Grief and Magic

Well, hello friends. I hope everybody had a fabulous Christmas season. I am in my last weekend before I go back to school, and honestly, I think my body and brain are ready to be back to work.

We had a rough December here. My beloved Uncle Roger passed away rather unexpectedly. He was not in great health, but we did not think he was near death. It’s been rough on my whole extended family especially my dad. It was his little brother.

My uncle passed away the day before our family Christmas party, so we were heading up to Cleveland for that party anyway so it was lovely and cathartic to be with the whole family after he passed. Here are some pictures of that evening.

My uncle that passed away was the same uncle who was the Grand Marshal of the Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day parade.

The day after the family Christmas party my aunt has a cookie party. She has an amazingly beautiful home and the kids all run around while the adult make cookies. Then everybody takes some home. It’s a fun afternoon/evening. However, this year there was a sadness in the air. My cousin Bridget and I and many other family members worked on planning the funeral mass during the party. She did an awesome job pulling it all together!

I just realized I have 0 pictures from that party. Oops.

On Sunday, Henry and I headed back to Springfield to pack for the funeral. We both went to school half day on Monday then drove to Cleveland for the visitation at the funeral home. Henry loves seeing his cousins at these things so it was nice to have my little buddy with me. Craig came up after work and the three of us stayed at a hotel and attended the funeral on Tuesday. It was the grandest funeral. There were so many people whose lives my Uncle touched. It was absolutely a perfect tribute to him. Then, after the burial there was a luncheon at a reception hall. That was really nice and we ended it with a rousing rendition of Piano Man by Billy Joel. It was an Uncle Roger classic.

Then we went back to Springfield so I could work Wednesday, my last day before break. I wanted to get all of my exams grades before break. After that was our faculty Christmas party. I went for a little bit. I was so worn out.

Henry ended up getting sick and pink eye over the weekend so he missed his last day of school before break and spent the rest of the week resting back to good health. We all ended up getting it, too, and it’s lasted for. Ev. Er. (We are all still coughing.)

Anyway… next up the magical Christmas. Henry was so into all of it and it made it so fun. We did our Christmas morning on Christmas Eve morning so we could have a leisurely morning and hang out and enjoy the presents and the day. I was so happy with this decision. We had pancakes and family fun in our jammies.

Then, in the afternoon we went to my parents and opened gifts there, and had a delicious dinner. We had shrimp and steak. It was a really nice evening. Henry was loving all of it.

We woke up Christmas morning and went over to my in laws and had breakfast and more presents. My mother in law really works hard on Christmas shopping and she buys so many gifts for everybody and they are all thoughtful. Then we relaxed all day and ate some more! Hahaha.

On our way home from their house we stopped at my parents. We had a nice visit and then went home to bed!

The next day we were heading up to Cleveland as my aunt’s ex husband passed away. Their kids are my cousins whom I love dearly. Originally I was just going to go up by myself and attend the funeral but Craig was really not feeling well, so I brought Henry with me. He was happy to see his little funeral buddies.

These are my cousins’ kids and Henry’s play buddies. He couldn’t believe he had so many cousins.

We came home the next day and then spent the next few days hibernating at our house.

Then, we found out that a recent alumni of my school died tragically. He just went out for a jog and collapsed and died due to an undetected heart defect. It’s been awful. He was the greatest kid and it’s been a really devastating week. We were supposed to go back to school Thursday, but the school ended up closing Thursday and Friday for the funeral. It was the largest funeral I had ever been to. It was very sad. I’m hoping the family continues to feel the support of our community. But, man, they’ve got a tough road ahead of them. My heart goes out to them. Just so tragic.

So, now we are having the slowest morning ever then I have to get motivated to clean my house. It’s been neglected over break. I was being hard on myself about it but now that I typed my break out I realize it’s been a rough one and I need to give myself some grace.

I hope you are all having a great start to your New Year!! ♥️


Beth WA

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Fall is here!

