Just do it.

Just do it.

That is what I have been telling myself lately when it comes to walking on the treadmill. Eventually, I would like to add in other exercises, but I am going to continue walking until I get my first 30 pounds off, then add in other workouts, like videos.
Anyway, after school yesterday, I knew I needed to walk for at least 45 minutes. I needed the activity points to end the week in the positives. Last week I was negative 4 and I stayed the same on the scale. Well, I walked for 66 minutes, and got all my activity points, and ended the week with points to spare!! WOO HOO!! So, even after a day heavy in the points on Friday, my Saturday weigh in bared good news -


And, I’ve been taking my blood pressure lately, because I notice a correlation between when I am exercising and eating right and my blood pressure going down. Anyway, my bp was 110 over 62!! That is good people!! Very good. My goal has always been to go off my blood pressure medicine and this has given me the hope I needed that this might be possible some day.

This weight loss this week is with a barbecue at my friends house last Saturday, where I indulged in desserts, and a first communion party on Sunday, where I exercised more constraint (because I was eating leftover desserts from said party on Saturday…ha ha ha) But, I tracked everything, and kept working out. I’ve been using all my points, even my activity points, and have still been losing. I always have the intention of not using my activity points, but then, I do. I guess it is ok until I quit using.

Here is a picture from the barbecue at my bff’s house. This is her daughter, Megan, and me. Her daughter was having the best time with the neighborhood kids, so we were cracking up at how dirty she is – because my friend, Liz, is the cleanest person I know.


Some random pictures from my phone over the last few weeks.

Here is the lilac tree in our back yard – it smells SOOO good and is so beautiful.


Here is a picture of a supplement that I have to take to help me get pregnant. My husband and I repeatedly joke about the name of it. Now, you can, too.


And lastly, I will leave you with a picture of my dad in his stylin’ new shades.
We loved them because they were so out of character. (They are actually just try-outs from the optometrist.)


Well, I am going to walk with a dear friend. I was so happy she texted me last night to walk this morning so I can get it out of the way, and actually “just do it” instead of torturing myself all day. HA HA..
Updated to say: I walked 5.1 miles with my friend!!! 100% of activity by 10:30 am. I will take it!
Peace out…xxoxoxoxo
Beth WA

2.3 and 37.3

Good morning!! It’s my favorite time of the week.

Saturday morning.
Although, I was a little nervous because it is my weigh in day, and I had a pretty good week, but last night I went out to dinner with my mom and husband, and I had cocktails. 4 of them. And pizza. Oops. I stayed in my points, but I used all of my activity points this week – which was a lot.

Anyway, I lost 2.3 lbs, for a total of 9.1 since I got back from Houston. And I calculated that I’ve walked 37.3 miles since I got back from Houston.

So, last weekend I did something really fun – I went to a fundraiser for the Stephanie Spielman Foundation/Breast Cancer Research put on by my bff’s aunt, who has cancer. It is a giant party/dance for women only, and it is SOOO freakin’ fun. My friends and I go every year and dance our faces off.
Here are some pictures:



I’ve been having trouble getting my niece to face time me, and when I see her I am going to beat her butt. ha ha… Just kidding. But, here is a picture I got from a call this week.


She is so freakin’ funny.

Well, today I am going to have lunch with my cousin, Bridget, and then we are going to go for a walk. YAY for activity points.

Have a great weekend, y’all!!!!


One more sleep – and it is not even a real sleep as I have to get up at 4:30 AM – and I get to see my best girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited. Especially since she does not know we are coming.
I am also excited to go on a vacation with my husband. It will be nice for us to get away. We don’t get to vacation very often, as I’ve mentioned, so it will be a treat!!

Today I have a low key morning planned, and then I have a load of laundry to do, and packing, obviously. I also want to clean out the pantry and refrigerator so that we don’t have a stinky house.

Today is the last day of my Active Link assessment. This measures my activity level and helps me increase it little by little each week by setting goals for 12 weeks. I really need this because I have become quite sedentary.
In the last few years I’ve lost 20 lbs that I’ve kept off for a while. I have been stuck at the same weight for a while, and I have a lot more to lose, and I am hoping my commitment + activelink+ weight watchers is a winning combination. I have to take it day by day. And I’ve learned that doing drastic elimination diets does not work for me, as it lends itself to binge eating for me. I mean, there are foods I definitely don’t have in the house as they are trigger foods, but eliminating a certain food or food group messes with my mind. Maybe if I did it extremely gradually, in a weaning process.

