Spring Break 2018!!

Well, it’s Spring Break, otherwise known as “Operation Potty Training.” Hahahha. I am definitely not looking forward to that. At all. But first, we did something fun. We went to Cleveland to go to the Natural History Museum (or as henry calls it, “news-eum”). We went up Monday and stayed with my cousin, Krissy. My cousin came over and two of my aunts. One of my Aunts is one of my loyal readers! My Aunt Angie! Here she is with Henry and my cousins son, Matty.

Henry had an amazing time. When we got up in the morning we had kind of a lazy morning then we went to the museum when it opened at 10 am. Henry had a blast!

We got home late last night and he slept like a rock until 8 am! That’s great for him.

Today we are having a slow morning and then we have a lot of stuff to do around the house.

I hope you are all having a good week!


Beth WA

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Two more weeks!

That’s the countdown to Spring Break and boy am I ready. I can just tell when the kids are fatigued and the teachers are, too. Everybody is edgy, and things just feel like it is time for a break! I don’t know if it gets like that because we know break is coming or what. Anyway, it is time and then the rest of the year usually flies by. Then, it’s time for SUMMER!!!!

Things have been going pretty well health and nutrition wise. I’m working on balance, and not binging. I’ve got a lot of support and that is what I need. I am part of a support group which my friend Stacy runs on Facebook. I workout in a small group with Stacy on Saturday mornings. And I am doing a program that I think I’ve mentioned before called Real Appeal through Craig’s insurance. Also, I am always very active in the Whole30/Paleo online community as well. These are all things that help me in this journey. I’ve learned that it is not so much about perfection but consistency. So, here’s hoping this continues! One day at a time.

I have two and a half months until I go to California. I leave on May 31st. I am going to do a Whole30 in May so I feel really good when I leave for California.

Something else that has been going well is that I’ve been going to Mass on Saturdays and it has been great. My family, including my parents go to 4:30 mass then we eat together and I love it. I feel so good after mass and I’m glad that I am finally taking Henry. He is a good boy at mass so far and I love sharing my faith with him. I am also very thankful that Craig goes even though he is not Catholic. Here are some pictures Henry took at our dinner last night.

Not gonna lie, I hate that pic of me in the background.

But, you gotta start somewhere. 🤷🏼‍♀️

At school things are exciting because our boys’ basketball team just became District champions for the first time since 1997! Henry, my dad and I went to the game.

Today my in-laws are coming over and we are going to Young’s Dairy, a farm near my house that has a restaurant and ice cream shop. It also has lots of animals and activities for kids. I also have to grocery shop, exercise, grade, clean the bathroom, meal prep… so right now I am just sitting on the couch avoiding all of the work and drinking my coffee.

Well, have a good beginning of your week! My mom is in Texas visiting my brother so we have a weird week. My dad is watching H on Monday and Tuesday, Craig took off Wednesday and Thursday, and I took off Friday.

Peace out!


Beth WA

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Hi friends!! I can’t believe it’s been so long. Things have been moving along here. I’ve been exercising!! Yes! You heard correctly. My friend, Stacy, is a trainer and offered a deal for 4 people at a time for 14 bucks on Saturday mornings. My other friend Amy texted me and another friend to see if we wanted to do it in February and we agreed! It took 3 weeks of it before it got me off my bottom, but I’m glad it did. I think we are going to do it again in April. I have a zillion things in March, including my Spring Break AND St Patrick’s Day. My dad, Henry and I have tentative plans to go up, weather permitting. I love going to it because it reminds me of my Gramma, and plus this is the #yearofexperiences ! The weekend before my school has a 5K as a fundraiser. Our school is the fighting Irish, so they call it a Shamrock fun run.

Craig’s insurance offers this program called Real Appeal, and we started it last week. It’s like a healthy habits program where we get a coach, and this app to help us track food and exercise. We meet weekly in a group with our coach and we also can have one on one meetings with her. We also get a lot of free stuff like food scale, scale, and a blender! It’s all covered by our insurance! I am also in a support group by my friend Stacy, that is more personal, and provides workouts and daily banter and support with an all lady group.

Anyway, all of this to say I’m doing pretty well with nutrition and exercise. I’ve got a lot of supports and knowledge and I’m actually applying it! I’m being #carlystrong. I am not eating all whole 30, but I’d say I eat 85% paleo. I’m trying to be relaxed about food and not anxious. It’s been a good week for that.

