Fantastic Friday

Today was a good day and that is surprising because Henry was up most of the night and I missed exercise this morning. But I still woke up feeling semi-decent and after my coffee I felt decent. I didn’t beat myself up about exercise because I knew I was going to another exercise class after school.  And tomorrow I get to go to both classes (body pump and my low impact aerobics class)

I had a great day at school. I don’t know what it was, maybe because it was jeans day, but I smiled like I meant it all day, I got 7000+ steps at school so it was easy to hit my 10,000 shortly after. And we had a dance off in my homeroom this afternoon that was hilarious. 

After school I went to the gym and then to my parents to get Henry. We got Chinese food and it was delicious. I only had to deduct one point from it for my challenge for the sauce on my chicken and veggies. Now I am sitting on my couch in my pajamas and Henry is playing with his cars on our coffee table while we are jamming to some tunes.

Oh, I meant to post my outfit from Thursday because the shirt is a hand me down is from my BFF Liz, who has lost 75 lbs!!! I shamelessly beg her for her hand me downs. 

Ignore the messy room. By Thursday that room is a disaster then I clean it all up over the weekend and then we mess it all up the next week. 

Ok, I’m gonna play with H before we go to bed! 


Beth WA

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-1.4 lbs this week; -30.0 lbs total

Woo hoo! I finally am back to the 30 lb mark! Now I just have 20 lbs to lose before 12/31 to get my 50 bucks back in the challenge at the gym. 

I was disappointed in myself because I didn’t get up this morning to go to the gym. But I went after school so I was less hard on myself. I was glad to go after school to shake off the day. It was not a great day. 

But I am definitely going back to a.m. workouts on Wednesday and Friday. I am pretty excited. I took a personal day Monday because my mom is going to be out of town and Craig, his mom and my dad are splitting the Henry watching days. I love Mondays off. 

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my baby boy?


Beth WA

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Sunday Evening

I got 15,000 steps today! I think that might be a first. It was a productive day. This morning I baked the pumpkin steel cut oatmeal that I put together yesterday and it was delicious with almond butter on it. 

Henry was feeling a little sluggish this morning so he didn’t want to change out of his pajamas or go outside and play. 

I took that opportunity to organize my closet. 

Then I took a really long walk because I felt like it. And I’m tryna lose weight, yo!

Then I had a giant steak dinner at my mom and dad’s. The steak was HUGE! My mom also roasted potatoes and made Brussels sprouts with bacon. 

Henry took a bath at my mom’s then came home and went right to bed at 7:10 because once again he didn’t take a nap. 

My husband was in bed by 8 and I am now enjoying a little bit of time by myself. ☺️
Have a good beginning of the week. Getting up at 5:32 tomorrow is gonna be a rude awakening! Thankfully it’s finally supposed to cool down this week. It’s been hot at work! 


Beth WA

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Sunday morning

I am pretty happy with myself because I did my grocery shopping and meal planning and prepping yesterday. I had a huge non scale victory at the grocery store. It was the first time in years I went and didn’t buy myself something unhealthy as “treat.” I didn’t even realize it until I got to the checkout and looked at my spread. Yay! Also, I went to a baby shower yesterday and the only compliant food was the veggie tray. So I only ate raw vegetables. I had a small snack when I got home then a late dinner. So, I ended up eating 800 calories under my goal. It was one of those rude awakenings of how little I actually need to eat to be okay. 

Also, an update on my anti depressant.  I have to say I feel so good. I feel present in my life and I feel like my old self. When I say my old self I mean like years and years ago. I look people in the eye. I am friendly to strangers in public places. When I smile I am really smiling from the inside. I don’t dwell on negativity when it surrounds me. I laugh with my kids at school instead of being a grouchy face. I know that this is not only because of my medicine but because of the life changes I am making. It’s a good recipe for a happy person. ☺️

My scale isn’t budging much this week but I am trudging on. I feel good, and my body is definitely changing. Most noticeably to me is my belly isn’t hanging like it has been. And I’ve been standing taller. I wonder if it is the stretching I’ve been doing for the WLC? Speaking of the WLC (whole life challenge), this week’s Lifestyle challenge is to organize a space every day. I love that! Yesterday I organized my Tupperware/glad ware cabinet. Today I am going to organize my clothes. My closet is jam packed right now and I find myself wearing the same things over and over again because of it. 

