I was SO productive today. I am so proud of myself. I sorted through all of Henry’s toys, organized them, and moved about half of them upstairs to his room. Our downstairs still has a lot of toys, but a LOT less than it did.

I meal planned for the week and prepped my breakfast and lunches. And Craig did the grocery shopping and helped with laundry. I cleaned our spare room downstairs that was so dusty due to the bathroom remodel. I also sorted through all of the Christmas presents I’ve bought. I’ve only got a few people left and a few more presents for Henry and I’m done. What a relief!

I also had time to take a nap! I was going to do a workout but i got so much movement today, I think I am good. I got over 10,000 steps and i never left the house!

My Whole26 went to the wayside on day 7. However, I have to say, I’ve been eating about 80% Whole30. I didn’t just give up and go hog wild. When i mess up, I just try to make the best choice at the next meal.

My goal this week is to do 3 actual workouts. I’m gonna do some at home workouts because at this juncture I can’t get my arse to the gym. Hopefully over Christmas break I can go, when I am not potty training. 😞

Well, time for me to sleep!


Beth WA

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Gearing up for Whole26

Well, I thought it was a Whole27 but when I counted the days turns out it’s only a Whole26. I am really looking forward to it. All of this holiday food has me feeling so tired and sleeping like crap. I am going to the gym today for the first time in a while and I’m taking both Body Pump and my Rockin’ to the Oldies class. I am looking forward to the atmosphere of the gym and getting moving. I am excited to do this Whole27 right now so I enter the holiday season feeling good.

Henry turned a corner on his sickness yesterday but the amoxicillin combined with swallowing all that mucous makes him sick to his stomach and he barfed on me at bed time last night. Then he ate a banana and graham cracker and passed out.

*****I typed all of that this morning and now it’s 8:23 pm and I’m sitting on my couch.*****

We had a full day today. I went to both classes at the gym and it felt great to spend time there. And frankly it was nice to get out of the house. We were home bound most of the week and I was ready to get out. Then I met Craig and Henry at my parents and watched the OSU game with the fam. Henry had a blast. By the time we were leaving he was overtired and it was a scene. I sure hope he sleeps in tomorrow. He hasn’t had really good sleep all week.

I had a massive headache and just generally feeling shitty from eating shitty and too much. My Whole26 can’t come soon enough. After I’m done with this I’m going to make a grocery list and order my groceries to be delivered tomorrow! #livingmybestlife

I hope everybody is having a great weekend!


Beth WA

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So, Henry has croup for the first time and it is sad.

But he is a real trooper when it comes to sickness. He isn’t too whiney, and he has been just chilling. His doctor’s appointment was in the evening last night and he got a shot of steroids which didn’t go over well. He basically ended up passing out when we got home at 830 and he slept really well. I took today off since my mom is preparing to have Thanksgiving at her house and couldn’t watch him while he is sick, plus I didn’t want to have the house all germy as the out of town guests start to arrive. And the good news is Henry slept like a champ so I’m sure that is good for his healing process!

My life is kind of a mess right now – literally not figuratively. My house is a mess, I have a ton of grading to do, my kitchen needs to be prepped for a whole27 and the laundry I have is lots and lots. So, it’s nice to be home today for that. Also, I’m just in the mood to get rid of things. So I’m gonna be working on that through the end of the year into Christmas break. I have to get rid of a lot of H’s toys and I want to move most of them to his room.

On the fitness and food front I’d rate myself at about a 4 out of 10 lately but I’m gearing up for my Whole30 between Thanksgiving and Christmas (but it’s only a whole27). Then, I’m gonna do a Whole30+ starting January 1st. The “+” is because I don’t know how long I will continue it, but I plan on continuing it until I feel ready to transition into the actual reintro process to Food Freedom. I didn’t do it last time and I regret it.

Anyway, I hope everybody is having a great Tuesday! And that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for you, that’s for sure!! ❤️❤️❤️


Beth WA

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What a week. I normally have very few evening commitments during the week but this week has been chock full of plans and it’s got me exhausted. I could’ve easily gone to bed at 6:30 last night, but I went to my school for an alumni basketball game. The girls basketball team played a bunch of alumni players and it was so fun. I brought Henry and he had a blast.

But, my house is a mess, I didn’t meal plan so we ate out a lot, I have a million hours of grading to do and I only exercised on Monday. I did get almost 10000 steps every day so I was moving a lot. So, for this upcoming week I have a good schedule. Today I am going to a low impact aerobics type class that I go to a lot, Monday morning Body Pump, Wednesday Body Pump, Thursday I am doing a 5K, and Friday I am going to do some sort of work out at home. Saturday I’m going to Body Pump and the aerobics class I’m going to do today. I’m going to make a few things on Sunday to get me through to Thanksgiving break when I have a little more time to cook meals.

