Eggs and Sausage

So, hello. I’ve missed you guys. : )

Summer break has been so relaxing and not at all busy, so I can’t offer up any excuses for not blogging. HA HA. Although, it is probably not a coincidence that I started blogging when I finally start an exercise routine, and am actually eating in my designated WW Points Plus.
Anyway, what I wanted to write about today is chicken sausage. I love it. Like, REALLY love it. My husband is rather “meh” about the whole thing, but too bad for him – I am usually the one grocery shopping and cooking. Actually, I try not to make it too often because that would just be not nice.

So, I was thrilled to find that they have morning/breakfast chicken sausage links that are maple apple. !!! This worked perfectly with me trying to cut down on the carbs I eat each day. I’ve been having eggs for breakfast, which is a HUGE change for me, and they taste delicious with this maple apple chicken sausage sliced and scrambled with my eggs and cheese. I also use a trick my Gramma Helman taught me to make the best scrambled eggs – use real butter in the pan, and a sprinkle of sugar. Yummmmm.

Here is a picture of the chicken sausage package…

Delicious Sausage

Delicious Sausage

It’s weird that I eat this for breakfast as I spent most of my life hating eggs and sausage.
Well, I am off to have another relaxing day of summer break….got my workout in this morning!! That’s always a good thing.

Beth WA

Thursday’s Post

The days of summer are so relaxing, but they go by so quickly.  On Thursday I was planning on writing about the new recipe I tried this week.  It wasn’t all that healthy, but it was delicious.  I knew this because, normally, my husband does not speak during dinner.  Any attempts at conversation by me are greeted with, “I’m eating.”  So, when I made this recipe – Taco Pasta – and he stopped mid dinner more than once to tell me how good it was, I knew I had “done good.”

Also, the only picture I took was before I added the pasta, the cream cheese, and the sour cream.  My presentation was quite beautiful with a bit of sharp cheddar and cilantro.  Shoot.  I need a lot of work as far as living life as a “blogger.”  HA HA.

Here is the only photo evidence:

Taco Pasta before Pasta was added.


I hope everybody had a great Thursday!

Beth WA

Pretend this is Wednesday.

I can’t believe Wednesday is over already.  I am going to do a WIAW, or What I Ate Wednesday in pictures:

Blueberry Oat Pancakes with Kodiak Mix, Chia Seeds, and White Chocolate Chips


I didn’t eat all 4, but I made too much batter, so I froze 2 of them.


A HUMONGOUS greek salad from a sandwch place where
I was picking up my husband’s lunch as he was working from home.

I had to cut up some of the toppings because they were too big.


At some point I had 2 peppermint patties and a popsicle. Not all together – but throughout the day.


Homemade pizza with pre-bought frozen crust. My favorite. MMMM….

I had strawberries, blueberries and cool whip as a snack before bed, but I didn’t photograph it.  Oops.


And, that is what I ate on Wednesday.

I am off to eat breakfast before I head to swim-walking, AKA chatting with my friend!

-Beth WA


Monday: Meal Plan

It’s Monday.  My favorite days of summer, because at this point everybody is dreading the work week, and I am just in the beginning of a summer vacation week.

I made the most delicious lunch on a whim today.  I made a quesadilla with leftover “shake n bake” chicken cut into bits, black beans, sharp cheddar cheese, leftover chipotle tomato salsa, and a dab of sour cream.  On the side I tried something I’ve been wanting to try for a while: Mixed Greens with goat cheese, honey, and a dab of oil and vinegar.  It was DELICIOUS.  And I added something new I bought this week: Honey Vanilla Goat Cheese.  Seriously, I liked this way more than I thought I would.

Here’s a picture of my partially eaten quesadilla.  (I like to pronounce the second half of the word quesadilla phonetically.)


I was reading my gossip blogs yesterday and I came across a few claiming that Alex Petyfer (from Magic Mike) is kind of a jerk.  This satisfied me.  I can’t explain why, but I am thinking it is the same part of me, the blurred boundary between reality and film/television, that gets excited when a couple in a movie becomes a couple in real life.   ( Exception to the rule, because every rule has an exception: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. )  Since he was a jerk in the film, I was happy to find out that the same is true in real life.



Here are some things I plan to make for dinner this week unless something comes up, like somebody wanting to take me out to dinner: (HA HA)

Monday:  Apple Chicken Sausage with Gouda, Green Beans, Sweet Potato Fries

Tuesday: Chicken Taco Pasta (New Recipe), Salad

Wednesday: Taco Salad

Thursday: Homemade Pizzas

Friday: Hopefully my honey will take me OUT!

Saturday: We are going to a BBQ.


I’ll leave you with a picture of my adorable niece – Ava.  I can’t believe she is going into 1st grade.  She is one of the most special people I know.  She really knows how to make you feel loved.  She is such a kind person, and a really good friend when she plays with others.


my girl. <3

Enjoy your Monday!

-Beth WA