Exercise and Anxiety

It seems the older I get the more anxious I get. I worry about things that I never in a million years would have worried about in my twenties. I worry about money, I worry about my dog, I worry about my family, I worry about stuff at work. Worry, worry, worry. And when I worry, I overeat and become lethargic. So, growing anxiety, lethargy, and eating are not a good combination.

I have found that when I exercise – even if it walk for 30 minutes – I feel SO much better. The heaviness of every thing just feels a lot lighter. I’ve recently committed to do my best to walk on our treadmill for 30 minutes, five times a week. I feel like it is a good starting point, and it doesn’t seem too daunting to get on the treadmill when it is only for 30 minutes. I usually end up on it for about 45 minutes because that is how long most of the shows I watch on Netflix are.


I am so glad today is Thursday and that next week is the last week before Christmas Break. I was just talking to my fellow teachers, and we agree it is definitely time for a break. The kids are so hyped up about Christmas, it makes it difficult to keep their attention.

I hope everybody had a good week!
Beth WA

Howdy Strangers!

Wow. Over a month since the last entry.
It’s hard for me to write a blog entry just for the sake of writing a journal entry. I have to have something to say. And, this morning, I had some things I wanted to share.

I love egg nog. Loooovvvee it.
So, every holiday season I order Egg Nog flavored coffee online. And I just have to say, if you like egg nog, you will love this. I ESPECIALLY love it mixed with a bit of frothed Italian Sweet Cream by Coffeemate. Yummmmo.
Here is a picture of the box.


Speaking of the holidays, I have to say, it is my favorite time of year. I love Christmas lights, Christmas trees, and decorations. I love seeing peoples’ houses all decorated for this joyous time of year. Here is our Christmas tree this year. I love it because it is filled with ornaments full of memories of Christmas’ past. I know some people like fancy trees with all matching ornaments, or some type of theme. But, that is not for me. I am a nostalgic person, and I like to have ornaments that are attached to a memory.


And lastly, this past Thanksgiving was one of my best ever. It was so relaxing, and so full of family bonding. I also did a 5K (Walk) the morning of Thanksgiving which was a nice way to start the day. My inlaws were on vacation, so we also only ate one Thanksgiving meal this year, and it really made me appreciate the food that much more, and I felt less like I was going to explode. However, we did miss my inlaws, so we are celebrating tomorrow!
The best part of Thanksgiving was that my brother and his family came into town for a whole week! I got to spend time with Ava, and that was awesome.
The day after Thanksgiving, my brother, Ava, and my cousin’s daughter, Maya, went to a children’s museum near our house. They are so hilarious together because they are both so expressive and life experiencers. They get into everything, and just have fun together despite their age differences.
Here is a picture of the two of them dressed like the Wright Brothers. HA HA.


I could look at this picture a million times. And I die laughing each time.

And lastly, I checked my messages on my iPad last night and there were 10 videos from Ava. I was so excited, especially when I realized what they were. It was a Christmas concert. She sang 10 Christmas carols. It was hilarious. I will share the first one, only because she doesn’t read my blog. I am sure she will kill me when she is a teenager. Ha HA.

CRAP! I don’t know how to add videos. I have to figure it out then insert it. But, for now, I have to go shower and get stuff done!

I hope you all have a glorious Friday!!!

Beth WA

Day 2 of Feeling Good

So, it is Sunday, and it is the day we set our clock backs one hour, here in Ohio. And tomorrow, I don’t have to be any where until 10 AM. This is called looking at the bright side of tomorrow, because I have a conference for work in Cincinnati (about an hour and a half from where I live), and I was going to sleep at my bff, Liz’s house tonight and then go to the conference. Liz lives in Cincinnati close to where the conference is located. But, I have to go to my doctor tomorrow, so I am missing the sleepover and half of the conference.
So, as I said in the beginning of this paragraph, looking on the bright side – I don’t have to be any where until 10 AM tomorrow.

Today will be full of reading magazines.


Catching up on my Feedly feed.


Doing laundry.
Grading (so much grading!).
Working out (First time in weeks!)
Watch DVR. (if I put this on my to do list, it makes it seems like I accomplished something by sitting on my arse watching tv)

This morning my husband made me breakfast. He is so good at making scrambled eggs. They are so fluffy. This picture isn’t pretty, but trust me, it was delicious. They were topped with Monterey Jack cheese, freshly shredded (so much better than pre-shredded).
And the toast has Trader Joe’s Apricot Preserves. I probably should have only had one piece of toast…but I tracked it all on Fitness Pal.


My mother, brother and I are all using the site now, so that has been cool. And my dad is using another app, Lose it. It is nice when we are all trying to lose weight because we eat together often.

Well, I am off to read feedly and watch DVR for a bit…
I hope everybody is having a great Sunday!!

beth wa

Unbearable heaviness of life

Life is weird for me. I will go through a stage where everything in life feels hard – house work, school, sleeping, and just everything. The best way I can describe it is just feels like every thing is heavy.

