On again – off again

I have a weird relationship with yogurt, hummus and oatmeal.
It is all texture related.
I like all three foods very much, but in limited quantites, only at certain times, only prepared certain ways, and only flavored just right.

For instance, the other day I have this oatmeal a rave review.


But yesterday when I was eating it, I could barely choke it down without activating my gag reflex.

The same thing goes for yogurt. And the bad thing about yogurt is when I was grocery shopping this time, I was all “pro yogurt” that day, so I have a ton of it to eat. I have been packing it for lunch, then not eating lunch because it sounds gross, but then scarfing it down after school because I am so starving.
Lesson learned: Do not buy copious amounts of yogurt to pack in my lunch. I like sandwiches for lunch.

That is why I love Kath’s Whipped Banana Oats. They are the only oats that I can eat at any time, and I can eat a normal amount, and never feel like I am going to throw up. They just take a long time to make for me, and so I only can have them on weekends.

On the days that I am liking yogurt, here is a delicious Quaker yogurt. It has a lot of calories for a yogurt (220), but it is so creamy! And it is relatively filling with the carmelized almonds giving the mix 13 g of protein.


There are also some with chocolate pieces to mix in, and honey, and a few other ones that I saw.

And with hummus, I love the taste of it, but because of the texture, I like it with pita chips and pita, but I can’t love it with vegetables like carrots, except sometimes. And I definitely can’t imagine throwing it on a salad like some people do on blogs – but then, sometimes I can imagine that.
See what I mean?? On again. Off again.

So, in conclusion.
I love yogurt.
I love oatmeal.
I love hummus.
Yogurt makes me gag.
Oatmeal makes me gag.
Hummus makes me gag.

HA HA. Clear as mud, right?
I am just an oxy-MORON.*

What foods do you have texture issues with, if any?

Happy Saturday – I am going to decorate for Christmas, do laundry, and clean because my in-laws are coming over at 5:00. That is after I finish drinking my coffee, blogging, reading blogs, and watching DVR for a bit.

Beth WA

*please note i know the real use of this word, i am using my poetic blogging license

so much good food up in here…

I just have to say that I have so much good food in my house right now. I made a perfect meal plan last night using all of the food we have.
Then, I stopped at my mom’s house after school and she gave us the Thanksgiving leftover mother load. So, that changed the meal plans. Thanksgiving leftovers were what we had tonight, what we are both having for lunch tomorrow, and dinner again tomorrow night. Then, hopefully we will have eaten all of it! It’s all so delicious that we didn’t want to waste it. And, I was able to freeze the chili and taco soup I had made this weekend, and save it for another week.
In addition to that Thanksgiving food, we have

these delicious peppers that i stuffed with garden vegetable cream cheese the other day…


these gigantic honey crisp apples…


these tomatoes that i cant wait to try drizzled in balsamic


this delicious cranberry sauce that my mom made…




roasted red pepper hummus (also roasted garlic)




this, and a million other creams (they were on sale the other day) including, salted caramel mocha, s’mores, italian sweet cream, peppermint


the best part of the creamers is that i got a new aerolatte to whip the cream so i have foam again! such a huge difference. and actually, it’s not an aerolatte this time, it’s ikea’s $5 version.

this amazing pumpkin butter..


that tastes awesome on this..


i am trying to fancy up my palate to like dark chocolate. it’s working with beers – worked up to mild IPA’s….we’ll see if it works with chocolate…


this is such a guilty pleasure, because it doesn’t have the protein benefits that greek yogurt has. but it is so dang delicious. i love it in my smoothies.


i haven’t tried this, but it looks and sounds delicious…


assorted squashes.


and a full k-cup carousel.


Life is good.

Happy Monday!!!

Beth WA

Thursday: New Recipe Day, oh, and Magic Mike.

Ok, I am not even going to apologize for not blogging, I am just going to start again.  : )

The new recipe I am trying for this week is in the oven right now.  It’s from Healthy Tipping Point, and it’s mushrooms stuffed with hummus and then cooked in the oven.  I actually enjoyed the post so much, because Caitlin says that mushrooms are one of the things she buys all of the time at the grocery store, but then forgets about, and they go bad.  The same thing happens to me, even though I love them.  I also have this problem with hummus.  I buy it and then never feel like eating it.  So, this recipe was a perfect marriage of two things I need to use in my refrigerator.

Here is the post from Healthy Tipping Point:


I will post pictures when they finish.

In the mean time, there were a few things I wanted to chat about.


Hubba. Hubba.  This is so weird for me, because I am not usually one to like the hunky, dopey type.  I like the goofy, nice guy with dimples…hey wait.  Maybe that’s it – the dimples!  Channing Tatum has dimples.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  ha ha .  Truly, I know his body is amazing, but for me, that’s never been “the thing” that makes my heart go pit-pat.  He is rather charming and funny in the movie, and I just LOVED the dance scenes.  They delivered.  But, what was most fun was going with my besties (one of them being Beth FS) on opening night.  The theatre was PACKED.  I am not sure which was more entertaining, the movie, or the audience.

Okay, Channing was definitely more entertaining.

The other thing is TOMKAT splitting. Oh.em.gee.

I mean, on one hand, I was completely expecting it but on the other hand, I was taken aback.  And all of the gossip sites have been ALL OVER IT.  At first, I was loving it, but now, it’s a bit too much.  I mean, I had to have read over 17 articles about Katie speaking for the first time since the news, and the quote was, “I’m all right — thank you.”

Seriously.  That is the quote.

Another thing I was obsessing over, and have now come to terms with is this.

broken heart.

In my heart of hearts, I know that she wasn’t cut out for this job, but the way it happened.  Blech.

And Matt Lauer, you are on my $%#  list.  Even though you are an OU Bobcat, like my husband.

And last, but certainly not least.  I am addicted to Downton Abbey.  I am swept up in it, and can’t stop watching it.  And my bff in California just told me that the third season won’t start until January.  That’s not good seeing as the first season took me 3 days to watch.

Well, I hope everybody is staying cool.  It is so hot in Ohio right now, that unless you are in a pool, you should be inside.  My neighborhood is usually flooded with runners and walkers, even when it’s too hot for my liking.  But, right now, nobody is out and about.  And my car is broken, so I have been housebound.  Hopefully we can get my car fixed sooner than later.

Maybe I should start playing the lottery.   : )

Love to you all.  Happy JULY!!!


Cheers, Beth WA