Gaining weight

Hmmmph. I’m on the struggle bus major and I am gaining weight. Mostly due to evening eating. And last night I had a Eureka moment. I have been eating very small breakfasts. Like really small. Because unlike the school year I know I can eat again when I want. But I think that is making me super hungry around 8 or 9 at night. So it starts with real hunger but then I eat and eat and eat and self loathe and self loathe. 

But, today I am going to try the bigger breakfast. Then my mom, Henry and I are going to the zoo, and this evening I am going to Body Pump for the first time in ages.  I am nervous. But I am just going to keep the weights light. And two of my good friends will be there if I need support. And my other good friend is the instructor. 

Also, we got a new mattress and I never want to get out of it in the morning. It’s amazing. I don’t wake up with aches and pains and I actually get restful sleep! 

I hope everybody is having a good week! Xoxoxo

Beth WA

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Mid-week Check In

Slow mornings in the summer are my favorite. 

I have been working on regulating my sleep schedule because I was napping when H napped then I couldn’t fall asleep at night which would cause me to be super tired when he woke up the next morning at his regular 6-645 am. It was also causing me to go on a food frenzy from 9pm -12 am every night. Not good. 

I’ve been doing really well with exercise, and hydrating, but as always, I am eating too much. I’m working on it, but trying to focus on the positive. I think the elimination of evening eating will help. Last night was a successful night!  (I define successful as not eating after dinner. Heather! I did it!!!) The nutritionist that spoke at my gym said that a person should not have to eat after dinner. And that really resonated with me. The eating after dinner that I do is usually a habit or ritual, and not actual hunger. And once I start with something small it’s hard for me to stop. So, its best that I just don’t eat after dinner.  #workinprogress

I’ve been going to the gym most nights around 8 to walk on the treadmill for an hour and watch Netflix. I have joint pain and a lot of weight on my bones so, I just walk slowly at an incline and watch a television show.  Currently I am watching “The Keepers.”  It is a disturbing show but it makes the time go by fast. The purpose of this trip to the gym is not only for the cardio, but it helps me mentally to get out of the house by myself for an hour and a half. And it’s nice for Craig and Henry to get a little alone time. I hope to continue that throughout the summer. So far, I look forward to that time and haven’t wanted to skip it. 

I’ve mentioned the coaching club that I am a part of that is run by my friend Stacy. It is a group of women working together for a common goal of healthy mind and body. There is a nutrition aspect, an emotional aspect, and a fitness aspect. I am loving it so far because of the accountability and encouragement. And plus she has a calendar to print out with daily tasks and workouts that she has generated. I have been doing those as well. And I love her printouts in a binder with page protectors. 

This is from yesterday when I was going one of the workouts from the challenge. You can see my binder on the left. These workouts are 20 minutes and I am doing them in addition to the treadmill at night. Next week I add body pump back in twice a week. I have had anxiety about going back to Body Pump. I can’t even explain it but I am going to go back! I love what it does for me and once I get back in the swing of it I know I’ll be happy. 

I hope everybody is having a good week! 


Beth WA

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Saturday Morning

Good morning. We are a tired bunch here at the Allman house. 

Somebody is an early riser and then likes to have a slow morning. My sleep is so messed up from him due to naps and short night’s sleep. I need to get that straightened out this week because I’m tired of being tired. 

This past week Henry and I went up to my parents’ boat with my mom. He loves it up there. The weather wasn’t great and he didn’t sleep well at first so he was a little difficult but he still had a great time. 

He loves his Grammy. 

You’ll notice he is wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and a coat. It was so windy at the park which is right by the lake. And the temperature without the wind was in low 60’s. 

I’ve been doing pretty well with eating and am just getting back to regular exercise. I’ve joined an online/Facebook coaching club that my friend Stacy runs that is a great accountability factor for me and she has real life tips for making weight loss sustainable and fit into your life easily. Plus she is really encouraging and I know that for me that is something that helps me succeed in whatever it is I am doing. 

Accountability and encouragement. 👍🏻

I am yet again trying a new gym schedule as we adjust to my husband, Craig’s new schedule at work, and my schedule of no work and being at home. So this weekend I decided that from now on  I would do my Body Pump on Tuesday night and Saturday morning. And then I would go two-three other times during the work week at 7:45 pm or on Sunday during the day and do my own workout.  I also have a bunch of 20 minute at home exercises that I do with Stacy’s challenge. I feel with so much weight to lose at this point I need to be adding in some extra cardio. Plus, it will be nice to get away by myself, watch some Netflix on my phone and zone out on the elliptical or treadmill for a while. I have so many shows I want to watch that I just don’t get the chance to watch at home. 

Anyway, on to other things… Thursday night I went to see a concert with my friend Heather that was called the Four Voices.  It was Mary Chapin Carpenter, Joan Baez and the Indigo Girls and it was amazing. The venue is an small and outdoor, and the weather was so amazing. 

While we were at the boat we went to a TJ Maxx and in about ten minutes I found some cute shirts and a skirt including this shirt that I wore to the concert. 

I loved it and it matched perfectly with the necklace and capris I wanted to wear it with. 

