Howdy Strangers!

Wow. Over a month since the last entry.
It’s hard for me to write a blog entry just for the sake of writing a journal entry. I have to have something to say. And, this morning, I had some things I wanted to share.

I love egg nog. Loooovvvee it.
So, every holiday season I order Egg Nog flavored coffee online. And I just have to say, if you like egg nog, you will love this. I ESPECIALLY love it mixed with a bit of frothed Italian Sweet Cream by Coffeemate. Yummmmo.
Here is a picture of the box.


Speaking of the holidays, I have to say, it is my favorite time of year. I love Christmas lights, Christmas trees, and decorations. I love seeing peoples’ houses all decorated for this joyous time of year. Here is our Christmas tree this year. I love it because it is filled with ornaments full of memories of Christmas’ past. I know some people like fancy trees with all matching ornaments, or some type of theme. But, that is not for me. I am a nostalgic person, and I like to have ornaments that are attached to a memory.


And lastly, this past Thanksgiving was one of my best ever. It was so relaxing, and so full of family bonding. I also did a 5K (Walk) the morning of Thanksgiving which was a nice way to start the day. My inlaws were on vacation, so we also only ate one Thanksgiving meal this year, and it really made me appreciate the food that much more, and I felt less like I was going to explode. However, we did miss my inlaws, so we are celebrating tomorrow!
The best part of Thanksgiving was that my brother and his family came into town for a whole week! I got to spend time with Ava, and that was awesome.
The day after Thanksgiving, my brother, Ava, and my cousin’s daughter, Maya, went to a children’s museum near our house. They are so hilarious together because they are both so expressive and life experiencers. They get into everything, and just have fun together despite their age differences.
Here is a picture of the two of them dressed like the Wright Brothers. HA HA.


I could look at this picture a million times. And I die laughing each time.

And lastly, I checked my messages on my iPad last night and there were 10 videos from Ava. I was so excited, especially when I realized what they were. It was a Christmas concert. She sang 10 Christmas carols. It was hilarious. I will share the first one, only because she doesn’t read my blog. I am sure she will kill me when she is a teenager. Ha HA.

CRAP! I don’t know how to add videos. I have to figure it out then insert it. But, for now, I have to go shower and get stuff done!

I hope you all have a glorious Friday!!!

Beth WA

Coffee is hot.

Hey everybody! I just made a delicious coffee smoothie. You see, it has been super hot and humid here and I love my morning coffee, but it is just too damn not. So a week or so ago I purchased this:


And I have been really enjoying it over ice. Also, it’s the same points as my coffee because of all of the cream I put in it.
Today, I thought I would jazz it up, because, well, just because.

I put the silk vanilla latte in the blender with ice and a weight watchers chocolate protein smoothie mix and a bunch of ice. It is delicious. Deeeeelllllliiiiissshhhooouuussss.


Things have been moving along here. I just recently started back on the WW wagon after a month of feeling sorry for myself. I am actually feeling good. I am wondering if my thyroid medicine is kicking in. It said it would take 4-6 weeks and that is where I am now.
I am starting to feel a little more social, more motivated, and less sulky.

My 20 year reunion is in a few weeks! I can’t believe it. I am so excited because so many of my close friends will be there, and two of them are staying at my house!

Anybody else have any big reunions coming up?

Beth WA

Another Snow Day!!

Well, we got a doozie of a snow storm last night. They have been building it up all week, and it delivered. Starting at about 11 last night, the snow started coming straight down. Lots of tiny flakes to make about 6 inches, I would guess. I had mixed feeling about this snow storm because tonight, my girlfriends and I are going to see P!nk in concert at a venue about 50 minutes away. So, the whole time the storm was predicted, I was hoping for enough snow to cancel school, but for it to stop early enough so the main roads would be clear for our drive to the concert. AND, it looks like that’s what happened. It stopped snowing early in the morning, and the treated roads are already looking good.

Here are some pictures from my yard. We have this very scary and VERY large pine tree in the back yard, and the snow has the branches weighed almost down to the ground when they are usually above our heads. I think this has terrified my dog, because she will not go out. She used to love the snow, but not today. The last picture is of her sitting in front of me all anxious-like with a slipper in her mouth.






