Progress. Woohoo!

Well, my new meal plan is working really well for me. I have lots of energy, I am rarely hungry, and for the first time in ages I am under my calorie goal just about every day. And the best news- I’ve lost 7.8 lbs since last Monday! That is exactly 10 lbs higher than my lowest weight the last two years that I was in May and again in October. This is the weight I struggle so badly with – getting over this hump. So, hopefully if I keep doing what I am doing I will do it. 

I was at the grocery store with Henry yesterday and they have a display of single pieces of cake, and it was not uncommon for me to pick one of those up every time I went to Kroger. And I started that habit up again a month or so ago, which was when I was in a downward spiral. And I just kept staring at it and talking myself out of it and reminding myself how it made me feel. And I resisted and I was so pleasantly surprised to wake up to a little over a 2lb loss showing on the scale. Yay! That’s three grocery trips in a row with no crap buying!!!

Have a great Tuesday!!! 


Beth WA

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Clothing Overhaul

I am currently switching over my winter clothes for my spring/summer clothes. I spent all evening last night and have been working on it all day. 

My goal is to have things in my closet and drawer that fit and that I actually wear. I have so many clothes that I would never wear either because they are uncomfortable, I don’t like them or they don’t fit. So out they go! It is so annoying to get ready and sift through a bunch of clothes that don’t even work for me. I tried every item on except the ones I wear all of the time. I was so tired last night. Trying on clothes is exhausting.  

I’m feeling good this weekend. It was really good for me to get back to the gym. I really missed it. My eating was on point all weekend except for Friday night. I ate some ice cream, but I tracked it, and didn’t let it lead to a binge. It was just a treat. Yesterday I stayed in my calories despite exercising for 1.5 hours and that is unheard of for me. I am hoping I make some more progress this week. I really want to feel good when I go to Texas for Spring Break. I usually sabotage myself in this situation so let’s hope I don’t. 😕

This is a full and busy week, but one week closer to spring and summer break. Hahahaha. 

Have a good Sunday, folks!


Beth WA

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2 NonScale Victories

I just jumped on here quickly to mention two non scale victories for today. One, I just left the grocery store and I didn’t buy myself a “treat.”

I usually buy myself something crappy that I end up eating. Ugh. But today, I didn’t!!!

And two:

6 out of 4 planned workouts!!! Woohoo!!!
Have a great day! 

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Saturday Morning

Hello friends! (Hello Cortney!!! 😘😉)

I had a great week. I followed my meal plan mostly, and avoided evening binges and I ended up down about 3 lbs since Monday. I’ll take it. I never made it to the gym but I walked every day. I started with a 5K on Sunday, and then found at least 20 minutes each day to walk. Today I go back to the gym for the first time since March 4 and to say I am nervous is a major understatement. I keep trying to talk myself out of it but I am now dressed and forcing myself out the door. 

It’s been harder for me to get to the gym/workout for a few reasons. One, it’s hard for me to ask my mom to watch Henry after they watch him all day. And lately I just miss him like crazy while I am at work and I can’t wait to come home and hang out with my little dude.  And I have to say it always comes to a scenario that screams at me to workout in the morning. Ugh. Why am I my greatest obstacle? Hmmph. I’ll figure it out some day.  But I am trying to make my focus on food because that’s my hardest battle. 

Craig took Henry to his mom’s today and I am going to the gym, to stop at Meijer for a few things and then I need to do some house work. I am so behind on my 40 bags so I want to do a little of that. I have some clothes I need to get rid of that just sit in my closet and I don’t wear. 

This is my Stinkerbutts hanging out on the couch with an umbrella and his monster trucks (his newest obsession.). He was hilarious yesterday- he was driving his Jeep in the backyard and would run into things and every time he would get out of the driver’s seat and say, “I have to check under the hood.” 😂😂
Ok, I gotta go! 


Beth WA

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What a week!

We had the most amazing St. Patrick’s Day this week with my Dad’s family. Sadly, Craig had to work all weekend. But henry, my parents and I went to Cleveland to celebrate my Uncle Roger being the Grand Marshal of the 175th Cleveland Saint Patrick’s Day parade. It was so fun and my dad’s sister Carol made sure of it! She bought matching hats and scarves for everyone.  And she had these pins made.  We all had the appropriate pins. This was Henry’s. 

Here are some parade pictures:

Then my Aunt Carol hosted a hospitality suite in the same hotel many of us were staying, and where the banquet in the evening would be. The food was delicious and everybody had a great time. 

Hi Angie!!! My most loyal reader besides my mom! Hahaha. 