Oh my gosh. This school year has been a good one but the hardest I’ve worked in years. I’m enjoying it but it’s tiring!

Some things going on around here lately….

First, and saddest, we had to put our beloved Sammy to sleep. She had been sick for months and started to have blood in her stool, and wasn’t eating. She stayed with the vet for two nights and still didn’t get better. So, we had her put down last Saturday. It was the saddest thing ever. She was such a good dog.

We had Halloween and Henry was the cutest Harry Potter I’ve ever seen!

The other week a bunch of my girlfriends went to a dance that I go to every year called “Save the Tata’s.” It’s a breast cancer fundraiser that was started by my friend Amy’s aunt who battled cancer for many years. It’s grown from a small fundraiser to 500 women! We have so much fun. A few friend came in from out of town.

Apparently I didn’t take a lot of pics! Too busy having fun and dancing.

Thanksgiving break is coming up and I am ready. I took off this Wednesday for a doctor’s appointment and am excited to take Henry to school and pick him up. I’ve never picked him up before.

He’s a turkey but I love him.

Have a great Saturday!


Beth WA

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I’m on my last getaway of the summer!! More soon.


Beth WA

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4th of July

I can’t believe it’s the 4th of July already!! This summer has been my best in a long time. I am feeling good mentally and physically. We’ve had equal parts busy and relaxation. We’ve spend time at the boat, at home, at various pools.

I’ve been exercising regularly and eating well. I’ve been under the care of a doctor’s office and that had been going very well. I feel very hopeful right now.

Here are some pictures… they are in backward chronological order. They show today and then our recent trip to my parents’ boat.

Have a good night!!


Beth WA

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California Dreamin’

So, while I am laying here with these on…

I thought I’d write about my AMAZING California trip. My bestie, Tracy (aka Mofo), bought me a ticket to come visit her in San Luis Obispo, CA. She actually lives in a vacation destination. I’ve been so looking forward to this trip and it truly delivered. My other bestie since 4th grade coincidentally lives in SLO, also! And another childhood bestie lives in San Diego so she drove up to spend the weekend.

I promised myself not to let my weight and poor body image ruin my trip and I mostly did that. I was very proud of myself. ♥️

I arrived Thursday night late and we went almost directly to bed. And then like two teenage girls Tracy and I texted each other from our respective beds for about an hour. Hahahah.

On Friday morning Tracy had to work (she works from her home), which was good because I could have a slow relaxing morning. She has two little boys whom I got to spend time with before they were off to school. Her oldest is Miles and her youngest is my godson, Ian. I also fell in love with her cat, Casey Jones.

For lunch, Tracy and I went to a place appropriately called, Tasty. I had the best brussels sprouts of my life there.

Friday night we had some wine on Tracy’s back porch and then we went out to dinner and to have some drinks. The restaurant had a beautiful section for outdoor seating and we enjoyed a delicious dinner and yummy drinks.

Her husband Dane was a real sport, giving us door drop off service and fetching our drinks!!

Saturday morning Tracy made us French toast and eggs and sausage. It was scrumptious!! Then it was time for us girls to head out to our GNO (girls’ night out). Megan treated us to a hotel that was right on the ocean. It was so beautiful. It was a row of hotels with a path along the ocean in front of all of them. The hotels has pools and restaurants with outdoor seating with the most amazing view. We started with drinks and lunch at one of those places. Then we checked into our hotel. Next we found a fire pit spot out on that path in front of the ocean and proceeded to spend the next 3-4 hours drinking wine, chatting, LAUGHING, and taking in the view. It was truly one of the best parts of the trip. I love these girls so much.

Next we got ready and went to dinner and another amazing place with a beautiful view. And we joke about my friend Tracy having the best luck, so in true Tracy fashion we got a table right by the window!

And the food was amazing. My favorite was their lobster Mac appetizer. It was to die for.

