has two little kids and has been going non stop, and she is more pregnant than I am. I, however, am a lazy, whiney pregnant person. : )
I mean, I am PROFOUNDLY blessed to be pregnant, and always swore I would never complain about pregnancy symptoms because of how difficult it was for me to get pregnant, but seriously, being overweight and pregnant is HARD. My body was already hard to manage. Anyway, I digress. I am super excited to meet this little bugger! And I can’t believe how close that time actually is.

This weekend is my family shower in Akron at my aunt’s beautiful home. Two of my aunts will be there from out of town and I am OVER THE MOON about this. I just love hanging out with my family, and I think it is going to be such a fun weekend.

This past weekend was Father’s Day, so I got these for my brother and my husband:

I heart my uncle

I heart my daddy

I also got one for my dad that says, “Grandpa’s Cutie” but I didn’t take a picture.

And here is my 34 week picture:

34 weeks

Well, I am off to finish my coffee, read a few blogs, then start my chores.

Beth WA

The Nursery.

The room that we chose for the nursery was just kind of a blah room until we painted it and started cleaning it out, and now it is one of the most beautiful rooms in the house. It has three windows, a large closet, and beautiful views. The only thing left to do in there is hang the curtains after my mother-in-law does some alterations, put up the changing table by the front window, under the “LOVE” wall, and a book shelf in that dormer area as well. Oh, and put all of the new outlets in with the Very Hungry Caterpillar outlet covers and switch plate. But, I would say it is about 85% finished in these pictures.

nursery 6

nursery 1

nursery 2

nursery 3

nursery 4

nursery 5

I love sitting in that room and just looking around….

Beth WA

Before pictures, and a sneak preview….

Well, the nursery is very close to being finished. We have a few things we need to hang on the walls, and I need a changing table (mostly for the storage underneath). I registered for one, but if I don’t get it I am going to use my gift cards to purchase it. I really want to purchase it right now, but I am waiting until after my family shower in a week and a half. When it is complete I will post pictures. But, for now, I was going to post some before pictures of the room, and one sneak preview picture….


Please notice the BRIGHT red walls. HA HA.

And here is a sneak preview of the after….

pin board very hungry caterpillar

I can’t help but feel so amazingly and abundantly blessed. After years of unsuccessfully trying to have a baby, and hundreds upon hundreds of negative pregnancy tests, it seems like just yesterday I finally saw this faint pink line…

First test

And now, we are less than two months away from meeting this little bambino who is going to profoundly change our lives, and I just can NOT wait. I am trying to enjoy each day of summer before the baby, but it is hard not to be super excited.
I am starting to feel really connected to the baby, talking to it, and watching it move my belly in weird ways. For a long time, I avoided feeling a connection because I think I was trying to protect myself because we had suffered a pregnancy loss the first time around. But, after my scare on Monday, I realized that I am all in and already connected beyond my comprehension. While it was happening, I was so panicked and protective, and freaked out. I knew my motherly instincts were kicking in.

I can’t believe I am going to be a mom.

So happy.

Thanks for reading!!
Beth WA

Organizing and Washing

So, after our little scare on Monday, my mom and I decided that we needed to kick it into high gear as far as getting the nursery ready, and washing all of the clothes. That way, we will be as prepared as you can be for a newborn, when the time comes.
Little baby clothes are so cute!! We’ve got lots of yellow and grey since we did not find out the sex of the baby, which is fine by me, because I love those colors together.
washed baby clothes

I’ve been pretty tired/lazy and lacking energy as I haven’t been sleeping well. Today was the first day in weeks that I didn’t have to get up to an alarm, but I was still up pretty early. I went back to bed for a little bit and then I woke up and had a burst of energy. This was much needed. I have lots to do – mainly laundry and cleaning. My husband’s brother and his family are staying with us this weekend. I just got a lot done, and am feeling productive, which I haven’t felt in a really long time.

And the best news…..MY BEST GIRL IS IN TOWN….

my best girl

I AM SO EXCITED TO HANG OUT WITH HER TONIGHT!!! She is at her other gramma’s right now. I got to see her for a little bit last night, but tonight she is spending the night with my mom and they are coming over to hang out. YAY!!!!

Hope everybody is having a good Wednesday!!!

Beth WA

week 33.

Well, I am in week 33 and I can’t believe it is down to 7 weeks or less, or more. And for about half an hour yesterday, I thought it was going to be MUCH less than 7 weeks. Because of my age and my hypertension, I am now going to the doctor’s office twice a week for what they call a non-stress test. It is when I lay there for half an hour or so and they attach a fetal monitor to me and monitor the baby’s heartbeat. They are looking for the baby to move, the heartbeat to go up for a bit, and then to go back down. They want this to happen twice in twenty minutes. It prints out on this paper from the machine, and the doctor reads it when it is done and then I am on my merry way. Well, yesterday, they saw a few things that concerned them, and they couldn’t tell if it was the baby’s heartbeat dropping or the monitor was picking up my heart rate (which is about 55-60% of the baby’s heart rate). So, they sent me to the hospital to be monitored on their equipment for a longer period of time. By the time I got to the hospital I was FULL ON freaking out. I had no idea what the outcome would be, or what could possibly happen, and I was a mess. Thankfully, the nurse that took care of me was amazing. She told me not to freak out, and she would be the one to tell me one to start freaking out.
So, after an hour and a half of monitoring, everything looked great, and Baby Allman was being super active. The nurse was pleased with the read out. The doctor on call would be there in an hour or so and wanted to do an ultrasound to check fluid levels before they released me, and everything turned out well, and we got a bonus picture of the baby where you can see it’s cheeks so clearly – he/she looks just like my husband!
I was SO relieved, and SO tired after spending the day there. My mom came over and took the tags off of all of the clothes and stuff I have received so far at my first showers. And we started washing the stuff, and really getting stuff ready. After that scare of possibly having to have the baby yesterday, we want to be prepared!

