Whole30 R2 D16, breaking up with ketchup

You guys. I think I am breaking up with ketchup. I don’t think I need it any more. I bought compliant ketchup, which I like, but it isn’t ketchup. Ketchup is a sugary deliciousness I like with all of my unhealthy foods. It was the sugar I liked, not the actual ketchup- I am sure of it. So, today I put red hot on my breakfast potatoes and it was delicious. I seasoned my dinner potatoes with rosemary and loved them so much. So, no more $15 dollar compliant ketchup for me.

We had another day off school today for cold and snow. Henry and I had cabin fever so we went and ran some errands and has some fun. I took him to lunch and had a Whole30 pity party.

Notice my painted nails? That’s my New Year’s Resolution. I want to have my nails painted regularly. And so far, I’m NAILING it. Hahahaha. (Joke borrowed from my BFF, Liz.)

Here is my dinner:

Tomatillo salsa chicken with Aldi guacamole, and roasted cauliflower and potatoes. Also, my carbonated water made with my Christmas present! My own carbonated water maker.

Also, i have to take tomorrow off because my mom is sick so I’m staying with Henry. Hopefully I’ll see more outfits like this.

Ok, I’m going to bed in a minute!


Beth WA

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Whole30 R2 D15

I have to say, I am super proud of making it through yesterday compliant. The feeling I have today really gave me something to think about. I thought about what would have happened if I binged and/or cheated. I would have felt guilty. I would’ve felt physically shitty. I would have relived it over and over. And honestly it would’ve probably started a bender. Then I thought about how I feel because I made the right choice. I feel proud. I feel good. I got a lot accomplished today and I feel like I am on my way to accomplish my goals.

I channeled my inner Carly yesterday and accomplished being #carlystrong!

One of the things I accomplished was finishing the workout room.


And now.

It is starting to feel like a place I want to hang out and exercise. I need to get somethings to hang on the walls, but so far I like it. Oh, I also need to get more floor tiles because i am 3 short as you can see in that first picture.

I did some minor meal prep today. Of course I made hash, and then I put some salsa chicken in the crockpot for dinner tonight.

I’m definitely not as hungry today as I was yesterday which is really nice. My house is straightened up. Henry and I showered/bathed and got dressed, and now we are just chilling.

Here are some pics of my little Zoolander from earlier today.

(These were taken before said shower and bath.)

Have a great day, friends!!


Beth WA

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Whole30 R2 D14

Struggle. Bus.

Today was my hardest day so far. I overate at lunch. And I had an unnecessary snack this morning. I felt like i was awful today, but when I filled out my journal tonight and i wrote down all that I ate, it wasn’t as bad as i imagined in my mind.

Today I could’ve easily gone to Kroger and gotten all of my binge foods and eaten all day. I felt like a druggie who needed a fix, or an alcoholic who wanted booze. But the good news is I made it. And I didn’t eat after dinner.

And tomorrow is a new day.

Love you all


Beth WA

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Whole30 R2 D13

Well, Henry is still sick. He’s got a fever and his only symptom seems to be a cold, but it hasn’t been that bad except he looks super tired all the time. He’s been begging me to build a snowman for a week, without relenting. So, we got 3-4 inches of snow last night so I promised him I’d take him out. And I did it because it is the #yearofexperiences

We were only out about twenty minutes and the snow didn’t pack, but we had fun making the tiniest snowman ever.

He was weepy that we didn’t get to make a real one but I told him we could try tomorrow.

I ate pretty well today. I only had one snack. Yay.

I guess I only took a picture of my breakfast. I had three eggs instead of two. They were yummy. I’m so happy I found a way to cook eggs that I like.

I had two things on my to do list and I did them both. I put Henry’s clothes in his room instead of a laundry basket in my downstairs spare room. And I did this:

I would like an oval pic for the top middle, but all of these pictures make me so happy.

Okay, I gotta go watch ID Discovery!


Beth WA

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Whole30 R2 D11 & D12

Hi friends!

We had a big snow here this afternoon and our schools were canceled today due to the impending snow! It was nice because they were canceled on Thursday night!