We got back to the hotel and played Cards Against Humanity and then went to sleep by about 11:30. #thisis43

Sunday morning we had breakfast at our hotel then we checked out and went to a winery called Laetitia and did a wine tasting. Super fun and super beautiful!!!

Molly had to leave after that to make the long drive back to San Diego, and Megan, Tracy and I went to a much smaller, but still beautiful winery called Kelsey. They had some live music so we bought a bottle of Rose and hung out. It was perfect.

The band even played Indigo Girls which is a fav of my group of friends. It was a magical weekend and we were sure grateful to have this time together and made the most of it!!

Then we went and had some lunch at a brewery

On Monday we had lunch with Megan and then shopped around SLO and had a cocktail at a local bar. Then we picked up Miles from school and Tracy and Dane made dinner, and we all hung out, and laughed and chatted.

And Tracy was Martha Stewart with the apps…

Oh, did I forget to mention the view from Tracy’s house? It’s amazing.

I was so sad to leave. These girls are so good for my soul. So much positive energy.

But I was happy to see my BUG and my honey bunny!


Beth WA

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Summer Time!!!

Folks, summer is here and I am so thrilled!!! We actually got out of school at the end of May, but I did a summer math tutoring camp this week, Monday through Thursday in the mornings. So, now I am finally on vacation! Although, I’ve been looking into doing some part time work to earn some extra money. There is a teaching website online called VIP kids and I am checking into that. We could always use some extra “cash money” around here. (That’s what Henry calls money.)

Here are my kids that were at my math camp. They were so good. And we had a fun time despite the fact we were learning fractions and decimals.

We have lots of fun stuff planned this summer and I am really looking forward to it. Henry has two day camps he’s going to along with baseball on Tuesday nights.

He loves baseball although he told me it was too hot and also he can never remember the name of it on the way there. He always calls it some other sport.

We are going on a family vacation in August with my aunts and uncles and cousins to the area where my parents have their boat and I am so excited. It’s going to be such a fun week.

Henry and I will also spend a lot of time at the boat since it is the last year my parents will have it. I am sad about that but I just try not to think about it. Also, my brother’s family is coming next week so I get to see my Ava. She is going into 7th grade so it’s real hard to get a hold of her and chat with her so it will be nice to be around her and take her in! And hug and smooch her.

On the health and fitness front I am now working with a doctor. I feel really good about this and I will keep you posted on my progress. I met with his nutritionist this week and she really helped me a lot. Wish me luck!

Lastly, I am obsessed with Color Street Nails. I seriously have enough to last me for years but I can’t stop buying them!

Well, I am going to go drink my coffee! I slept in until 10 am! I haven’t done that in years. Henry is at the boat with my parents so I have the day to myself!! I am going to meal prep/plan and clean out my Tupperware/gladware cabinet. I have to get a few things at Aldi and I have some stuff I have to drop off at Goodwill.

Have a Good Friday!!


Beth WA

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Hey party people!!!

I keep starting posts and then stopping because there is so much to catch up on. So, today I decided to just write!

It’s Sunday morning and Craig took Henry to his parents. I’m enjoying a leisurely morning drinking coffee watching “my stories.” That’s what Craig calls my shows. I’ve got to go grocery shopping and do some laundry. I’m starting a Whole30 on Tuesday and I am so ready. I’ve been eating crap and I feel like crap. So, it is time. I’ve also been slacking on work outs. I plan on changing that as well.

I can’t believe it is going to be May this week! My last day of school is May 25!! That means it’s less than a month until summer vacation!! I’m so excited about that. I’m ready for summer.

I’m ready to hang out with this dude and have adventures! I’m gonna make a list of things I want us to do and we are going to do them!! Zoo, swimming, walks, playing outside and hikes to name a few!

Okay, I’m going to do some meal planning so I can head to Aldi in a bit.

Have a great day!


Beth WA

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