For now, I am going to stick with
*tracking my points on WW online
*eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible
*being more active than I am now

My first official weigh in is tomorrow (Though, I am a daily scale hopper). I tracked all of my points this week, but went way over. I also didn’t exercise. HA HA. But, it was my assessment week, so I am trying to ease into it, as I mentioned earlier, that helps me mentally. The positive is that I didn’t snack after dinner at all this week, and every day I’ve weighed myself has been less than the day before, so that is good.
Baby steps.

I know it will be hard on vacation, but I am hoping to be able to walk outside in Houston in the mornings since the weather is so much nicer than here in Ohio right now!

Well, off to do chores.
I will leave you with a picture of our dog, Sammy. She is going to be so sad when I take out the suitcases today. Although, she is getting the best care in the world – her gramma – who spoils her rotten!


Beth WA

A Year of Slow Cooking: Original Taco Soup CrockPot Recipe

A Year of Slow Cooking: Original Taco Soup CrockPot Recipe.

If you have not read this blog, it is full of really great recipes.  But, the one I make over and over is this one.  The Taco Soup Recipe.  It is inexpensive, and full of things that are good for you and filling.  Plus, I love anything you can serve with Tortilla chips, sour cream, and cheese.

Here is a picture of mine in the slow cooker…

This is taken right after ingredients were put in the crock pot.

We had some tonight, but it will be oh so much better tomorrow.  That’s why I made it, as I invited my bro-ham over for his birthday.

Today was such a stereotypical Monday.  Rain and all.  I am glad it’s nearly over, and I am soon going to get a really good night’s sleep.  I slept terribly last night due to sleeping in so late on Sunday, and the sinus headache/stuffiness I am experiencing right now.  So, I was somewhat emotional all day, which would explain the tears of joy and pride I had today at the end of Zumba.

You see, I am a binge eater, and a compulsive eater.  And I’ve been pretty good as of late, until this past Friday-Sunday.  It was a free for all, eat every thing in sight kind of weekend.  It’s a little weird because I did pretty well on Thanksgiving Day.  Anyway, all day today I had a food hangover, and I was suffering from lack of sleep.  It was the perfect scenario for the old me to say, “Fugedda ’bout it.   Eat all you want.  In fact, have a free for all until Christmas, it’s only 3 weeks away.”

But instead, I tracked all of my food today, I stayed in my daily allowance of Weight Watchers points, and I went to Zumba EVEN though my plans after school did not go as I had wanted them to (read: I left my purse at school and had to go back to school after being at the store to get it to buy the ingredients for the taco soup).  This is a HUGE step for me, people! Ha ha. Normally, when one little thing goes wrong, it’s my sign to fall off the wagon, and take the one way train to hot mess-dom.

Now, I have a mound of 6th grade math tests to grade, and a very messy kitchen.  But, I don’t even care that much, because I feel good about me.

xoxo, Beth WA

Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Pancakes | RecipeGirl.com

Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Pancakes | RecipeGirl.com.

Pumpkin crazy.

That’s what I am, and that’s what appears the blog world is.  Maybe, that’s why I like the blog world so much.

Anyway, I was catching up with my google reader yesterday, reading all of the blogs for the week, and I came across this recipe.  I am drooling.  And afraid to calculate the weightwatchers points plus.

Today is the day of Beth FS’s little sister’s wedding.  It’s a beautiful fall Ohio day.  I love weddings.  And I love Beth FS’s family, so it will be a blast.

Every time I go to a wedding, I get very nostalgic.  I think about how much I loved my wedding day, and how lucky I was to find my husband.  Because, honestly, that’s what it was.  Luck.  Good luck.

Mr. WA and Me


And this is a picture of my bridesmaids.  These are some of the friends I mentioned the other day.  People gave me a hard time about such a large bridal party, but truth be told, I could’ve had 5 or so more.  What can I say, I love a lot of people!


I had a really great wedding day, but I know a lot of people had disasters.  Did you have a wedding day disaster?  Is there anything you would do differently looking back?



I need to work out more, but I just don’t feel like it.

I walk in the mornings for about 2.75 miles, but it just isn’t cutting it.  I have over 100 lbs to lose, and I know I need to step it up.

I need to do these:

or these



and I need to count these:

Weight Watchers Points Plus


I am just so tired when I get home from school.  ( I know, I need to call whine-one-one.)

The tapes I have had and really been dying to try are the Turbo Fire tapes.  And I noticed that Elastamom Excerpts mentioned that she does these tapes.  I felt like it was my secret message to get off the couch and start doing them.

I also need to start packing my lunch the night before.  I am fresh out of lunch ideas and lunch packing motivation.  And also, I don’t like Lean Cuisines and other frozen dinners.  The ones that I actually like the taste only fill me up for about two classes afterward.

Where do you find motivation to get started with exercise?  Especially after work!

What do you pack for easy, healthy lunches?

-Beth WA.