Kath + Oprah + Pumpkin, now that’s what I am talking about!

My Oprah Face — Kath Eats Real Food.

Beth WA here on this foggy Saturday morning in Ohio!! I was so happy to sleep in until 8:30. This week was a rough one, and I needed it.  As I was laying in bed reading blogs with my google reader on my ipad trying to unwind from a particularly tense meeting I had on Friday, I said out loud when I got to this one, “No way!! Two of my favorites!!”

Let me backpedal a bit.  You should all know that Beth FS and I love Oprah.  Like love, love, love Oprah.  Our husbands like to make fun of us for it, but she is often quoted in conversations, was DVR’d daily, and most episodes resulted in many texts back and forth between us about the content.  That’s the first bit of background information you need to know to understand my excitement level at the blog entry I’ve linked.

Second, when I read blogs on my google reader, I save my favorites for last.  I have them in a category called “My Friends,” when I truly only know three of them (out of 15).  So, I was reading my “friends'” blogs, and I always save three for very last, http://carrotsncake.com/, http://www.hangrypants.com/, and lastly, http://www.katheats.com/.  I got to Kath Eats and there was a post called “My Oprah Face,” and thought, “She likes Oprah, too??”  (Insert my thinking: Kath likes oatmeal.  I like oatmeal.  Kath likes pumpkin.  I like pumpkin.  Kath likes Oprah, too???  We are definitely friends, and she doesn’t even know it.)  But I was WAY more excited when I realized she wrote recipes in O magazine that have to do with none other than, pumpkin.  I can’t wait to read my issue and try some of those recipes.

Well, hopefully I try them.  Another thing about me is that I cut out, book mark, and print out recipes kind of incessantly, but hardly ever actually try them.  Seriously, I have binders of them. (And a whole folder in google reader.)

Any suggestions on how to start trying recipes that I haven’t tried before?  Maybe I can do one a week and blog about it?  Hmmm.

How do you insert new recipes into your repertoire?