Sweet Potatoes and Black Beans, part deux

So, I am making these for dinner tonight. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas and I can hardly wait! I loved the combination of sweet potatoes and black beans the last time I made them, and have since tried them several different ways.
I am going to show you the pictures that Fannetastic Food posted, and then I will take pictures of mine when I make it tonight.
I’ve been at school for lots of hours this week for an Open House, Science Fair, and just general work, and I am EXHAUSTED – and I still want to make these for dinner tonight if that tells you how excited I am to try them.

Then, after that Beth FS and our friend Amy are coming over to hang out in our pajamas and drink wine and spirits. And then I am sleeping in until forever.

Well, have a good afternoon. Here are the pictures from Fannetastic Food…



Okay…here are mine! And they were delicious. They tasted so fresh. The only changes I made were that I put a little bit more cheese on it and I used whole wheat tortillas instead of spelt. And the only change I will make the next time is more sweet potatoes. The recipe calls for one, and I would probably use two.




Sweet Potatoes + Black Beans + Goat Cheese

So, I have been reading on quite a few blogs, especially on http://mealsandmiles.com/ about the combination of sweet potatoes, goat cheese, and black beans.  So, the other day I made myself a quesadilla with this combination and it was DELICIOUS.  I added a little cumin(sorry, Beth FS), cayenne pepper, and salt and pepper to the sweet potato.

So, this morning, when I was doing one of my favorite weekend morning activities; drinking coffee, reading magazines, cutting coupons and recipes, and watching my DVR, I was delighted to come across a recipe in my SELF magazine.  It was a Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Salad.  I never thought to add it to a salad.   And I love warm ingredients on a bed of greens, because I love my lettuce/greens a little bit wilted. (Weird, I know.)

So, I cut up a sweet potato in cubes and baked it at 375 for 15-20 minutes, coated in cooking spray and sea salt.  In the mean time, I filled a bowl with lettuce, yellow pepper, tomatoes, goat cheese, and black beans.  I was trying to decide what dressing I would put on this.

Now, I know salad dressings are frowned upon by the healthy masses, but they are one thing I just LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I don’t need a lot, but I do need it.  As I was deciding what I wanted to put on here, I remembered a salad dressing that Beth FS had made for this delicious BBQ chicken salad she makes.  The dressing is a mix of one part barbecue sauce to one part ranch dressing.  It is the best taste ever, and a little goes a long way.  An added bonus was that I had just found that they sell Bob Evans Wildfire BBQ sauce in the grocery store, so I had purchased some this week.  So, I whipped up 1 tbsp of each, and I didn’t even use half of that.  I put that on the salad before I added the sweet potatoes.

The end result was so delicious, I ate it before I could take a picture of it.  And it was so satisfying.  I highly recommend this to anybody who likes this combination of flavors.

What are your favorite flavor combinations?


-Beth WA