Well, I’m off to church with Henry and my parents, then to Columbus to have dinner with some of my cousins from Cleveland! I am so excited.

Hope y’all have a great weekend. And, Heather, I hope your shoulder is feeling better!!

Some recent pics:


Beth WA

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What’s happening?/!

Hi friends and family! What’s happening? I have recovered from my two day free for all after my Whole30 and have been doing pretty well in my Food Freedom. I’m trying to balance life and my health goals. So the last few days I’ve eaten mostly compliant foods with the exception of the party I went to last night. I ate only two meals before so I could eat at the party but not go overboard. And that’s exactly what I did. I wanted to make sure I didn’t eat emotionally and mindlessly because the party I was at was the 16th birthday celebration of Carly. Carly’s mom wanted to give Carly the celebration she’d always wanted for her 16th birthday and she wanted to give people the opportunity to celebrate her life. And, celebrate we did! So many of her classmates and friends as well as family and family friends were there to celebrate. It was standing room only and it was bittersweet. I feel really sad but joyful. It’s hard to explain. We had a balloon launch, and it was beautiful. Here are some pictures but none of them do it justice.


Craig and Henry spent the night at Craig’s parents house last night so i had a nice restorative day yesterday. I got a good night’s sleep and got to sleep in until 8:30!!!

The other thing that happened this week is a walk a thon we had at school where we walk in honor or memory of somebody in order to raise money for the school. I chose Carly, obviously. My friends and family generously donated so much! My total was $1250!! And the walk a thon total was over $10,000!!!

It was a great day. And also the first workout I’ve done of 2018. 😬

And then yesterday, I had a training session with my friend Stacy, who is a personal trainer. She offered a deal for groups of 4 so a few of my besties and I signed up and we had a great time except today I am sore AF. I have a slight cough and it hurts my abs to cough. But it’s a good sore. I am waking up my muscles!!! Hahaha.

I hope everybody had a great weekend. We are going to a Super Bowl party tonight and I’m in it for the JTim half time show!! Hahahah.

Xoxoxoxo,Beth WA

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Whole30 R2 D25-30

Well I survived the last days of the Whole30!! I was really proud of myself and had about four plans for after my Whole30 but never really committed and what happened was nothing short of a disaster. I ate a ton of shit food and felt like complete shit. Last night I was nearly in tears saying to my husband, “I don’t know why I do this to myself.” Seriously. The foods I love to eat copious amounts of, do not love me back. So, today was a lot better. It wasn’t perfect but a lot better. And I exercised for the first time in ages. So I am feeling a lot better today than I was the last two days.

I have lots to update on here, but I will do that tomorrow morning after my group training with some of my besties! Yep! You heard me! A trainer who is one of my besties is going to train three of us girls tomorrow at 8 am. On a Saturday.

Pray for me. I’m nervous.


Beth WA

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Whole30 R2 D19-23

Well.  Things got a little crazy and sleep deprived on Friday night.  Henry was up from 10 PM to 3:30 AM and he kept saying his face hurt.  He’s had a cold since last weekend, so I assumed that it was an ear infection from the drainage.  I don’t even know if that’s how it works, but in my mind that’s how it does.  And I have a WebMD, you know! Also, he kept grabbing at his ear.  HAHAHA.  So, him and I were VERY exhausted on Saturday morning.  He got up at 7:45 and I stayed in bed until 9:30.  At 1 pm we were supposed to head up to Craig’s brother’s house for his surprise birthday celebration, and we were looking forward to it all week.  They live about 2 hours away and Craig’s parents had gotten us a hotel room, so it was going to be a mini get away.  Also, Henry was so excited to see his Uncle Chris and the rest of the family.    I called the doctor and they could get us in at 3pm so we made the executive decision to head to the party after the doctor’s appointment.   (He *did* have an ear infection.) I’m glad we did.  Henry had so much fun with his cousins and grandparents and aunt and uncle.

