Well, as of today I am 41. I can’t believe it. I decided 41 is the year I am going to get to my goal weight. I’ve had a rough month or so but I am feeling ready to get back to it after my vacations this week and next. I am going to do my best this next two weeks to drink my water and get my steps. That’s all I can promise. 

Today I was so proud of Henry. He was very brave. He overcame his fear of the pool. 

Then we went to a Japanese steak house and he was terrified. But he eventually braved it at the table and ate his French fries… Cautiously and suspiciously. 

Then… He ate some ice cream with me. He isn’t a huge fan but he was being social. Ha ha! 

We sure missed his daddy, but somebody has to work for a living!

Best Dave Matthews Song

Best year yet. 😉💕


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Goal fail

Well, of the three goals I set yesterday I only met one. I drank all of my water. But, I got less than 6,000 steps and ate loads of crap. We went to my inlaws for my mother in law’s birthday. Going there is always a nice time but my most challenging time to stick to my health and fitness goals. I was so tired all day and I knew it was because of my food choices. It got me to thinking that I really need to work on choosing healthier foods and not just foods that fit into my calories. I have been eating way too many carbs and too much sugar. The next two weeks I will be on separate vacations but each for the about five days. I am just going to focus on those three goals from yesterday  and do the best I can making good food choices. 

I slept hard last night and went to bed early. I was tired. I am looking forward to getting some chores done around the house today. And hanging out with my best bud. 

Goals today:

Get 10,500 steps – at least

Drink 100 oz of water

Nothing to eat after dinner 
Have a great Sunday! 


Beth WA

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Slowly and Surely

Well, slowly and surely I am stepping my way back on the wagon. I’ve done a great job of getting workouts in and making sure I get my 10,500 steps. My food is still a struggle for me. I am still sad on some days and those days make it hard to move and eat right but I am doing to best I can. I made it to the gym three times this week and I am super proud of that. On the other days I did my Leslie Sansone video. 

This next seven days I will be focusing on:

Getting my water in

Getting my 10,000 steps 

Not eating after dinner
I will be going on a mini vacation next week with Henry. We are going up to my parents’ boat. It’s hard to stay on track there but I want to make sure I walk every day and follow my goals written above. 

My little goofball has been hilarious lately. He loves putting things on his head. 

Have a great weekend! 


Beth Wa

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Well, Henry had a successful second birthday. We had both sets of his grandparents over, my niece, Ava, and his godmother, Jeanne. He loved all of his gifts- trucks and cars galore. We had his favorite pizza, and a cake with a dump truck and a digger on it. He loved when we sang to him this year, which was in great contrast to last year. And he did a great job blowing out his candle! 

Here are some pictures. 

I guess I didn’t get many pictures because I was helping him open his gifts. 


Beth WA

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Breaking up with infertility

You know when you and a boyfriend break up and you spend the next several months making changes and improvements. This almost always includes a new hair style. Well, in my work to break up with infertility, and feel less like a schlumpadinka- this happened. 

It feels so fresh and light. And I am super excited about the color change we are going to do in the fall. My ten year old niece, Ava keeps telling me how pretty I look with my new hair do. She is a sweetheart. ❤️
Hope everybody is having a great day!!


Beth WA

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– 0.2 this week, – 27.8 total

Well, my weekend was indulgent to say the least so I knew my loss would be small, if any. But, it’s a step in the right direction so I am going to take it! 

My parents are out of town and I am on a budget so I can’t afford a babysitter every time I go to the gym. Luckily my husband is 8-5 this week so I can go to other classes, not the ones I usually go to. I tried a step class tonight and I was super nervous. I was proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. I had done step in the 90’s when I was in good shape but it was like riding a bike! I was so sweaty after. 

I don’t know why I look so mad. Ha ha! Maybe because I was hangry. 😬😝
Wednesday is Henry’s 2nd birthday and I can’t wait. I keep talking to him about it. I want to make his birthdays special. I love when parents do that. I am getting balloons tomorrow night so when he comes down stairs a few of his presents and balloons will be on the table. I am getting candles too because I want to put a candle in his pancake. 🎂
I remember two years ago today we were getting so many texts and Facebook messages and posts waiting on Henry because I was at the hospital…little did we know it would be two more days before Henry graced us with his presence. ❤️❤️❤️


Beth wa

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Two years ago. 

Two years ago today I had my last doctor’s appointment for Henry and I went to the hospital in the evening to be induced. I still remember that day and all of its details. My mom and Ava and I went to the doctor’s appointment together. That night Craig and I went to Bob Evan’s then to the hospital to check in. 

This is the last ultrasound of Henry. 

I love it because you can see his cheeks!!!

And this is the last picture of me at home before I had Henry. 

Little did I know it would be three days before Henry would grace us with his presence!!!

Beth WA

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