Henry has a low grade fever so I was glad to be with him today.

I bought him some Lucky Charms last night and he was so excited to open them this morning. See…

I’ve been doing well. I’m still tired. But I feel good. Today was really tough to stay on track. I know I’ve been snacking too much yesterday and today and overeating at meals. I need to work on that.

Some eats:

As you can see I bought an avocado. Hahahah. The top pic is the hash I’ve been having for lunch every day. Today I was able to reheat in skillet on stove and add more spinach and half an avocado.

The bottom pic is my breakfast. I had less potatoes and added a chicken apple sausage. I’m trying to find what satiates me until lunch. So far, nothing. Hahahah.

For dinner I used a new marinade I got from Thrive Market and marinated a small pork tenderloin and some chicken I had in the fridge. Craig used it to make a fajita like mixture and it was delicious with a sweet potato and the other half of the avocado. I ate it too quickly to get a picture. That’s another thing I’ve been doing the last two days. Eating too quickly!

I have a three day weekend now, not including today and I ain’t mad about it!!! Hahahaha.


Beth WA

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Whole30 R2 D10

This Whole30 is truly flying by. I’m keeping good simple, while trying new things at the same time. I’ve been good about eating leftovers and being economical.

For instance, tonight for dinner I had two of these, which I’d never had before and I really liked. I usually hate turkey burgers.

I had them with the new less expensive than Tessemae’s ketchup I bought (and some mustard) that is compliant.

I have to say it is okay but not as good as Tessemae’s

And neither are as good as Heinz.

I also ate warmed up roasted vegetables from Monday night. I drizzled tahini on them for the first time ever and it was delicious and creamy. I didn’t use much at all but it was a great addition.

For lunch I had hash, but the power was out at school so I couldn’t warm it up so it was cold hash. Blerg.

For breakfast I had these Aldi potatoes that I’ve been eating almost every day.

With these peppers added.

And two eggs on top.

I eat snacks even though it’s not recommended. I have an RX bar In the morning and dates with almond butter in the afternoon.

I’m feeling good but still working on early morning wake ups. I haven’t accomplished my goal of 5 am and exercising but I’m working on it. One of the things I’m doing is trying to go to bed earlier. I’m being patient with myself since I’ve been doing so well with food.

I did one of my New Year’s changes thanks to my mom and it was amazing. I stayed for two hours after school was over and did work. And it felt so great. If I can do that every week two or three days I wouldn’t feel so suffocated like I’ve been feeling and so mediocre. Ever since I’ve had Henry my work has suffered and I’m ready to get back to how I was. It felt good to be able to get my lesson plans/homework on our online program so parents could see them, I did seating charts that the kids have been begging me for, I did lots of planning and copying. Phew.

Ok, I’m going to do my Day by Day journal and then take H to bed and go to bed myself.

Hope you’re all having a great week!


Beth WA

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Whole30 R2 D8 & D9

Well, I went to bed very early last night so I didn’t get a chance to check in here. I got up at 5 am like planned but then i didn’t get out of bed. Hahahaha. It’s a step. Right?

I’ve been compliant and have eaten yummy food. I went out to dinner with friends tonight and was able to stay compliant by bringing ghee and my own salad dressing. My food was good and the company was even better.

Some of my recent food:

I’ve been eating rather simple and my breakfasts have been the same. That’s how i eat when I’m not on W30, too. I eat the same thing for breakfast or lunch for a few weeks until I’m ready for a change.

The top picture is a huge batch of my favorite hash! And the bottom pic is compliant Applegate hot dogs and onions and salad. I ate the tostones with that. I may have already posted this picture. Oops.

Tonight at the restaurant I had pork chops, broccoli and a side salad. It was pretty good. This restaurant has lots of good junk foods but I tried to keep my mind on my goals, and stay focused. We talked about Carly a bit so that helped keep me focused.

Sorry this is all over the place! Hahah. I am tired. Gotta fill out my Day by Day and then go to B-E-D!


Beth WA

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