Day 2 of Feeling Good

So, it is Sunday, and it is the day we set our clock backs one hour, here in Ohio. And tomorrow, I don’t have to be any where until 10 AM. This is called looking at the bright side of tomorrow, because I have a conference for work in Cincinnati (about an hour and a half from where I live), and I was going to sleep at my bff, Liz’s house tonight and then go to the conference. Liz lives in Cincinnati close to where the conference is located. But, I have to go to my doctor tomorrow, so I am missing the sleepover and half of the conference.
So, as I said in the beginning of this paragraph, looking on the bright side – I don’t have to be any where until 10 AM tomorrow.

Today will be full of reading magazines.


Catching up on my Feedly feed.


Doing laundry.
Grading (so much grading!).
Working out (First time in weeks!)
Watch DVR. (if I put this on my to do list, it makes it seems like I accomplished something by sitting on my arse watching tv)

This morning my husband made me breakfast. He is so good at making scrambled eggs. They are so fluffy. This picture isn’t pretty, but trust me, it was delicious. They were topped with Monterey Jack cheese, freshly shredded (so much better than pre-shredded).
And the toast has Trader Joe’s Apricot Preserves. I probably should have only had one piece of toast…but I tracked it all on Fitness Pal.


My mother, brother and I are all using the site now, so that has been cool. And my dad is using another app, Lose it. It is nice when we are all trying to lose weight because we eat together often.

Well, I am off to read feedly and watch DVR for a bit…
I hope everybody is having a great Sunday!!

beth wa

Gluten Free

It is Saturday morning – my favorite time of the whole week. I am catching up with my Feedly (replacement of Google Reader), drinking coffee, and watching my DVR. I am getting all caught up on Kanye West’s “feud” with Jimmy Kimmel. L’awd, that Kanye is such a tool.

Anyway. I have been tossing the idea around of going Gluten Free. As I’ve mentioned, my acupuncturist has recommended this to me several times. I was just going to go cold turkey. And I reflected for a few weeks about it, and decided that I was going to gradually go gluten free. I have decided that as I go to the grocery I am going to buy less things with gluten, and some substitutes for things with gluten.

One of the teachers I work with is gluten free and I had talked to her about this last week. I have known her since I was a kid, and she is a sweet lady. On Thursday, at a faculty meeting, she brought me two of her favorite gluten free substitutes, which was so thoughtful!
Here are the items she brought me. I can’t wait to try them.



And here is the first thing I bought for myself while I was waiting for a prescription yesterday at Walgreens (my favorite store).


Well, I am off to walk with one of my bff’s. She is 32 weeks pregnant, and I still have to work my arse off to keep up with her. HA HA.
Walking is just what the doctor ordered, seeing as I just filled in my fitness pal from last night’s dinner at Max and Erma’s with my bff, Liz, and I was 2000 calories over for the day!!!! OOPS!!!! I have been doing pretty well, so I am not beating myself up about it. Actually, I kind of laughed about it. I had such a lovely time chatting with Liz. I always feel so good about life when we get together and talk about things.

Have a great day!
Beth WA

Operator Error

So, hello. It is Wednesday. Let’s congratulate ourselves on getting over half through the week.

I have a story about our dishwasher. We bought it in 2011, and because my dad always buys extended warranties, we always buy extended warranties.
So, last night when there was a malfunction (the little door that holds the soap inside will not flip open during the cycle. So, the stuff isn’t getting soap on it.)
I thought to myself, I am actually going to call Lowe’s and get this fixed. (If you knew me, you would know that I am really bad at that sort of thing.) When I got home from school, I spent about 40 minutes on the phone with Lowe’s. They were really nice, and the time was mostly due to some confusion because our account is hooked to my husband’s parents. I set up the service appointment for Friday, thinking that two days without a dishwasher wouldn’t be too bad.
So, that’s when the very kind man that I was working with said,

Lowe’s Guy: “Just a few trouble shooting questions before we hang up…First, is the water definitely running in the dishwasher, and is the cycle going? “

Me: “Oh yes, definitely.’

Lowe’s Guy: “And, of course there isn’t anything in it’s way?”

Me: “ummm….oh, crap.”
(checks dishwasher, sees pan in way, blushes because I am so embarrassed even though I am on the phone)

So, yeah. The dishwasher wasn’t broken.

There was a pan in the way.

In other news, I am eating this banana bread recipe for breakfast every single day, and it is delicious. Except, I substituted the banana with half banana and half pumpkin, and instead of walnuts I used pecans, and instead of cinnamon I used pumpkin pie spice. I also added chia seeds and flax seed. It is amazing. Here is a picture of my breakfast. I know, I use too much butter. But, it is SOOO good.


I’ve also been walking regularly with Beth FS and my friend Schwaig. It feels good to burn extra calories, and also socialize with friends.

Enjoy your evenings!!!
Sorry this is a boring post.

Beth WA

Just keep walking..just keep walking…

So, my good friend, Jennifer, whom I affectionately call Schwaig (nickname from her maiden name), is 30+ weeks pregnant. She is normally a runner (and I am not), but while she is pregnant she is an avid walker. She is the type of the person who always stays in shape, so I have been reaping the benefits of this, as I am her friend who walks not runs!! There have been so many times I would not have walked had I not gotten her text. Now, Beth FS is walking with us, too. I will be happy when Schwaig has her baby, but I will miss our walks and chats/rants.
So, not only is the act of walking helping with stress but talking with friends is such a good outlet.
And not to mention, a great calorie burner. This is my readout from today’s walk…


(We didn’t actually walk that entire time (1 hour and 20 minutes) , we stopped a few times to talk to people we know.)