I like long shirts. 👍🏻

Goals for next week:

*Exercise 5 times

*Go on 2-3 fun outings with Henry

*Take a few loads of stuff to goodwill 

*Throw away 5-7 bags of garbage/clutter

*Get my step goal of 10,000 on most days. 

*128 oz of water a day. This usually is not an issue, as I love drinking water. 

*Take care of my broken glasses issue! Henry broke my glasses and they are driving me crazy. But first I have to deal with paperwork with my FSA account. 🙄
Today my neighborhood is having a garage sale, meaning over 50 houses are taking part in it. If I was more prepared I probably could have taken part in it. But, instead, I will be selling all of my stuff online this summer. I have a bunch of baby stuff, maternity clothes, and other stuff to get rid of. 
Okay, I am off to enjoy the weekend. Going to the gym later this morning and perhaps some garage sale-ing. 


Beth WA

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First week of break. 

The first week was filled with naps and relaxation. It’s so weird. I am always so exhausted that first week as my body lets go of school stress little by little. I took naps with Henry, which I don’t plan on doing this summer as it messes with my sleep! I did minimal house work, and was basically pretty lazy. But I am ready to get to my summer goals and bucket list. 


Make a bucket list with Henry and do the things on the list!

Work on losing weight by nourishing myself with healthy food and getting as much movement as possible. Also, by being kind to myself and being a part of a coaching club and really participating in the process. 

Going on dates with my husband. 

Cleaning out the basement, and really the whole house.  We need to get rid of so much Stuff. 

Selling my baby stuff. I need to get it organized and get pictures and post it. 

Working on our budget. 

Redoing our bathroom, and getting a new garage door. Install new kitchen sink. And maybe some painting. 

Spending time at my parent’s boat. 
Here are some pictures from this past week. 

Have a great day! 


Beth WA

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It’s here. It’s here. I’m on summer break. 

Good morning! Yesterday was my official first day of break but I had only 4 hours of sleep the night before so it really just felt like a blur. Today Henry slept in until after 7 so I got over 8 hours of sleep and I feel great. It’s going to be a beautiful day so I need to find something for H and I to do that is outside. For some reason he woke up wanting to go to Chuck E Cheese. That is definitely not what I had in mind. Hahahaha. I don’t even know where he got that idea. He must’ve dreamed about it last night. 

So right now I have my favorite view. 

Coffee and Henry. 
Yesterday I got my hair cut and colored and it was long overdue. I had to cancel my last appointment, so I had major roots. I had her cut it shorter in the back and color it dark every where except blonde highlights in the front. I like it like that. 

I didn’t have her style it because I was hoping to catch a catnap at the tail end of h’s nap at my mom’s house. And that’s exactly what happened. It was 45 minutes to carry me over which was great because I didn’t get to bed until after 10.  

I have lots to do today, but for now I am sitting on my butt drinking coffee! Woohoo!! Yay summer. 


Beth WA

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One more day. 

I have one more day of work and then I’m finished for the summer. Woo hoo! 

I have to finish closing up my classroom, doing permanent records, a meeting at 10:30, luncheon, and 8th grade graduation and dance. It’s a long day but only one day! Hahaha. 

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Prior to my Lexapro days I would have never gone out of town this weekend. It is hard to explain, but I just wouldn’t have.  But I am so glad I did. Henry and I went to my dad’s boat on Lake Erie and he had a blast. The place they dock their boat has a pool, restaurant, park, walking path, a beach, and an ice cream parlor. 

As you can see, we both had a blast. Henry and I plan on going up there a lot this summer. 

Here’s to summer vacation!! Woohoo!!

Beth WA

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Repairing my Relationship

This is the kind of title I would read and want juicy gossip. But you should know me better and know that my life is pretty boring and drama free. Just the way I like it. 

The relationship I am speaking about is my relationship with food and my body. It’s the most unhealthy relationship I have. I have been counting and classifying food since I was 12 years old. I’ve done ever single diet and workout plan known to man. And none of that had been sustainable for me, obviously. 

So, I am working on something new. I’m working on my relationship with food- as far as restricting or classifying it as good and bad. I am working on not overeating at meals, and not eating after dinner. I am not counting my calories. I am trying to focus on protein and vegetables and fruit. But no food is off limits.  I’m trying to listen to my body’s hunger signals and act accordingly. 

These thoughts have always been in the back of my mind.  Recently, a nutritionist spoke at my gym and she said these same things and that really resonated with me. And the thing that finally got me to trust my gut was my friend Stacy – she is a proponent of this way of thinking and offers support by way of a blog, a newsletter, and support group that are uber helpful in my journey. She is a trainer and body pump instructor at my gym.  She offers so many 20 minute at home workouts that are so helpful at this juncture in my life. I love my gym so much it’s just not usually practical for me to go as I’d have to hire a sitter most times. 

So, that’s where I am now. Hopefully this will eventually lead to weight loss. 

Anyway, onto other topics. Tomorrow is my last day of school with the kids. I have to go back Tuesday for a meeting and for 8th grade graduation then I’m completely finished!. I am so excited, I can’t stand it. I am so ready for this summer. Henry and I are going to make a bucket list of all of the things we want to do this summer! 

Well, I’m off to hang with my boy before bed time. 


Beth WA

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