Then, one day, I just wake up and I don’t feel it any more. Suddenly, life is more manageable sounding. I have motivation to accomplish things, and I actually feel like counting my calories and exercising. It’s weird.

Today was the day I woke up with that light feeling. Actually, it started yesterday.

Last night my niece facetimed me from Texas to share her amazing report card and an award she received.

Here are some snippets of that conversation.






When she showed me her award, she was sure say, “Bethie, not everybody got these!” Ha ha. I was glad she was showing pride in her grades and school performance because up until recently, I don’t think she understood that she is a really good student.

Also, I didn’t quite catch the picture when she mooned me!!! I was her first mooning recipient. Her parents and I died laughing. She is so damn funny.

Well, my husband is off this weekend for the first time in 4 weekends – so we are going to hang out – do some yard work, etc.

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday.

Beth WA

Udi’s, walking, and Pretzel buns

So, I finally found Udi’s bread that wasn’t frozen at Trader Joe’s this week. The nearest Trader Joe’s to me is about 45 minutes away. However, it is only about 5 minutes from my fertility specialist’s office. So, on the days I have appointments, and I don’t have to go back to school, I go to Trader Joe’s. I like to stock up on my dark chocolate covered almonds with turbinado sugar and sea salt. Divine.

Anyway, the Udi’s bread is … meh. It kind of tastes like stale bread. It might be better as toast, but I have been using it for my lunch sandwiches. I have delicious lunchmeat, cheese, and mustard, so the bread is just a supporting character, and is tolerable. I especially like that it is 130 calories for two pieces!!! My other bread was 110 calories PER SLICE! This makes it easier to stock up my sandwich with goodies.
So, today, my breakfast and lunch were gluten free, and I felt great. I ate light today because I was saving myself to try something not good for me….Wendy’s new Pretzel Bun Chicken Pub Sandwich.


This new sandwich has a grilled chicken breast, cheese SAUCE, and a slice of pepper jack cheese, as well as a few pieces of spinach, tomatoes, and honey mustard. AND THE BEST PART – IT WAS ON A PRETZEL BUN!!! It was delicious. And it was worth the 650 calories, because I truly enjoyed it because I saved the calories.

Then, later on in the evening, I did my favorite activity as of late…walked with one of my bff’s – Beth FS. Walking with friends makes the time go fast, the miles even faster, and before you know it you’ve burned 430 calories, and you feel better about life! So, I am actually finishing today with almost 400 extra calories!! That means I have to go to bed before I get hungry.

One more day and then it is the weekend!! WOO HOO.
Beth WA

Gluten Free

It is Saturday morning – my favorite time of the whole week. I am catching up with my Feedly (replacement of Google Reader), drinking coffee, and watching my DVR. I am getting all caught up on Kanye West’s “feud” with Jimmy Kimmel. L’awd, that Kanye is such a tool.

Anyway. I have been tossing the idea around of going Gluten Free. As I’ve mentioned, my acupuncturist has recommended this to me several times. I was just going to go cold turkey. And I reflected for a few weeks about it, and decided that I was going to gradually go gluten free. I have decided that as I go to the grocery I am going to buy less things with gluten, and some substitutes for things with gluten.

One of the teachers I work with is gluten free and I had talked to her about this last week. I have known her since I was a kid, and she is a sweet lady. On Thursday, at a faculty meeting, she brought me two of her favorite gluten free substitutes, which was so thoughtful!
Here are the items she brought me. I can’t wait to try them.



And here is the first thing I bought for myself while I was waiting for a prescription yesterday at Walgreens (my favorite store).


Well, I am off to walk with one of my bff’s. She is 32 weeks pregnant, and I still have to work my arse off to keep up with her. HA HA.
Walking is just what the doctor ordered, seeing as I just filled in my fitness pal from last night’s dinner at Max and Erma’s with my bff, Liz, and I was 2000 calories over for the day!!!! OOPS!!!! I have been doing pretty well, so I am not beating myself up about it. Actually, I kind of laughed about it. I had such a lovely time chatting with Liz. I always feel so good about life when we get together and talk about things.

Have a great day!
Beth WA

Just keep walking..just keep walking…

So, my good friend, Jennifer, whom I affectionately call Schwaig (nickname from her maiden name), is 30+ weeks pregnant. She is normally a runner (and I am not), but while she is pregnant she is an avid walker. She is the type of the person who always stays in shape, so I have been reaping the benefits of this, as I am her friend who walks not runs!! There have been so many times I would not have walked had I not gotten her text. Now, Beth FS is walking with us, too. I will be happy when Schwaig has her baby, but I will miss our walks and chats/rants.
So, not only is the act of walking helping with stress but talking with friends is such a good outlet.
And not to mention, a great calorie burner. This is my readout from today’s walk…


(We didn’t actually walk that entire time (1 hour and 20 minutes) , we stopped a few times to talk to people we know.)

Monday was pretty kind compared to most Mondays!!

Hope you have a great start to the week. I go back to the doctor tomorrow. Ugh.

Beth WA