Anyway, speaking of showers, I have had some AMAZING showers given by AMAZING people. On Mother’s Day weekend three of my best friends had a mother and daughter shower. It was a lovely day. The food was delicious, the company was amazing, and I was completely spoiled with gifts!!!

Here is one quilt made by my parent’s next door neighbor, who I refer to as my Irish mother-in-law. Her son and I were married in the high school marriage project, and our families are really like more like family than friends. We spend Thanksgiving with them every year, and many other family events through the year.

berenstein bears quilt side oneberenstein bears quilt side two

Another family friend and former neighbor made this Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt that is so soft and colorful!

very hungry caterpillar quilt martha

At the end of May, the teachers and staff had a shower for me that had so many creative, thoughtful touches. It as actually co-hosted by three people, one of them was a former student who I now teach with, one is Beth FS’s aunt, who works at my school, and the last was my 5th grade teacher, who also now works at my school.
One of the things they had every body do was bring their favorite children’s book, which was very cool. I got some very awesome books that I LOVE.
Here is a picture of the cake:
caterpillar cake

Here is a picture of an adorable treat:
grape caterpillars

And, from my 5th grade teacher, I got this amazing homemade Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt, and on the onesies she sewed pieces of fruit from the story….
very hungry caterpillar quilt moonfruit onesies TWO

fruit onesies ONE

Then, I got these awesome tag blankets made my Beth FS’ aunt.

caterpillar tag blanketbutterfly tag blanket

She also made this awesome caterpillar thing that you hang in the window. I don’t have a pic of it right now, but will post one when I do!

I feel extremely blessed by people’s generosity and thoughtfulness. We have received so many nice things. And I still have my family shower in two weeks! I am VERY excited for that. After struggling with infertility for so long, and attending showers during that time, I just never thought it would be my turn. And I am so happy that it finally is…..
And I love spending time with my family!

Well, I have one more work meeting in a few hours then I am officially on summer/maternity leave. WOO HOOO.

Have a great day,
Beth WA

Nine weeks left, people!!

As of tomorrow I will be 31 weeks pregnant. And, to be honest, I still can’t believe it. Even though we have an almost complete nursery, and I have lots of baby items around the house, I *still* can’t believe we are going to have a baby in a few months.
I can’t believe that I am past the months of infertility, and many trips to the doctor.
But, you have to understand, this is coming from a person that still can’t believe she has a boyfriend.. ha ha… (now husband of 7 years!).

This is the end of the school year. It is the craziest time of year for teachers. But, it is so nice to have a three day weekend before the last few days of school. Our last day is Thursday, and we get out at 11 AM. HOORAY.

My homeroom had a surprise baby shower for me a few weeks ago. I couldn’t believe it! I was so surprised, I cried. The kids were so excited, and I just loved it. I also had my baby shower with all my bff’s and their mom’s, and some family friends. My bff from California came in for it, and that meant a lot to me. It was a beautiful shower thrown at my friend Amy’s house, hosted by her and my friend Beth, and Tracy (from California). I received so many nice things. This coming Friday my staff is having a shower and in June my giant family is having a shower for me. So, to say this baby is going to be spoiled is probably the understatement of the year. I feel very lucky to have so many people in my life that already love this baby. One of my loyal readers, my Aunt Angie in Arizona (shout out, Angie!!) is coming in for the shower, and that means so much to me. I start tearing up every time I think about it. I love my aunts so much.

Well, I think it is time for some pictures. Here are the last few weekly pictures.

27 weeks

27 weeks

28 weeks

28 weeks

29 weeks

29 weeks

30 weeks

30 weeks

And, here is a picture of my dad and my husband building the crib….

building the crib

And the highlight of the nursery is some custom painting that our very dear family friends got us for a shower gift. It turned out even better than I could have imagined. The theme of our nursery is “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” and since our house is a one and a half story, the nursery has a little dormer area that we are turning into a reading nook type area. So, they painted in that area, and here is what it looks like. I love it so much.

leventhal painting

Another one of my favorite gifts was a onesie from one of my friends at work. This is the school where I Teach, and also my alma mater!!

Go Irish!!

Go Irish!!

Well, I have to go finish up grading so I can do report cards. I hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!!

Beth WA

99 more days…

Happy Easter, friends!!
I know I have been so terrible about blogging, but I don’t like to blog when I don’t feel like I have something to say. Which, is probably why I am not somebody who could make money doing a blog. HA HA.

Things have been moving along well with my pregnancy. Tomorrow I will be 26 weeks. I can hardly believe it. Time is absolutely flying by, especially as the school year is coming to a close. I can hardly believe it – but there are only 28 days left of school!

Then, 6 weeks after that, baby time!! My doctor’s appointments have been going well. The baby has a strong heartbeat, and measures perfectly. My blood pressure has been good, and I have been feeling good, except I get tired so easily. I take a nap every day around 4 and I am still able to sleep at night.

Here are my updated bump pictures…

week 22

week 24

week 25

week 26

I accidentally forgot to take a week 23 shot. It is driving me crazy. My dad told me to suck in my belly and take a fake one. HA HA! I just might do that…..

Well, I hope everybody had a lovely weekend.

Beth WA