The only four things on the agenda for me today are laundry, organize closet, take a walk, and hang out with Henry and Craig ❤️.

Have a great Sunday. 

This was a note I got on Friday from one of my sweet girls: 


Beth WA

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10.5 hours of sleep

So, I was one tired Mofo last night. I was in bed by 8:30. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. And I ended up with 10.5 hours of sleep and it was glorious. I feel so good this morning. 

My whole life challenge (WLC) is going well. I planned an indulgence last night and ended up not indulging quite as much as I had planned because I just didn’t feel like it. That was a non scale victory for me. 

Other non scale victories:

…some of the clothes I was wearing because I had gained weight back are now too big- mostly shirts. 

…I went to my 6 am body pump class on MWF two weeks in a row. That’s unprecedented for me. 

….I’ve gotten my 10,000 steps for over 8 days in a row. 

…I’ve been doing more than sitting on the couch in the evenings so I’ve been able to keep up with laundry. 

…food is tasting better and I am not having that need/craving  for sweet after every meal. 
I am excited for what this WLC is doing for me and I am excited to continue it. 

Have a great weekend, y’all!

Also, I am pretty sure Henry is going to be an architect. 


Beth WA

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Lately the first half of my week has been at a snail’s pace but then it picks up. I am happy we are over half way done with the week. I am ready for the weekend. I’ve been doing pretty well with the Whole Life Challenge. I’ve been compliant with my food and I love everything I have been eating. But, whenever I start a lower carb diet I find myself eating a lot of fat. Like wat too much. So, I have to work on that. In the past I would’ve just given up,  but know I realize I just need to work on it and I won’t be doing it perfectly the first time around. I think it will help if I make a soup for lunch next week. I’ve been eating burgers for lunch and they have a lot of fat. 

I’m really tired tonight, I didn’t get enough sleep last night. I’m going to bed in a little bit. But first I have to share with you the most delicious breakfast I’ve been eating. 

A baked sweet potato topped with half of a banana, Fage total, chia seeds and almond butter. (This picture makes it look like a ton of almond butter but it was 1.5 tbsp)

This was so amazing!!!!! 

And a great segue to the fact that I am learning how to have protein in my diet without eating meat nonstop or supplements like protein powder or protein bars. It’s a work  in progress and something I am willing to work on. 

Ok, I have to go relax. I am exhausted. 

This is Henry trying to take his own shirt off. 😂
Xoxo xox,

Beth WA

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-2.8 this week, -28.6 total

Guys! I am back on a roll and I am feeling good. I’ve been consistently exercising and I’ve finally cleaned up my diet starting this past Saturday. I am doing this 8 week whole life challenge with a few of my besties and one of the focuses is eating real food. It’s broken down into three levels and I chose the least restrictive. I can still have rice and potatoes in moderation, which felt sustainable for me. 

I’ve also been going to the 6 am body pump on MWF and I love it. I’ve been walking on my off days and making sure to get my 10,000 steps every day. It’s funny how this is not difficult at all now that I am not feeling anxious/depressed. In fact, a sign of this is how little I’ve blogged. I blog when I sit on the couch watching television, and lately I haven’t been doing much sitting. 

I’ve noticed that working out in the morning makes me so hungry but I just eat snacks even though I am not supposed to do that at school. And the way this diet is I find that eating every couple of hours works for me. So, I pack a cooler every morning and graze all day. 🐮
My baby boy is really starting to communicate and I love it. He is such a sweet boy. 

This is my before picture for my challenge:

Ok, I am going to pay attention to Henry for a while before bed time! 


Beth WA

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