After that Henry and I took a snooze then my parents and I went to the banquet while my cousin’s daughter babysat Henry in the hotel room. 

It was a beautiful evening and tribute to my Uncle Roger’s dedication and love of all things Irish that he inherited from my favorite person, my gramma Kerrigan. He honored her in his speech and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. 

The next morning before getting on the road we had breakfast at the hotel and Henry ate so much food! 

Then we said our goodbyes and got on the road. We had a lazy day and a big nap. 

Yesterday morning I got up super early to do a 5K with my friend Kathy in Columbus which is about 50 minutes away. 

It was nice to catch up with her. We never have one on one time unless it’s in the doctor’s office. She is my doctor and the angel of my life who gave me Lexapro. 

I am off school today and tomorrow and today I start the meal plan my friend gave me. It’s a 2 week meal plan to help balance out my hormones. It’s actually a lot good way to eat in general. It’s protein and vegetables with healthy fats, basically, and one carb at dinner. I am going to actually try to do it for three weeks but we will see. I really need it. My sugar dependence/addiction is at a high point right now.    I also am getting back to working out this week. Woo hoo!!! Hopefully these steps will get me back to where I was and so I can get this weight off and keep it off. 

I warned Craig that I was going to be a real gem the next few days as I come off of sugar. 😞😫😳

I listen to a podcast called Half Size Me and the host is a woman who has lost 170 lbs and maintained it and she interviews people who have lost weight and maintained it. I pick up a lot of great tips. Some really resonate with me and some don’t. But, yesterday, a woman was saying she didn’t really follow a strict diet she just chose food that made her feel good after she ate it. Every time she ate she asked herself if that was the food that would make her want to be the Laura that she wanted to be. I really need to do that and connect the crappy food I am eating with the crappy way I feel afterward. When I eat breads, donuts, fried food, I feel so tired after. Like some times I can fall asleep even though I was not actually tired from the night before. So, those are some things I am working on. 

I hope everybody has a good Monday!!


Beth WA

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A Hot Mess

Right now I am what you could call a hot mess. I feel things spiraling out of control and the pounds are adding not subtracting. 

I guess it’s part of the journey. My friend who is a trainer and who has lost a lotta weight gave me some advice and I am going to follow it. She gave me a very basic meal plan to follow for two weeks to balance my hormones and fight these cravings. I hope it helps. I am feeling rather down about this and annoyed that I am going into a weekend of a fun event feeling fluffy. 

I need to get back to working out. It’s been a few weeks of minimal exercise. That is not helping. 

Anyway. I am going to go pack for our St. Patrick’s Day trip which I am excited about. Henry, my mom and I are going to Cleveland for the parade. My uncle is the Grand Marshal. This is very exciting in my family, and I know my gramma is beaming with pride in heaven. It’s going to be a really fun weekend. And I have Monday and Tuesday off for a March break! Woohoo! Can’t wait to spend time with my family and my baby boy, Henry Stinkerbutts. 

Beth WA

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Saturday Morning

I feel like such a broken record. I have been not doing great with my food for weeks and the scale is showing it. And in the last two weeks I’ve been super light on exercise. I can see this spiraling out of control. The scale this morning was a rude awakening. Hopefully it’s enough for me to EAT LESS! 

It seems so simple. I don’t know why I struggle so much. But I was talking with my friend about this and in the past the only thing I haven’t tried is to keep going and keep trying. So I will trudge on. 

In other news this week, we had parent teacher conferences on Monday, so I worked 11-7 with no kids. I got a lot done. The time went so fast and I was very efficient, but I could’ve used another day like that. I was very far behind for work. 

On Tuesday I took the day off to drive my mom to the airport and hang with Henry since she was going to be out of town with my dad. We dropped my mom off at the airport and then we went to Craig’s work. Henry used to be so shy, but he was holding court with Craig’s co-workers. I love watching him become this little person that I love more and more each and every day. I never lose sight of how lucky I am to have Henry and what a miracle he is. Sometimes it takes my breath away. 

Craig took the rest of the week off and did really fun stuff with Henry. They went to a local dairy that has kids stuff, animals, food and ice cream. They went to the park and to throw rocks into the water. On Friday they went to visit Craig’s parents in Columbus. 

This is Henry on the forklift at his Papa’s shop. 

Today I am walking in a 5K my school is having for one of our students in the 9th grade who has leukemia. Their family is special to me. Her mom is the doctor who delivered Henry and also helped Craig and I when we had a miscarriage. And the girl who has cancer I happen to teach every year from 5th-8th grade.  

I hope everybody has a great weekend! I can’t believe it’s March! Our last day of school is May 25th!!! Woo hoo!

Beth WA

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