Monday was pretty kind compared to most Mondays!!

Hope you have a great start to the week. I go back to the doctor tomorrow. Ugh.

Beth WA

Elimination Diets and September 11th

In my life, I have tried to lose weight every single day for as long as I can remember. Whether it was an effort that lasted the five minutes or maybe to lunch time, or sometimes it lasted the whole day, and in even better times, more than one day or week in a row.
My relationship with food is complicated and cyclical. (I say as I sit here with a giant serving of ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery)

I know a lot about nutrition and a lot of diets. It is the topic I have read the most about. I’ve tried to take a little from a lot that I have read and make it work for me.

But, the truth is – it is not working.

I’ve shied away from diets that eliminate groups of food, or certain foods, but I am thinking I am going to try something like that. My acupuncturist is really after me to give up gluten and dairy. She says I have a lot of heat in my body, and have auto immune issues (such as psoriasis and joint pain). And she said those two things tend to cause inflammation, and would probably help me, and may even help my fertility.
I am currently reading a book called “The Plan,” by Lyn-Genet Recitas. It was highly recommended by Tiffany at Elastamom Excerpts.
It is a way to eliminate foods that are bad for your body. Recitas’ idea is that foods that are bad for some people are not bad for others and that it is a chemical reaction. So, she feels that is why certain diets work for some people and not others. In The Plan you do a 3 day cleanse with the least reactive foods that there are, and then you go on to test foods in a 20 day challenge. I am only about half way through the book, so when I finish, I will let you know what I decide.

I had a slumber party with my girlfriends this weekend and there was a lot of talk about the Paleo diet, and that is what prompted me to read The Plan, as I have had it for a long time. I also have a book about the Paleo diet to read when I am finished.

So much to think about. But, I figure, I can try it, and that won’t hurt.

On another note…
September 11th has been a bad day for me since 1994. It is the day when of my dear friends from grade school and high school was killed in a car accident at college. It was devastating for our community, and her loss is still deeply felt by our community.

Then, in 2001, it became exponentially more devastating to not only my community, but to our whole country. I think about it often, and how lucky we are that bombings are not common place for us.
And I pray.
I pray for peace.

As my principal said at mass this morning, “Peace starts in each of you.”

Beth WA

Peanut Butter Pop Tarts and Bean and Sausage Yum.

So, my mom mentioned peanut butter pop tarts to me the other day, and they just didn’t sound good. To me, a true pop tart is the fruit filling ones, and my favorite is iced cherry. Well, because my mom and I have similar taste in foods, I decided to give them a go when I saw them on sale at the store.

Oh. em. gee.
Essentially, it tastes like eating a peanut butter cookie. And I wouldn’t quite consider it a pop tart, but they are DELICIOUS, and on the list of things I can NOT have in my house because I would eat them continuously until they were gone.
Luckily, (depending on how you look at it), I have burned 3 out of the 6 packs that came in the package.
Now they are gone.

Tonight I am having an old fashioned slumber party with my girlfriends. There are about 7 of us, I think. And we are gathering this afternoon in our comfy clothes, and every body is bringing snacks and/or drinks and we are going to graze and giggle and gossip and have cocktails.
I am taking the day off of Fitness Pal, ha ha!

I can NOT wait for the festivities to begin….
I have a zillion chores to do before, but it will be fine.

For dinner I am making spaghetti and this delicious bean and sausage thing that my Aunt Chris made this weekend at my parents’ boat naming party. I could not stop eating it because it was so delicious. I am going to share the recipe. I am not sure where it is from, so if I am stealing a copyrighted recipe, I apologize. It came to me in a barely readible Xerox copy of a cursive written recipe. I will share it after I make it so I can take pictures.

Have a good Saturday,

Finding my joy.

This summer has been a journey in finding my joy again.
Infertility was winning and my spirit was being crushed.
Little by little.
Day by day.
I was losing hope by the hour.

Then, an angel reached out to me and changed the course of my journey.

My angel was Beth FS’s lovely mother. Beth FS’s mom is a kind, generous, caring woman. I’ve always known this about her. She goes out of her way to help people, and is always there to offer a reassuring word or gesture.
She reached out to me to see if I would like to try acupuncture. She had been going for a while, and had a very good friend who was an acupuncturist who had shared her successes with infertility.

Mrs. F’s acupuncturist was going to be out of town, so she referred us to another acupuncturist who she had heard great things about. Not only did Mrs. F schedule my first appointment, she came with me, and was by my side for the consultation, and waited outside the door while I was getting my treatment. When I was finished with my treatment, I asked the acupuncturist how much I owed for the appointment. And she said that Mrs. F had not only paid for that treatment, but for my first several treatments!
I bawled. Like a baby.
I am tearing up just writing about it now.

I was so overcome with gratitude in that moment.

The gratitude that I felt that day has only increased exponentially. First, I love my acupuncturist, Angie. Second, I love the way acupuncture makes me feel. That cycle was the first time in this whole infertility journey that I wasn’t lethargic and depressed during my two week wait. In fact, I have started exercising again, and I’ve been using My Fitness Pal for a few weeks, very successfully.
One day, I realized I wasn’t feeling anxious and depressed any more.
And the only thing I did differently was acupuncture.

I am so grateful to feel myself again. I feel like being social. I feel like doing stuff around the house.
And…I feel like blogging again.

Thank you, Mrs. F, for helping me find my joy.

Beth WA