Also, something about the party that should be noted – my sister in law is an amazing cook and baker.  She made homemade pizzas, and these crostinis that I love with blue cheese and honey on them.  They also got my favorite cake from this bakery in Columbus and had all of these amazing desserts from another bakery.  AND I DIDN’T GO OFF WHOLE 30.  And except for a few moments, I didn’t even really feel badly about missing it.  It was the initial anxiety of seeing the food and making the choice.  They also had baked wings, fruit, and salad, and that’s what I had.  And I wasn’t hungry, and I felt reallty good after.  I was really proud of myself, and I told Craig a million times.  I was really proud because I was SUPER tired, and that’s usually when my will power goes down. However, as I can see with this program, it’s not about will power it’s about developing habits, and making it a lifestyle, not just something you do for 30 days.  If I had been done with my Whole30, and in my Food Freedom, I wouldve needed to decide if the cake and pizza were “worth it foods” to me.  My goal is to lose weight and get healthy and feel good.  Is eating those foods worth going against those goals?  Some times the answer will be “yes” and sometimes it will be “no.”

On Sunday we got up and drove home and ran over a piece of wood on the highway and we got a FLAT tire.  Luckily we had stopped for lunch when we realized it, so Craig and his step dad changed the tire while Henry and I roamed around the mall that was next to where we ate for lunch. We ate at a chain called BJ’s Brew House and I got delicious fried brussels sprouts and a turkey burger with no buns over greens.  It was SOO good.  AND COMPLIANT.

Of course when I don’t have any money, and am not really shopping for anything in particular, I see so many cute things on sale!! We were in Macy’s plus size section, and Henry announced that he did NOT like this store at all.  HAHAHAHAH.

When we finally got home, Henry had fallen asleep, so him and I went upstairs and took an epic nap while Craig went to buy a new tire.  Then, bless his heart, he came home and cooked a delicious compliant dinner for us to eat.  I have to say, he is so good at cooking compliant food, and does so without complaining.  His creations are usually delicious.  He’s a natural cook, where as I am learning by making recipes, how to create things on my own.  But, I am not quite there yet.

I couldn’t fall asleep Sunday night due to the nap, so I knew I would have a tired Monday, and I didn’t get up to exercise like I keep planning to do every Monday.  I know.  I suck.  HAHAHAHAH.  I will do it some day… I know I will!!! Until then, I need to find another time in my day to devote to fitness, so I am doing that for sure this week.

I was tired Monday, but made it through the day, and then yesterday we had Science Fair after school, so I was pooped by the time I was going to get Henry.  My mom and I had the same idea to go to the restaurant across from my house and eat dinner.  She took Henry and I out, and I so appreciate it!!  After dinner Henry and I ran to Kroger because I didn’t food prep this week and it was so obvious.  We picked up a few things, and I cooked a few things after I put Henry to bed and I’m glad I did today!!  I had hash with guacamole for breakfast, and for lunch I had turkey meat from a roasted turkey from the deli at Kroger, topped it with these marinated onions  that are Instagram famous in the Whole30/Paleo circles, and some guacamole and it was DELICIOUS.  I also had a red pepper with guacamole and a LARABAR.

Now, I am typing this at my lunch break on Wednesday, and I am sorry I have no pictures to add.  But, I wanted to get caught up to today!!

Have a great day everybody!!!!XOXOXOXO


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Whole30 R2 D17-19

I’m here! Still Whole30ing! I finally went back to work on Thursday and Friday (today) and while it was great to be back, I am exhausted. I was driving home tonight and I just kept thinking I wanted to order in some crap food, but then I thought no, I wanna go out and get compliant food, and then I just sucked it up and made dinner. I often say the popular Nike phrase, “Just do it,” and tonight was no exception. I just turned on ID Discovery on my kitchen tv and planned a quick dinner. It took me about ten minutes prep work for the veggies and Craig made the meat. It was amazing, delicious and I don’t feel like crap. So, it was finally sinking in how Whole30 is teaching you new habits, because my old habit was a million breadsticks and pieces of pizza dipped in garlic butter and cheese followed by a night of feeling like crap. I’m finally starting the internalize the lessons here. It’s not always going to be easy to make the healthier choice, but sometimes life is hard.

Here’s the dinner Craig and I made:

The other big a-ha I’ve had is I stopped snacking. And I didn’t die. Or become malnourished. It’s only been two days but folks, I’m here to say, I did it!!!

I’ve got lots more to say, but I’m ready for bed! More tomorrow morning, hopefully.


Beth WA

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