I am going to do some grading today, read some magazines, and walk on the treadmill, and do my kettlebell work out. I’ll be honest, Monday and Tuesday were not good days with calorie count or exercise. I had a test done at the hospital yesterday that I was nervous about, and I think that contributed to it, but I can only take one day at a time. So, today is a new day.
(I guess I should mention that the test went fine!)

I am so excited to see P!nk tonight!!!



Have a great hump day everybody!!!
(Or my Saturday!! because I took tomorrow off as a personal day – woot woot!!!)

Beth WA

I play favorites.

There are a few things I love about waking up in the morning. One of those things, is that my calorie count starts all over, so it’s a clean slate. I get to decide exactly what I want for breakfast….I love so many breakfast foods; oatmeal, eggs, smoothies, and PANCAKES.

The other reason I like to get up is my cup of coffee.
Well, it’s more like cream and coffee, in that order. I love Coffee-mate Sweet Cream flavored sweet creamer.
I have a Keurig, that I also love, because I am a one cup of coffee person. This is for many reasons. One, in my old age, I have become more sensitive to caffeine. Second, I am counting my calories, and with my creamer addition, I don’t like to use too many calories on my cup off coffee.

We have lots of coffee mugs to choose from…



The bottom one is my favorite. It is short and wide. So, it fits into the Keurig very well, and then has room for me to add my delicious creamer!!!

Yummm…the calmest part of my day.

Today was a day where I felt like I didn’t get a minute to take a breath and realize what was going on. I hate that. When I can’t remember looking a student in the eye and having a conversation with them. I know I told kids I would do things that I never got done, and I was very impatient.

I suppose some days are like that.

And the kids will forgive me. That’s the best part about working with kids. They are so forgiving, and willing to overlook your flaws.

Tomorrow is an inservice, and it ends at noon. Woo hoo!! Looking forward to a Friday afternoon off.

Have a good evening!

Beth WA

Cream with a splash of coffee

So, every day I drink one cup of coffee. And to be completely honest, I mostly like the creamer that I add to it. That’s why I limit myself to one cup of coffee per day. So, last year my husband got me the Keurig for Christmas. It was the perfect gift because
1. I only drink one cup a day.
2. My flavored coffee won’t ruin his plain black coffee.
3. It limits my cream intake to 1.5 tablespoons

Sounds like a lot of cream, but I’ve truly come a long way. I used to have 2 sweet n low, and about 3 tablespoons of cream. Blech.
I weaned myself mostly off artificial sweeteners. Occasionally, I will add a Splenda.

Now, my normal cup of coffee is the Nantucket blend with 1 tbsp of Bliss Sweet Cream. It’s delicious. I was completely satisfied with this, and didn’t even realize I was missing something…until…
I was reading Becky’s facebook, from Just a Little BS, and she mentioned this little amazing kitchen tool called the Aerolatte. It is AMAZING. It’s a little coiled battery run thing that you immerse in your cream or milk, and it foams it up, so you have a latte like drink rather than just coffee with cream. AND, you can decrease the amount of cream, you use because it bulks it up. It was perfect for me.
EXCEPT, the problem I now I have is that I love it so much, I have been drinking 2-3 cups of coffee per day. Hopefully, once school starts up on Tuesday, this will go back down to one!

And to compound this coffee issue was the Holiday Pack of Keurig that my husband bought me for Christmas. It had three delicious flavors; egg nog, gingerbread, and cinnamon french toast. I am currently addicted to Egg Nog coffee with spiced vanilla rum cream frothed into it with the Aerolatte. Here is a picture of the Aerolatte and my latest cup of cre.. coffee.

I hope everybody has a Happy New Year!! NYE is my dad’s birthday, so we usually celebrate it with him. This year we are just chilling at my ‘rents’ house with my bro-ham and his wife and daughter. In an awesome twist of events my bff who lives in California was supposed to fly back to California today but her flight was canceled, so she and her husband and her delicious baby boy will be spending the evening with us as well.


-Beth WA