Saturday evening

Well, I usually do a Saturday morning post but I didn’t get a chance. 

Whew. What a week. I did my intentional break from tracking and I learned a whole heck of a lot.

 I learned that I can still eat a LOT.

I learned that I am not ready for any sort of intuitive eating. 

I learned that I gravitate towards sweets but my standby’s just don’t taste as good as they used to when eaten with a side of guilt and gross after feeling. 

I’ve learned that when I eat crappy food I feel really crappy. 

I’ve learned that if I want results I have to put the work in, not just with exercise but with tracking what food I eat. 

I’ve learned that I am going to do MyFitnessPal instead of Weight Watchers because I like to know my macros (protein/carbs/fat) to help me learn what satisfies me. 

I’ve learned that I can pack on weight quick, although I haven’t weighed myself. Too scared. 

I’ve learned that if you fall six times, you have to get up seven. And that’s precisely what I am doing. I am going to break this self imposed plateau and keep it gone. 
Here we go… 


 Beth wa 

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A break

Guys. I need a break from tracking my food. I’ve been reading a friend’s blog and it’s really made me want to give it a try for a few weeks. It feels so freeing.  I’ve tracked every day with few exceptions for over a year now and not tracking is one thing I haven’t tried yet. So I am just going to give myself a break from it for  a bit and see how it goes. 

This is a complicated journey. I always thought I would just find one thing that worked for me and just stick with it. But, it isn’t that easy. So I may be doing MyFitnessPal for a bit, WW, whole 30 challenges, or whatever. I am just trying to figure it out and see what works for me as I go about my days. 

Thanks for sticking with me. ❤

Beth WA

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Saturday Morning

It’s Saturday morning and I am rocking the bed head. 
Drinking the most delicious cup of coffee with this cream in it. 

And hanging out with this dude. 

I’m still struggling with the same pounds but I am just trying to persist. I haven’t had a binge in a while. I plan them all of the time then I stop myself which is a huge step for me. So, I am just going to keep on keeping on. I got my 10,000 steps every day this week. I worked out four times this week. I drank my water, and tracked everything. So, we will see what Wednesday’s weigh in holds. 

I hope everybody is having a good weekend. I have a busy weekend next week so I am enjoying the relaxing time for this weekend. I have lots of laundry and cleaning to do but I am in no rush! 😂

Anybody have fun plans this weekend? Anybody else love coffee cream as much as I do?


Beth WA

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Well, it’s official.  I am not a morning worker outer.  I’ve given it the old college try a zillion times and I just have to let it go.  I took the week off of working out most of last week and I found my appetite more manageable, but I definitely missed working out.  I’m working on a balance of working out, my job, sleep, my family, etc.  Just like pretty much everybody else in the world.  Only this time is different than the zillion times before because I am actually giving myself a break.  I’m not being as hateful to myself.  I am okay with the fact that I am not a morning worker outer, as long as I can fit in at least 4 workouts during the week.  That’s my goal combined with getting my step goal most days of the week.  I think it’s a manageable goal for me.  And I think it will help with overall life balance.

Last night I went to two classes at my gym but I am only counting that as one workout because it was in one day.  I love both of the classes and the instructors. I was super pooped after it was over though.  It’s the same classes I usually take on Saturday’s but in the opposite order.  It was cardio then body pump.

I am also going to have my mom teach me the weight machines so I don’t always have to go to a class.  Then I can go in the evenings when Craig gets off work – this will especially be helpful in the summer.  I am really looking forward to summer this year, and glad that it is just going to be a regular summer! Henry is older and it will be super fun to go to my dad’s boat this year.  I think he will love it so much.

Okay, I am going to get to work.  I hope every body is having a good week!


Beth WA

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Plateau Schmateau

Well, I bought a blue tooth scale over the holidays and so I went back to weighing myself more frequently. It also helps as I pay attention to nutrition and find the right mix of food for myself.  

Anyway, I didn’t do any weigh lifting (body pump) this week and I found it kept my hunger in check. This week I am going back to it but I’ve gotta focus on not going overboard with food. 

So I weighed myself this morning and I was in new numbers and 3 lbs away from my lowest weight in 2016. Woo hoo!!! My official weigh in day is Wednesday. But, I was too excited to wait. Let’s just hope I can maintain this loss and maybe even add to the loss!! 

Have a great Sunday, friends!


Beth WA

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Saturday Morning 

Well it’s my favorite time of the week. Saturday Morning. (Ignore the Santa Claus still out in my living room. 😜)

I took the week off of exercise except for Wednesday. But I ate within my points each day without using all of my weeklies by Thursday. I wasn’t starving all of the time like I am when I am exercising frequently. I need to figure out how to reconcile that- eating sensibly and working out. I need to work on figuring out the right combination of foods. And I know for sure ramping up veggies and fruits will help. Today my husband works and my dad (babysitter) is out of town so I had a planned break from my Saturday morning classes and it’s so nice just to hang out in our pajamas, do laundry, straighten up, and just putz around. 

Notables of the week….

This week was not a good car week in our family. Wednesday night my husband hit a deer on his way home from work. 

And Thursday morning I went out to two flat tires on my car. 😳

I tried my spiralizer for the first time and I loved it. 

We went to our new local IHOP for the first time, my mom, henry and myself. Henry wouldn’t eat his pancake because it had a face on it. 🙄

I tried Golden Milk (turmeric tea)

PUKE!!! I could barely drink one sip. 
And I finally ate these pitas I had ordered on Amazon and they are only one point each and delicious. I made mini pizzas for my lunch Thursday and Friday. They were like my ownhealthier version  of a Lunchable. 

Today I plan on doing laundry, going to the grocery store, and cooking something with the stew meat that I accidentally defrosted thinking it was ground beef. 😏

Anybody have any fun plans this weekend?

Beth WA

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-0.0 this week, -27.3 total

Well. That sucks. But I am gonna kill it this week. 

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