On the Monday after Thanksgiving I’m going to start a Whole27 which will get me to the day before Christmas Eve. Then I’m going to start an actual whole 30 on Jan 1st or 2nd. I’m looking forward to it and Craig is supportive of it so that makes it a lot easier. We are also going to get rid of Henry’s high chair and try to have family dinners. We are going to try to get Henry to eat more foods and I know it will be easier if we are all eating together and the same thing. And I feel so much better on whole30 food. And I need to feel better.

Henry got to hang out with his BFF, Wes at the game last night.

We have to work on Henry’s picture posing.

Today is a special day because it is the anniversary of the day I found out I was pregnant. It’s been 4 years and I still remember it like it was yesterday. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

What a blessing Henry is to us. I’m thankful every minute of every day for this gift.

Have a great day, everybody!


Beth WA

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Food Freedom

My husband, Craig took Henry to his mom’s for the day. I’m going to do some housework and grocery shopping and some reading.

The 30 Days I was on Whole30 were tough but at the same time freeing because I could eat without measuring and I felt good all of the time after the initial few weeks. And I really got into finding recipes and different ways to combine food. And then I just stopped. And I feel like crap. And I’ve gained weight.

If I look at this scientifically, the answer is clear. Eating whole30ish/Paleo is a good way for me to eat. Why don’t I do it? Hahahahaha. It’s taken me weeks to evaluate this, and get to the place where I actually am going to put it into action.

I’ve made a meal plan for this week, and it’s simple and healthy. I’m going to stick to it. I know it won’t be easy but by the end of the week I know I’ll feel so much better. #fakeittilyoumakeit

Have a good Sunday everybody!


Beth WA

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Holla at your girl…

Good morning. It’s Saturday, my favorite day. I’m doing my favorite thing, drinking coffee, watching the Today show, sitting in “my spot,” on the couch.

Last night my school had a “Fall Fest,” for the younger kids at our school. It was a bunch of games in our gym and the kids could win prizes at the games. Little kids love it and I was so impressed with my big kids who came to volunteer. It was a fun family night but I am exhausted. I have a cold and I’ve been so tired all week. I’ve also been eating like crap. But I am stopping that this weekend. I’ve been wavering on where to go from here. I did well on Whole 30, and I didn’t track. But once I started eating other food as well, I lose the ability to eat in moderation. So, I either eat all the foods and track or I eat Whole30 and don’t track. For me right now that’s the reality. I am just starting the book Food Freedom by Melissa Hartwig, creator of the Whole30, and I’m going to see how that helps. I plan on doing a Whole30 in January but I need a plan over the holidays. One thing I am spottily doing is working out in the morning. I’m going to keep trying to do that and see how it goes. I love the feeling all day when I do it, and I hate the feeling all day when I don’t. So, it’s a work in progress. In other news, we had a really fun Halloween. Henry was a zombie like he wanted to be for months. I’ll admit I was not excited about this. I wanted my cute little boy to have a cute little costume. But, it turned out he was cute enough to make even a zombie costume cute.

Today I am resting and not going to the gym. I need rest. My body and mind have been so tired all week. And today Henry woke me up at 5:45. 😣

I’m going to grocery shop, meal plan and prep, read, and relax this weekend. I also have some grading to do this weekend and laundry of course. 😬

Have a great weekend!!


Beth WA

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Well it is time to get off my butt and set some goals.

As I mentioned the other day, I was particularly inspired by the retreat I went to on Friday. I think I was ready to hear what the leader had to say to us. The part in particular, which I also already mentioned, was the part where he said that if you want to be a certain type of person then start doing it! Don’t wait for a particular feeling or motivation.

A couple of months ago I made a list of things in my life I wanted to be versus what I was currently doing. And let me just say they didn’t match up at all. As somebody who does most things out of the feeling part of myself, I realized I needed to be more practical about my life to meet the goals that would make me proud of myself. I am not sure if this makes sense so I’ll try to be more clear.

I want to be a healthy person meaning I exercise regularly, and eat healthily. I want to be a church goer. I want to read more and spend a lot less time on my phone and social media. I want my house to be clean and less cluttered. I want to have better lesson plans and spend more time and effort on my job. There were a few other things but these were the main things. Now I don’t want to be perfect at everything but these were things I wanted to work on.

So I hatched a plan to meet these goals, and before I word vomit them all over this blog what I am planning I’m gonna try it out this week and I’ll let you know how it goes!

I hope you all have a great week! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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